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Ren Tales
Carebear Collective
Posted - 2007.04.04 01:43:00 - [1]

Piracy is the most fun you can have in my opinion, and something many new players seem attracted to. I myself played many long hours of mind numbing mission running before I attempted my first PvP combat. I browsed these forums and quickly found ParMizaN's excellent Piracy Guide in the sticky. However I found the information, while helpful, was quite a bit out of date in many places and quickly got me killed. I actually quit eve in frustration and didn't return for a month.

A year and a half latter, having learned pvp the hard way, I decided to write my own guide for aspiring piratelings.

Most people think you can't PvP in a t1 frigate effectively. "Most People" are wrong. Frigate piracy is one of the most fun things you can do in eve, and although its very challenging its also cheap, and the rewards are good after a while. Any nooby can do it given enough practice. Once you learn to pirate with a t1 frig, you know how to pirate with anything.

So without further ado, I present:




What a pirate does: Pirates are outlaw pilots who hunt other players in low security (0.4 or lower, unless you want to suicide bomb/can swap which is an entirely different kind of pvp) space. Pirates come in two flavors: Those that kill everything they find and those that ransom. I highly advise being the latter as you start off your career, because the ships you're going to take down easily will actually yield a much higher profit from ransom than from simply killing them.

Ransom works like this: You shoot your target down to low armor/a bit of a structure, then cease fire and open a convo with your target. Then you demand that they cease fire, recall all drones, and pay you 50% their ships market value (give or take) for their life. About 50% of people will pay up without thinking. As for the other 50%, you must then back up your threat and kill them.


Warp Scrambler I
This module stops a target from warping away. Warp scramblers have 2 points of scramble power and function at under 7.5km. Warp disruptors have 1 point of scramble power and function at 20km. Warp Disruptors, however, use slightly too much capacitor to be viable on a t1 frigate.
These Modules require:
Propulsion jamming I
Navigation II
Electronics III

Stasis Webifier I
Stasis Webifiers slow your opponent down by a set amount. Named webbers slow opponents down more than un-named. A simple t1 stasis webber or a 'Langour' should be enough for simple frigate combat.

Stasis Webifiers have the same skill requirements as warp scramblers.

Small Nosferatu I (on most ships)
These modules drain cap from your target and give it to you. On frigates the cap drain from you opponent is probably going to be far less than crippling, thought it may give you a slight edge. The main reason for fitting these on most setups is for the cap you get back, which you need to keep your modules running.

These require:

Engineering III
Science II
Energy Emissions Systems I

1mn Afterburner I
Afterburners and Micro-warp drives are speed boosting modules. You can only run one of either at a time. I HIGHLY advise afterburners over MWDs in all but a rare few situation on t1 frigate sized combat. MWDs are simply to capacitor restrictive and their fitting Requirements are a bit harsh. Although you almost never want to use one on a frigate, on cruiser and larger ships you will want to use almost purely MWDs for speed. Afterburners aren't fast enough on most larger ships, especially for solo.

Afterburners Require:

Navigation I
Afterburner I

MWDs Require:

High speed maneuvering I
Navigation IV
Afterburner IV

In general: Fight at close range, and use your HIGHEST DAMAGE ammo, no matter how close its range. Beware people you think have webbifiers or medium or larger nosferatus (notes on this in tactics section).

Ships are listed roughly in order of best to worst. Most ships positions could be argued (Punisher-Rifter and Incursus-Kestrel in particular) I know, so don't get mad at me if I ranked your favorite below a ship you consider worse.

