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- Edited by: Ashan Sul on 15/02/2009 13:23:03 well, you get a point for effort, but it won't fit with ...2009.02.15 13:22:00
- i think it's a good ideea, and should be fairly easy to implement ...2009.02.15 11:17:00
- just for varety, and to keep the artists busseyYeah, they're all probably sitting around, lazily dri ...2009.02.15 01:58:00
- Edited by: Ashan Sul on 13/02/2009 22:49:23 iirc they just interfere with the power your engines di ...2009.02.13 22:46:00
- 0.02 isk worth...Trit says it's unstable at atmospheric temperatures. So the vast majority of ships ...2009.02.12 23:25:00
- how do repulsor beams sound? i can't stop grinning when i think of a huge asteroid hitting a blob of ...2009.02.12 15:59:00
- if i remember correctly, back when i started eve ( a year ago, i think.. ), while i was on my 14 day ...2009.02.12 00:29:00
- i think ccp is already considering it, saw it somewhere recently... ...2009.02.11 21:35:00
- Edited by: Ashan Sul on 11/02/2009 19:05:53 Let's pretend for a second that my password is 'k15P78w ...2009.02.11 18:53:00
- Basically, i think capslock on/off should not be recognized when you type in your password. I have e ...2009.02.11 18:34:00
- Edited by: Ashan Sul on 07/02/2009 18:52:04 Edited by: Ashan Sul on 07/02/2009 18:41:56 Edited by: ...2009.02.07 18:36:00
- i think it's a great story, but yeah, i haven't seen a good ending in a long, long time.hope the guy ...2008.09.17 12:12:00
- Edited by: Ashan Sul on 24/06/2008 00:09:08 woah Marcus... bad idea man... can u imagine how overwh ...2008.06.24 00:08:00
- wow, shot down already...why don't u think of a proper descrition for them, and if it's truly good e ...2008.06.23 22:13:00
- i've got a much simpler and better ( by my own opinion at least ) idea. Allow a toggle on the fleet ...2008.06.23 17:29:00

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