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- The lack of accessibility and convenience in skill training is a factor that encourages players to ...2008.01.21 00:08:00
- This morning I logged in at 5am PST-ish and noted over 30,000 players online. Assuming that the aver ...2008.01.20 21:49:00
- While blowing away a noob ship isn't exactly a noteworthy event, I believe the circumstances that le ...2008.01.19 18:43:00
- OK I know this is slightly off topic in relation to deployment issues, but does anyone else find thi ...2007.12.20 16:40:00
- Edited by: Ceseuron on 10/02/2006 18:00:15 Edited by: Aeryl Firebrand on 10/02/2006 00:02:19 How a ...2006.02.10 18:00:00
- Lightyears ahead of you there, sparky. I personally have tried all of the suggestions and then some ...2006.02.09 21:51:00
- Ignoring the problem won't make it go away. Do you really think all these thousends of players tha ...2006.02.09 17:36:00
- The sound effects are there. I actually ran into the same problem with a CMI9880L onboard audio chip ...2006.02.09 06:09:00
- Take a hike if you're not here to help. Lots of people have this problem.And using 'ergo' just make ...2006.02.09 06:03:00
- ... so hey CCP its still broken, and this is the biggest issue right now, so you really should dro ...2006.02.09 02:51:00
- how bout ccp just fixes it since we worked before and now we go boom? :)How about people try to see ...2006.02.09 02:39:00
- Alot of people are complaining about crashes and demanding that CCP fix them, which is understandabl ...2006.02.07 15:46:00
- Edited by: Ceseuron on 07/02/2006 15:37:50 gabrial1, as far as your Acer Aspire 3000 goes, accordin ...2006.02.07 15:37:00
- Edited by: Ceseuron on 07/02/2006 15:28:24 OK first of all, if your computer reboots randomly, chan ...2006.02.07 15:22:00
- You know I got pirated once fairly recently while hunting in 0.0 space to pick up security status an ...2006.02.01 21:27:00

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