Section 1: SHIPS

Solo Ships/Serious Piracy
1) Rifter
2) Punisher
3) Merlin
4) Tristan

Difficult Solo/Gang Support
5) Kestrel
6) Incursus
7) Inquisitor

Electronics Warfare
8) Griffin
9) Maulus

Section 2: TACTICS
10) Ammo types
11) Targets (Ransom amounts, ship info)
12) Finding People
13) Criminal Flagging (GCC)

Ren Tales
Carebear Collective
Posted - 2007.04.04 01:44:00 - [2]

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FIRST: Train up Electronics and Engineering to AT LEAST 4, preferably five. You will have to do it eventually, and on frigs especially it really opens up fitting options. Also train up weapon upgrades to level 4, which helps with CPU and ALSO allows you to use t2 damage mods, which is nice.

On all Ships: Use the best mods you can afford to fit and not cry if you lose them. T2 is the ultimate for almost everything of course, focus on getting t2 small armor repairers or shield boosters first thing, if you find you really like frigate PvP and maybe want to go for a t2 frigate, focus on t2 guns next.

Damage mods:
Laser: Heat Sink
Hybrid: Magnetic Field Stabilizer
Missile: Ballistic Control Unit
Projectile: Gyrostabalizer


The Rifter!
(my personal favorite)

CLASSIC ARMOR TANK (classic autocannon setup, tried and true ganker)

Highs: 3x 150mm autocannons, 1x small nosferatu

Mids: 1x 1mn Afterburner, 1x 7.5km scrambler, 1x stasis webifier

Lows: 1x 200mm reinforced rolled tungsten plate, 1x Small Armor Repairer, 1x take your pick: Gyrostabalizer (for more damage), Damage Control (for more tank) or Nanofiber (for more speed). I highly advise the Damage C.

---Setup Specific---
This setup really needs a good armor rep and nosferatu to shine, but it works well with simple out of the box t1 equipment too. If you're repairing enough to keep your armor at full during combat, turn it off when you're armor is at 100% to safe cap.

Avoid fighting Minmatar or missile users clever enough to load explosive missiles. Your armor is very weak to such damage .

ALTERNATE SHEILD TANKED RIFTER (classic mission setup modified for piracy)

Highs: 3x 150mm autocannons 1x rocket launcher

Mid: 1x 1mn Afterburner, 1x 7.5km scrambler, 1x MEDIUM F-S9 Regolith shield extender (note the size)

Lows: 3x shield power relays

---Setup Specific---
This setup runs a passive tank, which means your tank doesn't require activating any modules to keep it running. This particular kind of passive tank is rarely seen on non-caldari ships, and is most common on the Drake and Ferox battlecruisers. The Jaguar, one of the two assault ships based on the Rifter, also runs this kind of tank most of the time, though it does it much better due to higher resists and base hit points.

This setup sometimes has trouble holding on to enemies late in the fight due to the shield power relays gimping the capacitor recharge. Most carebears won't notice if your scrambler stops in the middle of the fight though, so don't stress it. Just don't burst it back on again repeatedly when you have enough cap to use it for one cycle or so, the repeated “-your name here- has started attempting to warp scramble you” messages would probably tip them off to the fact that you're not running it the whole time. Also, the named shield extender is completely necessary, the recharge per second is not high enough without it.

Avoid frighting other frigates with this setup, as it has no web to keep them in place. You might be able to take on a merlin, kestrel, or tristan without too much trouble, but a proper PvP frig will be able to web you and deal significantly more damage. Punishers, and Amarr in general should be avoided, as their EM damage will slice through your EM-weak shield like a knife through hot butter.



The autocannon Rifter (edit: Artilary Rifter provided by a reader) fights at close range, and is particularly useful at about 1 or 2 km. With it's build in tracking bonus, it's obviously designed to orbit targets, evading their guns while firing with it's own. Unfortunately this trick will rarely work, because most gun cruise

Ren Tales
Carebear Collective
Posted - 2007.04.04 01:45:00 - [3]

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Despite that, if fighting a gun ship you should always attempt to orbit it at about 1km. If you find that you can run your afterburner and still have enough cap to tank (particularly with the armor tank setup), do so. With missile ships, the tracking on their guns is irrelevant, so “keep at range”somewhere between 1 or 2 km should do the trick.


