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- if any left, 1 for Sally Kurde Please ...2008.03.25 19:48:00
- With lvl 4 becoming lvl 5 and lvl 5 only beeing in low sec, i feel like i get the short end of the s ...2007.02.22 11:26:00
- like i said befor, i don't expect it to be the regular fuel, i would settle for refining it into wat ...2006.03.21 00:43:00
- fromwat i can see (the moons i scanned) about 1/3 of the moons without minerals are icemoons.... I ...2006.03.19 01:58:00
- can someone tell me wat the average buy prise is on ceramic powderTyc ...2005.04.13 02:18:00
- can anyone tell me wat a decent logistics setup would be... been trying out a lot of them without ...2005.01.24 20:45:00
- is it just me, or are the EVE servers down ...2004.07.14 23:59:00

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