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- Your friends suck. I've sent many buddy keys out. All who have activated have done so normally and I ...2011.01.05 21:23:00
- They could have done the voting through spacebook (aka eve gate) but I think they too have given up ...2011.01.05 01:55:00
- Or grabbing your ore back from a can.... wait. ...2011.01.04 22:39:00
- Go tell your story in Jita. It's a meeting point for support groups and generally charitable types a ...2011.01.04 22:32:00
- Bots whining about bots on the forums, that's new.You say you're not a bot? I bet he says he's not a ...2011.01.04 21:43:00
- There are ads on the interwebs? ...2010.12.29 22:34:00
- Another nameless alt spampoasting for that same crappy little site. ...2010.12.23 01:38:00
- If you can't even find their forums they're probably exactly the kind of person they're looking to r ...2010.12.20 23:41:00
- A simple "Turn off the sun" would be practical and I wouln't mind that feature at all.Yeah, why can' ...2010.12.20 23:35:00
- "Mounds" just sounds so wrong as a chocolate bar name."Excuse me, might I just grab your mounds? The ...2010.12.20 21:19:00
- So you never looked on the forums, got scammed, and decided to post a warning in that place you neve ...2010.12.20 21:16:00
- ?...OP probably runs the site. I won't bother to visit. I bet it's loaded with mal ...2010.12.16 00:28:00
- Aren't you bored yet? Weak troll. ...2010.12.15 23:53:00
- The inactive account training nerf was dropped in with 2 days notice. 2 weeks is generous for someth ...2010.12.15 03:28:00
- Edited by: Linas IV on 06/12/2010 23:57:33 In the current Sisi-client is a new, half-finished Ship- ...2010.12.10 02:09:00

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