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- Do people realise that there is already a game - a boardgame admittedly - called Dust?Designed and w ...2011.06.08 21:44:00
- Crusader with MWD and two types of ammo (multifreq and infrared/microwave) 4tw! ...2011.06.08 21:37:00
- Out of morbid curiosity: Why is everyone STILL confusing PI with passive income? I know they both s ...2011.06.08 12:42:00
- Autopilot warps to 0, refuses to enter lowsec systems.Some pirates might complain about that Each st ...2011.06.05 13:56:00
- Edited by: Caldorous on 05/06/2011 13:42:02 Edited by: Caldorous on 05/06/2011 13:40:07 Mining is ...2011.06.05 13:40:00
- is up to date with the recent agent changes.I have no co ...2011.06.04 12:58:00
- Because atm, it is clearly not making them focus their fire...Has it been broken forever?Broken sinc ...2011.06.04 09:45:00
- Edited by: Sunviking on 04/06/2011 08:29:15 Hi,My Caldari standing is +8.72.Looking at the standing ...2011.06.04 09:42:00
- List of COSMOS agents Here there is a link with the list of COSMOS agents, including the ones who g ...2011.06.04 09:24:00
- Care to share a link?Please? ...2011.06.04 08:23:00
- CCP allows missions as the preferred method of farming isk. And we have incursions as a method of de ...2011.06.03 22:17:00
- Okay, thanks for the replies, folks, and for not calling me a stupid n00b - out loud, at least. Noo ...2011.06.02 13:43:00
- If you have to ask you're not worthy of piloting one.Ouch, you beat me on that one! ...2011.05.31 20:10:00
- If you can get 4k LP and 2M in rewards for half an hour's worth of work, that's 12M per hour at only ...2011.05.31 19:44:00
- Sir, you have made a wondeful tool! ...2011.05.24 13:06:00

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