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- Edited by: Michael McNeil on 26/01/2011 06:47:04 Edited by: Michael McNeil on 26/01/2011 06:43:39 ...2011.01.26 06:39:00
- while this is a nice idea, if you have the time to do all of these steps, then a macro can be made f ...2011.01.26 06:17:00
- the best two things that would come out of this1) is that each empire would develop their own jita, ...2011.01.26 06:10:00
- your first suggestion isn't very useful, for many reasons, namely that your character is in a egg, t ...2011.01.26 05:59:00
- I liked the idea of planting bombs on the asteroid's, it would give a bigger reason to hunt down a r ...2011.01.26 05:08:00
- After reading the dev blog I would like to state this.Unlike many other games that need vanity items ...2011.01.26 04:47:00
- bump ...2011.01.20 22:17:00
- I would second this idea... that along with changing our character completely in regards to their se ...2011.01.20 07:42:00
- The only look that makes the glasses work is a transport alt, something like a freighter alt,... and ...2011.01.20 07:28:00
- Sense we are having to recreate our characters, and the sex of our characters do not matter to their ...2011.01.19 23:30:00
- I would much rather have the ability to change how our characters look, maybe yearly? Maybe add some ...2011.01.19 23:26:00
- More then likely we will have to pay for the sci-fi looking clothing, the clothing that would signif ...2011.01.19 23:21:00
- Edited by: Michael McNeil on 19/01/2011 23:19:35 Not that bad, I haven't played with the male chara ...2011.01.19 23:18:00
- To my understanding what you describe is harassment, report it to CCP and forever pawn the harasser. ...2010.10.30 03:03:00
- 1st) Welcome to the world of 3d modeling.2nd) nothing is stopping you from continuing to model, I do ...2010.10.30 02:58:00

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