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- About time that the mission npcs start using nos and other electronic warfare. I enjoyed the new mis ...2007.03.30 14:05:00
- No. ...2007.03.30 10:54:00
- Odds are they were using race specific recon probes. They take 3 minutes to scan with good skills, b ...2007.03.30 08:40:00
- nice one!but I'd prepare to get banned for copyright violation or something like that... ...2007.03.20 12:38:00
- it's not implemented yet ...2007.03.18 12:29:00
- Sims in space!!! \o/EA IS TAKING OVER CCP!! THIS IS THE PROOF!!*dons tinfoil hat* ...2007.03.13 10:37:00
- Edited by: Ishan Shade on 12/03/2007 14:57:31 I for one can't understand how anyone can effectively ...2007.03.12 15:01:00
- I'm not saying WoW is better than eve, although I play both. But those graphs show absolutly nothi ...2007.03.10 07:37:00
- $_$ ...2007.03.03 10:52:00
- It's a challenge in the sense that a mission runner with a speck of sense can drastically reduce his ...2007.03.02 07:55:00
- Edited by: Ishan Shade on 02/03/2007 07:50:01 I have recently finished my probing skills and begun ...2007.03.02 07:40:00
- whats is the signature radius displayed on ships info? and how could a set of the low grade halo i ...2007.02.26 08:18:00
- I think you need to be more clear on what you're asking, because I have no clue what you want to kno ...2007.02.16 11:10:00
- Tried lvl 4's with a sleipnir a while back (before rigs)it worked sort of... but it had a hard time ...2007.02.15 10:15:00
- use a phoon use a medium and large repper use cruise missiles use nos use drones. ...2007.02.15 10:11:00

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