If the fitting is giving you trouble, drop down to 125mm guns. You can also use the last "take your pick" slot on the first setup for a fitting mod if you're tight. Avoid gimping the tank for fitting though, it's flimsy enough as it is.


The Punisher!

Firstly, train up small autocannons. Small lasers aren't that good on this ship. A few people have flown laser punishers with success though the fitting and cap use on them is so insane that you have to sacrifice low slots to keep them running. If you MUST use lasers, use the classic laser 'Bleeder' setup. *Note: if you're flying in caldari space Lasers are actually really good vs caracals and such around there, so go for that.* (Tiirae likes blasters)


Highs: 2x Medium Pulse Laser I 1x Dual-light Pulse Laser I 1x Small Nosferatu I

Mids: 1x 1mn Afterburner, 1x 7.5km scrambler

Lows: 1x small armor rep I 3x cap power relays


Highs: 3x 150mm autocannons, 1x Small Nosferatu I

Mids: 1x 1mn Afterburner, 1x 7.5km scrambler

Lows: 1x Small armor rep, 1x 200mm plate (rolled tungston), 1x damage control, 1x take your pick: Energized adaptive nano membrane, 200mm plate (not advised unless you're skilled or in a gang, gimps your speed something awful with two of them), cap power relay (if you're cap skills aren't up to par), or even a fitting mod if you need one. A damage mod will not fit due to CPU unfortunately.


For the AC setup, consult the Rifter tactics, for the pulse consult the Merlin tactics.


The Merlin!

Merlin fitting and tactics courtesy of Baron VonWryken

The merlin is a decent frigate for piracy. Its major weakness is speed and the fact that it shield tanks. Shield tanking is not bad, but if you fit a warp scrambler it fills a slot you would normally put shield enhancements in.

However you can still manage if you pick your targets wisely and fit it properly. I have used 2 basic configurations.

Config 1)

High Slots: 2 rocket launchers, 2 blasters (neutrons if you can fit them)

Mid slots:
Cold gas arc jet Afterburner
20km warp scrambler
small capacitor booster (use 200 charges)
small shield booster (t2 if you can)

low slots:
magnetic stabilizer/ballistic control unit
power diagnostic unit or reactor control unit if you need more powergrid. Otherwise more damage mods

You need really good guns and the t2 shield booster for this setup to work really well. I use t2 blasters on mine. Although less may work. The cap booster allows you to run the shield booster and 20km forever. Basically you get in close and wail on them til they die or pay ransom. Run your shield booster as soon as they fire, because the duration you can run the shield booster is a major advantage of the tank in this setup. It works very well on caracals that fit heavy missiles.

Ren Tales
Carebear Collective
Posted - 2007.04.04 01:46:00 - [4]

Edited by: Ren Tales on 11/04/2007 09:34:03
Config 2)
High Slots: 2 rocket launcher, 1 blaster (neutron), nosferatu (I like the knaves, cheap but pretty good)

Mid slots:
Cold gas arc jet afterburner
7.5km warp scrambler
small shield booster
small shield extender or passive hardener (I usually use the extender)

Low slots:
ballistic control unit
whatever you may need, probably pdu

This one has a bit of a better tank, but it does less damage. Although it has a nos, so they helps break some cruiser tanks they need cap. You get in close and fire. You probably will not be able to run the shield booster forever, so you may need to turn it off at some points during the battle. It just takes a little practice to know when to turn it on and off. On most slow cruiser targets you can turn off your after burner to save capacitor, unless they manage to get away from your weapons range. Then turn AB back on to get closer, and repeat.

Gang warfare
If you are in a gang and you do not need to warp scramble, you can get even more tank on the merlin. It is a good way to fly it. *Ren notes:* for more tank I advise a Invulnerability field or Photon field (multi or em hardeners)


The Tristan!


