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- I would be interested in the audio files if you have them.. in game mail sent to you. ...2011.08.31 19:40:00
- Edited by: DejaPeaux on 30/08/2011 08:06:50 it's about time, ... the next thing we need to see is B ...2011.08.30 08:06:00
- I have a simple script to check if the server is online. Please see below. the current url is http ...2011.08.12 23:37:00
- Nice Work.. Keep up the good work.. What about the Tengu or all the SC's ...2011.08.11 21:42:00
- I did offer to host it for him free of charge, in a data-centre in England. But he wasn't interested ...2011.08.04 09:53:00
- Bump ...2011.08.03 21:29:00
- Originally by: DejaPeaux I have added my 2 accounts, but i only see the characters on one of my ac ...2011.08.01 11:18:00
- I have added my 2 accounts, but i only see the characters on one of my accounts, is there a special ...2011.07.31 20:10:00
- EVEHQ has a rig builder.. in the EVEHQ Prism bit. ...2011.07.26 23:18:00
- I'm a carebear, and yes mining sucks, what I enjoy is the studying of the markets trying to decided ...2011.07.25 09:25:00
- Come on CCP we need the function to Maximize the images and video's I like the video about the Car ...2011.07.22 11:04:00
- Edited by: DejaPeaux on 19/07/2011 21:31:18 is another site i have ...2011.07.19 21:28:00
- EVEHQ has a rig builder ...2011.07.19 12:26:00
- Edited by: DejaPeaux on 17/07/2011 01:03:56 Thanks... I don't know why i didn't see that..I know th ...2011.07.17 00:55:00
- Edited by: DejaPeaux on 16/07/2011 22:38:34 I have been looking at the database dump, trying to get ...2011.07.16 22:38:00

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