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- Edited by: Khozhlov Zhadov on 26/04/2008 21:48:04 just back to eve after long time away but heard s ...2008.04.26 21:46:00
- This is something id like to see. Much more asthetic this way.The Mechwarrior tabletop game has a s ...2007.06.21 03:02:00
- Edited by: Khozhlov Zhadov on 21/06/2007 00:02:33 Edited by: Khozhlov Zhadov on 20/06/2007 23:33:00 ...2007.06.20 23:34:00
- /sighnedI love the cormorant but with shiny new paint job even better. More veriety in low class shi ...2007.06.10 23:18:00
- i said 'rl' a little too much didnt i.cant remember if i already sighned this so ill do it again/sig ...2007.06.10 23:11:00
- How about 'Ironclad' I know it was the forerunner to the dreadnoughts but what the hey in RL (rl)bat ...2007.06.10 23:09:00
- Please no nerfI hate nerfing I GM for games of d&d (I know I know look at me the big shining geek )a ...2007.06.10 23:00:00
- So what ? U can't solopvp but try running mission in other race ship. See difference ? This is tra ...2007.06.10 22:20:00
- / SighnedThis idea rocks. Have you read raft by stephen baxter by the way?That had space whales.And ...2007.06.10 21:56:00
- Hey heres an idea: Upgrade the serversive seen other games run like warm silk with high numbers of p ...2007.05.24 12:32:00
- / SighnedNew players can sometimes have it rough as it is in EVE's age of capitals we seem to be in ...2007.05.24 12:26:00
- I think its a good idea. Militaries would inevitably create a counter to such a threat as the dreadn ...2007.05.24 11:19:00
- Just a quick and simple suggestion that might have already been made but I cant see anywhere. In th ...2007.05.24 10:35:00
- I had this idea as well. My idea was for there to be a launcher for the boarding pod that would tak ...2007.05.21 02:01:00

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