Highs: 2x electron blasters, 1x rocket launcher, 1x small nosferatu

Mids: 1x 1mn Afterburner, 1x 7.5km scrambler, 1x stasis webifier

Lows: 1x 100 (or 200 if you can fit it) rolled tungston plate, 1x small armor repairer, 1x damage control
(dmg control can be swapped for magnetic field stabilizer, giving it more damage, but i advise the dmg control as the Tristan has the largest structure of all t1 frigs)


Highs: 2x electron blasters 2x rocket launchers

Mids: 1x 1mn Afterburner, 1x 7.5km scrambler, 1x small cap booster with Cap Booster 200 charges (fit as many as you can in your hold)

Lows:1x 100 (or 200 if you can fit it) rolled tungston plate, 1x small armor repairer, 1x damage control


Highs: 2x rocket launchers, 1x electron blaster 1x small nosferatu

Mids: 1x 1mn Afterburner, 1x 7.5km scrambler, 1x stasis webifier

Lows: 1x 100 (or 200 if you can fit it) rolled tungston plate, 1x small armor repairer, 1x whatever (Ren advises a damage control, obviously, though a ballistic control [missile dmg mod] might fit )

Ren Tales
Carebear Collective
Posted - 2007.04.04 01:46:00 - [5]

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Main thing to remember with the Tristan is it has a drone bay, and room for one light drone. Train up scout drones ASAP, it gives you a huge advantage over other frigs.

Second setup does more damage but it's missing a webber, which can suck in close range pvp, especially if solo. The rocket setup is nice because you can chose your damage type, which is a moderate to advanced PvP tactic discussed below, but the damage is a bit lower than the other two in general.

Tactics: With all of these setups for the Tristan, you want to remember that your range is a bit lower than every other frigate here. The Merlin gets a range bonus and can fit higher tier blasters, the Rifter can hit at nice range with its autocannon falloff, and the Punisher has similarly good range with either autos or pulses. That means that the typical tactic of orbiting at 1km is not going to work. Usually you want to try and orbit gunships at 500m with the afterburner off, but idealy when you're not being shot at (when in a gang and not being primary) or when fighting missile ships you want to “keep at range” 500m, because of the orbit speed throwing you out a bit wide. If flown carefully the Tristan is a great ship who's high damage potential coupled with a tough tank make it more than a match for all the other t1 frigates out there.

The Kestrel and incursus are both a ton of fun to fly, but they're absolutely terrible solo ships unless you have a VERY good idea what you're doing. However, they both pack a serious punch and are great at gang suport.


The Kestrel!


Highs: 4x rocket launchers

Mids: 2x stasis webifiers 1x 7.5km scram

Lows:1x 200mm armor plate, 1x ballistic control unit (to maximize damage + tank), OR just 2x ballistic control units (for max damage), OR 2x cap power relay (for maximized tackle: I'm pretty sure the mid slots will own your cap and it's a disposable setup anyways, if you're targeted you're pretty much toast tank or no tank)

The idea behind the Jaggerbomb style ship is to get in close and add to tackling while dealing really high damage for a frigate (of selected damage types too)

Ren Tales
Carebear Collective
Posted - 2007.04.04 01:48:00 - [6]

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Highs: 4x rocket launchers

Mids: 1x 1mn afterburner, 1x small shield booster, 1x your choice: small shield extender or 7.5km scrambler (ask your gang leader if they need any more tackle or if you should tank instead)

Lows: 2x ballistic control units

Adds some punch in the form of a lot of specialized damage to any frig gang, and with full tank can survive a few hits before going down. With the scrambler, this setup MIGHT be able to solo vs Caracals, but don't try and take on anything tougher unless you want to be looking at a pod.


Highs: 4x rocket launchers

Mids: 2x stasis webifiers 1x 7.5km scram

Lows: 1x Micro Auxilary Power Core, 1x 400mm plate

This setup CANNOT take on cruisers, but it can own close range interceptors. Thats really all it's good for, however, so it's more of a toy than a truly useful ship.


