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- The contract is still available in the Forge region as item exchange. ...2007.02.09 21:45:00
- As title says, I would like to sell that fine Amarr ship. It can be delivered in any empire high sec ...2007.02.08 17:29:00
- If you right click and hold it, then left click at the same time, then drag you can still do super z ...2007.01.22 22:52:00
- Its does about 20% more damage than the 2nd most damaggin BC (brutix) when both have no dmg mods, an ...2006.11.22 02:02:00
- I perfectly agree, donīt touch Myrmidon turrets. It is like saying that Dominix is overpowered becau ...2006.11.22 01:06:00
- The Myrmidon STILL needs larger drone bay. Agreed. Oh, and does it still have 6 turrets? It doesn' ...2006.11.21 23:44:00
- Myrmidon has 125m3 drone bay now, too bad the model is now incredibly broken so it cant be tested. ...2006.11.21 21:09:00
- It would be nice, but I doubt it will ever happen, just because the Command ships stats are based on ...2006.11.05 17:54:00
- Edited by: Kalhystia on 04/11/2006 02:23:52 Edited by: Kalhystia on 04/11/2006 02:23:15 Edited by: ...2006.11.04 02:03:00
- nerf? nerf what? Is there something THAT good to nerf on that ship? layout is ok, dronebay is small, ...2006.11.04 00:18:00
- So it gained 75MW? Well, I guess that's allright. Now it just needs a whackalod more drone bay Is it ...2006.11.03 21:07:00

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