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- If stations were made destructible, most of the work planned in the devblogs to get more people in ...2011.08.15 18:55:00
- ... Basically stop making my life hell.+1 to all you said ...2011.08.15 14:45:00
- Edited by: Siena Petrucis on 15/08/2011 14:34:21 Make it worthwhile to spy upon the movement of ene ...2011.08.15 14:34:00
- Edited by: Siena Petrucis on 15/08/2011 14:28:24Problem is who owns the stations? Right now the main ...2011.08.15 14:28:00
- It's not about movement in battle, is about movement around the map, having big capitals wherever th ...2011.08.15 14:14:00
- Concerning "Descriptive ownership"I am fully with you. Drop the sov concept. Instead, allow players ...2011.08.15 13:51:00
- Insurance makes it easier to engage in PvP and lose ships, which in turn makes it easier for industr ...2011.08.10 15:35:00
- CCP, just get rid of insurance. It just adds no-fun complexity to the game. Players need to spend ti ...2011.08.09 11:29:00
- Edited by: Siena Petrucis on 09/08/2011 11:19:16 I'd love to have local removed completely everywhe ...2011.08.09 11:19:00
- These people just wants to log in for a bit,jump into a ship and maybe go pew pew with some aliens o ...2011.07.07 18:06:00
- That would lower the demand of multiple accounts per player, so CCP would loose money -> they will n ...2011.06.28 16:05:00
- Have it turned off because it gets in the way of doing station things efficiently. Much more clickin ...2011.06.27 13:24:00
- Is the China shard using MT? ...2011.06.27 13:17:00
- Edited by: Siena Petrucis on 27/06/2011 13:11:21 Proposal to CCP: open a second shard with a free- ...2011.06.27 13:10:00
- Eve is around for 8 years now, very long time in the online gaming industry. Other games have perish ...2011.06.26 22:56:00

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