The Incursus!


Highs: 3x blasters, highest tier you can afford to fit

Mids: 1mn microwarp drive or 1mn afterburner, 1x either 20km or 7.5km scrambler, 1x stasis webifier

Lows: Your choice mix of small armor rep, magnetic field stabilizer(s), 200mm plate(s), nanofiber(s), damage control, micro auxilary power core, whatever!

Tactics: Close range and shoot! Try orbiting at 1km There are a few incursus setups that MIGHT work solo... Think 3x blasters, afterburner web scram 200mm plate and a repper. DON'T FORGET THE LIGHT DRONE (I advise a warrior to cover the explosive damage) Again, more of a throwaway gang damage dealer.

7) unfinshed sorry

Electronic Warfare (EWAR) frigs


The Griffin

The Griffin is an electronics warfare ship specializing in the Caldari EWAR, Electronic Counter Measures (ECM, more commonly called Jammers). ECM modules “jam” the targets sensor systems, causing them to drop all current targets and be incapable of locking for the duration. ECM doesn't work instantly every time, it's chance based. Every cycle has a certain percentage chance of jamming your target based on his or her sensor strength vs your jammers jam strength to the targets variety of sensor. It sounds complicated, and in a way it is, but essentially it means that you have a semi-random chance of jamming a target, and theres a few things you can do to increase that chance, which I will discuss below.


Highs: Nothing, or 3x standard missile launchers

Mids: 4x ECM modules*

Lows: 1x capacitor power relays

---Setup Specific---

*Each race has its own sensor type. You can select varying ECM modules for each sensor type, and each is almost exclusively effective against its specific race. Multispectral ECM jamms all types, but it jamms much less effectively, has less range and takes more cap to run. If you know what you're fighting fit 4x of that races jammers. If you don't, I advise 1x gravometric, 1x magnometric, and 2x multispecral, because caldari and galente have the strongest sensors. You can use racials efectively out to about 40km (depending on skills) and multis to 30km. The capactior use on them can be cripling, so try not to turn on more than you need, especially the multispecs.

Strongest sensors (hardest to jamm) to weakest:

Caldari: Gravometric
Galente: Magnometric
Amarr: Radar
Minmatar: Ladar

Ren Tales
Carebear Collective
Posted - 2007.04.04 01:49:00 - [7]

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The Maulus

The Maulus is an electronics warfare ship specializing in the Gallente EWAR, the Remote Sensor Dampener. Remote Sensor Dampeners penalize your targets locking range and speed, so they are really only useful when flying with a gang featuring interceptors, long ranged ships, and/or caldari electronics warfare ships like the Griffin or Blackbird, as they jam, breaking targets locking. When in such a gang, however, sensor dampeners are incredibly helpful, especially in frig wolfpacks.


Highs: Nothing, or 2x 250mm artillery (nos is too close ranged, rails suck your invaluable cap)

Mids: 1x 1mn Afterburner, 2x remote sensor dampener (use the most expensive named version you can afford to lose)

Lows: 2x capacitor power relays

2x light drones (electronics warfare drones if you can, sensor damp or energy neutralizer, the ECM ones don't work well with only two of them.)

---Setup Specific---
You can afford the cap required to run 3x damps, and the cap power relays in lows are required to keep the 2x running. You could do three with rigs, but nobody is going to drop that kind of money into a t1 frigate. This setup damps targets down to about 20-30% of their maximum targeting range and makes them take eons to target frigates and other small targets. When flying in a gang (you can't solo in this ship) try and keep the target at 30kms or so, no more than 50 and now less than 20. You want to be able to stay out of the targets dampened range and within your own sensor damp range and drone control range (train up until it's at least 25). The two guns are for helping out a tiny bit with dps, their not really worth fitting most of the time.

10) AMMO

LASERS: Multi freqs on pulses. Keep other sizes around and experiment with ranges. They switch so fast no reason not to try it out.

