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  EVE Information Center
EVE Information Portal
All the latest news, announcements and archives from the EVE Online development team. This forum is community reply only; players may not create new threads.
1033 2011.09.01 15:19:00
by: CCP Zymurgist
  EVE Gameplay Center
Missions & Complexes
From Missions to COSMOS sites, exploration and complexes, this forum has all you need to get a head start in PvE.
40189 2011.09.09 12:54:00
by: Valleriani
Warfare & Tactics
The home for PVP in EVE: Factional Warfare, 0.0 campaigns, low sec skirmishes and empire wars.
5878 2011.09.08 08:40:00
by: Bethesda Vortarhiat
Science and Industry
Starbases, outposts, stations, invention, manufacturing and mining – it’s all in a day’s work for EVE industrialists.
24446 2011.09.08 21:36:00
by: Forever Infiniti
Ships and Modules
Share your thoughts on EVE’s ships, modules and your favorite fittings.
88425 2011.09.08 20:30:00
by: Taur Ambraelle
Crime and Punishment
Warn others of the latest scam, hire a mercenary to seek revenge or brag about your kills. This is the place to discuss the criminal elements of EVE.
24693 2011.09.09 17:00:00
by: VegasMirage
Market Discussions
Share your tips for trade and commerce in EVE: playing the market, utilizing contracts, and trading stocks.
32695 2011.09.08 06:46:00
by: DJ Blackman
Skill Discussions
Discuss skills and training plans for your EVE character.
15955 2011.09.09 10:24:00
by: Dirty Addict
Events & Gatherings
In or out of the game, use this forum to plan events, gatherings, LAN parties, or other social events.
3723 2011.09.06 20:35:00
by: Riker Atros
  EVE Communication Center
  EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center
Alliance and Corporation Recruitment Center
Use this forum to advertise job opportunities or find a corporation or alliance to join.
81638 2011.09.09 09:54:00
by: maconie
Corporation, Alliance and Organization Discussions
From political conflicts to battle reports, news, and corporation press releases – this is the in-character political center for all things corporate.
25466 2011.09.09 05:16:00
by: Sverige Pahis
  Council of Stellar Management
Assembly Hall
A platform for players to bring topics to the attention of the Council of Stellar Management.
8433 2011.09.07 13:10:00
by: cyllan anassan
Jita Park Speakers Corner
A less formal venue to discuss or debate whatever you wish regarding the Council of Stellar Management.
1767 2011.09.08 01:35:00
by: Seleene
  EVE Technology and Research Center
Features and Ideas Discussion
Get feedback on your game-related ideas and suggestions from our developers and the rest of the community.
67618 2011.09.09 16:50:00
by: Joe Risalo
Test Server Feedback
Feedback and comments about testing on Singularity.
28402 2011.09.09 14:03:00
by: Tsukihime Costkiller
Issues, Workarounds & Localization
Discuss known issues, solutions and our ongoing localization efforts.
38039 2011.09.09 03:55:00
by: Templar Knightsbane
This forum is for EVE on the Mac, including tweaks, performance and bugs.
2768 2011.09.08 14:18:00
by: Pi Vendor
This forum is about EVE on Linux, including tweaks, performance and bugs.
1749 2011.09.02 10:48:00
by: Claudio Maximo
EVE Forum Experiments
A playground where you can test your signature and/or play with other forum features.
18471 2011.09.09 12:28:00
by: Entity
  EVE Marketplace
Timecode Bazaar
Advertise or buy game time codes. Make sure to set up your trade before your account expires!
351931 2011.09.09 14:01:00
by: Marauder
Character Bazaar
Reinvent yourself – use this forum to sell, buy, or trade EVE characters.
109890 2011.09.09 16:46:00
by: Incarnadina
Sell Orders
Sell your ships, modules, and other products in EVE. This forum is for in-game transactions only.
155125 2011.09.09 15:18:00
by: Alex Huckle
Want Ads & Trades
The classified ads of new Eden. Find the perfect ship or module – or trade your items with other players.
47905 2011.09.09 00:55:00
by: Ramadawn
Price Checks
Before you buy or sell, run a price check!
19345 2011.09.07 07:11:00
by: Bite My ShinyMetal
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