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- As for your point Maria,The income margin in nullsec is several times that of highsec. True, highs ...2011.02.28 12:25:00
- The main idea, is to hopefully make logistics into nullsec quite a bit harder. This has the potent ...2011.02.27 14:44:00
- Hi. What will you be doing with regards to the massive impediment to new people moving to 0.0 unles ...2011.02.26 21:46:00
- This is great toon...You know how you can tell a 'great toon' from a terrible one? People post bids ...2010.12.17 18:16:00
- Are you looking for someone who will also be active in PvP, or literally just sort out mining ops, ...2010.12.01 18:47:00
- Judging from my mods on sale in Delve - no. Delve is for IT and IT is for not actually living in De ...2010.07.19 20:40:00
- Any ideas on terms and conditions? Is any of Delve rented? ...2010.07.19 20:21:00
- Who is actively looking for renters, where should I have looked to find them? I tried eve search ...2010.07.19 18:49:00
- The important thing is that the name is awesome. ...2010.06.03 12:13:00
- Edited by: Maria Recamier on 03/06/2010 12:59:16Char transfer in progress. Wewt. ...2010.06.03 11:35:00
- Isk sent, awaiting cooldown for transfer. Ragger Dark > just got 7hrs left on roles before I can ma ...2010.06.03 01:14:00
- Sent you a mail Maria. Replied. online now. ...2010.06.02 23:26:00
- 4.75b Don't make me firesale more stuff to finance this :( ...2010.06.02 18:13:00
- Update? ...2010.05.30 22:22:00
- Edited by: Maria Recamier on 30/05/2010 22:23:22 retracted ...2010.05.30 22:14:00

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