BLASTERS: Antimatter.

Use thermal if you're not sure what your opponents weak spots are (foxfire), EM if they're a shield tanker (gremlin) and explosive (phalanx) if they armor tank. If you REALLY want to hit hard and think the battle will be a long one, fit all three and test one by one which one deals the most, especially if fighting a pvper who probably has homogenized his tanks resists.

PROJECTILE: Autos: Use EMP ammo for shield tankers and fusion for armor tankers. With rockets, use thermal (foxfire) in general or EM (gremlin) for shield tankers and explosive (phalanx) for armor tankers.

DRONES: Fit Warriors (explosive) if your ships guns do primarily EM, thermal, or kinetic damage (thats everyone but minmatar). If you're in a gang and damage types are covered, use hobgoblins as they do more damage.

11) TARGETS (ransom amounts, tank info, etc)

Best/Worst targets

The best and worst targets apply mostly to solo, though some note what you should fear in a gang as well. In a group, read my notes about each individual ship then judge for yourself if yo think you're gang is strong enough to take any given ship. As a general rule, even a large frig gang can't take a HAC, Battleship, or Command ship.
Best targets! (pirate jackpot, frigs need not fear these under most circmstances)

Caracals, Moas, Ospreys, Scythes, Covetors, Retrivers, Procurors, Cormorants. Miners and ships with low tackle/difficulty hitting frigates. All are great targets. Feroxs and Drakes can occasionally be taken down, the toughness of the tank being the only issue (so never fear to attack them, just be ready to leave if they're shield is too hard to break through) and they also provide a nice juicy ransom. People also often use Brutixs and Prophecys for mining, so if you know that the Brutix or Proph you just scanned down is a nooby, don't be afraid to warp in and check. If their mining it could be a big payoff. If they're not, leave quick.

Ren Tales
Carebear Collective
Posted - 2007.04.04 01:50:00 - [8]

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**Targets to be careful about attacking:**

Vexors/arbitrators - Drone ships that use nos. Their nos will murder you, and light drones are the devil.

Rifters *only aplies to the Tristan and Merlin* - I attack Rifters from time to time, but they are faster than you and arguably the best pvp frig in the game

Fast long range frigates will kill you too.

t2 frigates obviously *the Jagerbomb solo kestrel can take out close range ceptors, and a good Rifter or punisher will eat a ratting Hawk alive. Avoid Harpies and all other t2 frigs even with those ships, though.*

Other common sense ships, like battleships.

Thoraxes and Ruptures (Mallers too) Those things are monstrous if they fit webbers, and their drones can shred you. If you do attack one, make sure it's a REAL nooby, and be prepared to lose a ship if they were smart enough to fit a webber/have guns with fast tracking speed.

Ship Ransom Amounts:

In general, ships can be ransomed for half their market value. If a nooby in a cruiser says he doesn't have the money, ask how much he DOES have. Taking 2 million instead of 4 for a very young thorax is often better than whatever crummy loot you'd get off his wreckage.

Frigates and Destroyers (t1): Just pop them, they arn't worth enough and if they have t2 equipment it's worth it.

Cruisers/Battlecruisers/Battleships (don't attack a battleship solo, applies for gangs): Roughly 40-60% ship value based on the age, seeming gullibility, and politeness of the victim.

Mining barges: I usually just pop them. They always fit strip miners, and you never know when you'll luck out and grab some strip miner IIs. However, ransom might be wiser, especially if you're being conservative about our sec status. Ransom them for half their market value + 1.5 million per strip miner (Procuror has one, Retriver has two, Covetor has 3)

Tech 2 ships (assault ships, heavy assault ships, covert ops ships): Because of silly high t2 prices, you can get away with ransoming up to 70% (or even 80%) of the ships value and still be offering them a good deal vs what they would gain in insurance. If you're lucky enough to catch a non-bomber covert ops frigate, add 55 million on top of the ransom for their covert ops cloak (or just pop them and pray it drops)

Ren Tales
Carebear Collective
Posted - 2007.04.04 01:51:00 - [9]

Edited by: Ren Tales on 11/04/2007 09:42:38

Tank types/Weapon types of all t1 cruisers and battlecruisers as well as interceptors and assault frigates.

