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- I'd like to suggest a discouragement of any form of ownership of systems in NPC 0.0.I have seen me ...2011.08.15 12:20:00
- His complaint is that he can not override the corp standings to allow his alts or friends in the cor ...2011.01.11 13:14:00
- Hi i am very old on eve on-line. I to want another mirror cus sisi does not have a indefinite skill ...2011.01.03 14:30:00
- I dunno. having known some of Eve's best tacticians. I would say there reward tends to be CCP nerfin ...2011.01.01 21:11:00
- After 7 years I can say EVE will need to change if it wants to survive the next 7 as a market leader ...2011.01.01 21:07:00
- If you go frame by frame. You can officially see the face of the most shocked and scarred to s**t ma ...2010.12.31 18:53:00
- Edited by: fairimear on 31/12/2010 10:55:36 late 2003 I had my first proper character. I miss smal ...2010.12.31 10:53:00
- Well you see EVE once upon a time was fair in its market systems and we all went to YULAI. Things wa ...2010.12.28 23:03:00
- Eve is only boring if your PVEing blobing. My conclusion is you are doing it wrong.Not sure it said ...2010.12.28 20:04:00
- Edited by: fairimear on 13/12/2010 14:41:182. Its about principals. A Government who lies has no rig ...2010.12.13 14:38:00
- Because of the violent students they should increase tuition another 1000 quid. Kind of like a big m ...2010.12.12 01:26:00
- Edited by: fairimear on 09/12/2010 23:53:20This is my pet thing in eve. I have always wanted one of ...2010.12.09 19:31:00
- keep bidding ^.^ I only assume this poor player recieves his isk I wish.No, I also have a state is ...2010.12.06 16:18:00
- Edited by: Ziester on 05/12/2010 02:59:12It's YOU, Tranquility people that really need to shut the f ...2010.12.05 11:45:00
- DUST will fail. Probably even flop. The FPS market has no room for a small time developer CCP shou ...2010.12.02 17:29:00

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