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- HIS NAME IS NOW DIAMONDS. ...2010.08.12 15:33:00
- i would be perfectly happy if incarna never happens but instead we get bug fixes for the next 18 mon ...2010.08.04 16:00:00
- nullsec mag sites are right on par with nullsec radars and usualy better. ...2010.08.04 12:09:00
- I'd participate if it weren't at the most awkward time ever. ...2010.08.04 11:02:00
- Signed. ...2010.07.21 13:56:00
- i stopped reading at "Mission Reward SP" so what you basically want is the carebears in empire to b ...2010.07.14 18:01:00
- bumpa further iteration could include the ability for the event creator to include a fleet link in t ...2010.07.09 12:33:00
- Great ccp, let's just make all the pos fuel on the market disappear... A better thing to do would ha ...2010.06.10 11:30:00
- here's a few fleet ideas i've had over the last month or so.Fleet Layout: It would be good if when c ...2010.04.21 03:38:00
- Machine Info * March 6 @ 19:00 test * Windows 7 Profesional 64 bit * AMD Athlon II X4 ...2010.04.14 05:10:00
- please please please ccp, make it look like this ...2010.03.29 22:00:00
- Every stealth bomber pilot can drop a bomb and warp off in 3 seconds, there is no a way in hell you ...2010.03.23 18:26:00
- It would be nice if there was an option that would export all your client's settings to a file that ...2010.02.05 21:08:00
- It would be nice if for events like this, the mirror was actually updated to one less than a month o ...2010.01.27 21:58:00
- after watching a few of the new station videos, i think it would be neat to have ships moving throug ...2010.01.19 06:23:00

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