Frigates: all dangerous ones are covered in the guide above =)



Arbitrator: Armor tank. Uses drones + nos or lasers. Extremely dangerous frig slayer.

Augoror: Armor tank, very hard to kill but not all that dangerous. Fits lasers.

Maller: Armor tank. Very very tough ship. Often uses pulses and a weber. Used for bait often as well, so beware

Omen: Armor tank. Higher damage than the Maller but sometimes fits beams while ratting. About 50% chance of pulse + weber.


Caracal: Shield tank, uses heavy, light, or heavy assault missiles and (rarely) two light drones. Caracals with Assault launchers (light missiles) are sometimes dangerous, but usually the Caracal is the easiest combat cruiser to take down in a frigate. Almost never fits a weber.

Moa: Shield tank with tough resists. Fits hybrid turrets, usually rails, and occasionally three light drones and two heavy, light, or heavy assault missiles. Very rarely uses blasters and a web, usually an easy frig target with slow tracking rails. Sometimes fits nos.

Blackbird: Shield tank. Fits jammers, so can break your lock and prevent you from targeting anything, Rarely found without a gang. Low damage but dangerous with support or enough time to break you.

Osprey: Shield tank or no tank. Mining cruiser.


Celestis: Armor tank. Sensor dampener electronic warfare cruiser. Not very dangerous solo, but often flies with gangs.

Exequror: Armor tank. Sort of a combat hauler. Fits hybrids, may have a weber but not a serious threat.

Thorax: Armor tank. Fits hybrids, usually blasters. Has drones and almost always fits a weber. Too dangerous any t1 frig to attempt solo unless it's a rail rax and a noob. Can be done fairly easily in a gang if you have sufficient firepower.

Vexor: Armor tank. Drones are it's primary weapon, also uses nos or sometimes hybrids. Eats frigs for breakfast. Do not engage with only frigates. Even a large gang of frigates will sustain high casualties.


Bellicose: Usually armor, sometimes shield tank. Uses a mix of projectiles and missiles. Not very dangerous. Rarely fits a weber.

Rupture: Armor tanks. Fits projectiles and missiles/nos, usually fits autocannons Almost always has a weber and 5 light drones. Very dangerous to solo frigates.

Scythe: Mining cruiser

Stabber: Armor or shield tanks. Uses projectiles, usually autocannons. Extremely speedy and almost always fits a weber. Frig killer.



Prophecy: Fits lasers and a heavy armor tank. Often has weber and drones, but also is often used for mining. Proceed with caution.

Harbinger: Laser gank ship, high damage medium tank. Very very deadly ship, especially against shield tanks. Do not engage with an all frigate gang unless you have electronics warfare up to your eyeballs and a good idea what you're doing.

Ren Tales
Carebear Collective
Posted - 2007.04.04 01:51:00 - [10]

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Ferox: Shield tank. Fits either heavy missiles or railguns. Never found one with a webber, and both weapon systems are harmless to frigs, but it does have 5x light drones, so if it springs them out take them out fast or run (judge by tech level of drones, character age...). The tank on this ship is also absurd, so it may take some time to break a well set up one, and a single frig might not be capable solo.

Drake: Same as above, except that it only fits heavy missiles and has an even harder tank.


Brutix: Armor tank, fits lots of guns and drones. Often has a weber. Incredibly dangerous ship. Occasionally you will find a rail or mining Brutix. Besides the drones, both are relatively harmless to a frigate. Attack only if you REALLY know what you're doing and/or are certain that it is a mining/railgun setup.

