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- linkyHello, Drop in for a chat mate but remember we are EU tzcheers o/ ...2011.08.01 10:20:00
- another offer drop in for a chat mate, really like you're attitudecheers o/ ...2011.08.01 10:15:00
- LinkyHello mate, we will be more then happy to have u, tho' we don't use that much cap fighting cous ...2011.08.01 10:05:00
- linkyHi mate, we have all that plus more :D join our recruitment channel for a little chat cheers o/ ...2011.08.01 09:57:00
- bump >:) ...2011.08.01 09:53:00
- bump for sake of mining and indy charsBump for that! ...2011.07.31 08:01:00
- up up and away ...2011.07.30 11:38:00
- bump for today ...2011.07.29 15:14:00
- LinkyU have just been hit, can u handle it? :)cheers ...2011.07.29 10:20:00
- Bump to the top where we belong cheers o/ ...2011.07.28 10:16:00
- LinkyHi there; we're developeing our indy wing and some help there will be great, somebody with some ...2011.07.28 10:10:00
- linky>:) We're the opposite of that, join our recruitment channel for more infocheers o/ ...2011.07.28 10:06:00
- Linky[/urlHello,We're a laid back corp PVP oriented but developeing a indy wing atm, so we're not th ...2011.07.28 10:03:00
- Linky LinkyHello, Nice set of skills there mate. Join our recruitment channel and let's see if we ca ...2011.07.28 09:59:00
- Linky linkyHello,Our indy wing could use some more members, so you and you're hulk are more then wel ...2011.07.28 09:42:00

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