Myrmidon: Armor tank. Arguably the best battlecruiser. Uses drones, often in conjunction with nos, and a heavy tank. If its fitting all heavy drones and you handle it very well (have 20km scramblers, kite its drones outside web range and dispatch them quickly) and it has nos instead of guns, its possible to take one out with frigates. It requires extreme skill and nerves of steel, however, so don't attempt it until you're very experienced, and only with a gang.


Cyclone: Shield tanker, on very rare occasion armor tanker. Fits either autocannons or artillery and either missiles or nos. Has quite a bit of drone space. Treat it like a Brutix that deals explosive damage and sometimes fits nos.

Hurricane: Armor – Sometimes shield tanker. In the right hands this ship can be a monster. Its fast for a battlecruiser, and it's wide variety of weapons hardpoints make it a deadly adversary. Its tank isn't as hard as most of the other battlecruisers, but it's 5 light drones and high damage potential more than make up for it. Beware, almost every setup I've seen on this ship would eat even a large gang of frigates without breaking a sweat.



Vengeance: Very thick armor tank, weak only to thermal damage. Uses lasers. Usually impossible solo, easy with a gang.

Retribution: See above, but only one mid slot to if you get in trouble just warp off.


Harpy: Shield tank. Using either rails or blasters, this ship is a small fight juggernaut. As with all AFs, it's easy with a gang.

Hawk: Shield tank, uses misiles. Possible to solo if it doesn't switch ammo types inteligently. Always worth a try, they give big payoffs.


Enyo: See harpy, except substitute armor for shield tank. Does slightly more damage than harpy too.

Ishkur: Armor tank. Frigate sized drone boat. Very very deadly to frigates. Treat it like a slightly gimpy Vexor. Possible to kill with a gang if you deal with the drones quickly.


Jaguar: Shield tanker with great resistances. Lowest resist is Kinetic. Uses projectiles, cannot be soloed.

Wolf: Armor tanker, very high damage with either artillery or projectiles. Like most AFs, cannot be soloed but easy with a gang.


All interceptors are the same as far as fighting them in frigates goes: If they're a ranged ceptor (Crow, Crusader, other ceptors with range setups) you're doomed. If they're not, get a web or two on them, they're made of paper (thought their damage is still lethal if you don't have at least two people to take them out quickly)

Ren Tales
Carebear Collective
Posted - 2007.04.04 01:52:00 - [11]

Edited by: Ren Tales on 11/04/2007 09:44:26
Edited by: Ren Tales on 11/04/2007 09:44:08
Edited by: Ren Tales on 04/04/2007 11:18:59
Edited by: Ren Tales on 04/04/2007 02:10:47

Okay, by now you're probably foaming at the mouth to get your little frigate into action. The only place you can efectively hunt is 0.4 and lower security systems, which are often populated with more pirates and hostile gatecamps than big juicy targets. Thought it may seem counter intuitive, look for lower traffic systems. Those only one or two jumps from high sec tend to have the highest amount of ratters.

There are two ways to find people once you enter a low sec system:

Browse the Belts

Use the Directional Scanner

The first consists of merely warping to each belt in order looking for people. Its slow but often effective. ALL experienced pirates use the second method however. At some point I will write out a detailed scanning guide, but until then... Try and figure it out yourself. Sorry. (edit: this one is pretty good: Scanning I promise I'll write one of my own eventually)


When you attack an innocent player anywhere above 0.0, you will become criminally flagged for 15 minutes. This manifests itself in a red timer in the upper left hand corner of the screen that reads “Global Criminal Countdown: x minutes” (known as GCC) for the duration of that timer, gate guns and station guns will shoot you. Frigates will die to this firepower nearly instantly. So until this goes away, avoid sentry guns like the plague.

Yellow Timer: If a NPC agros you in a belt, you will get a yellow timer that says simply aggression countdown. This is how long that NPCs faction will attack you on sight. Unfortunately, gate guns are NPCs, so if you happen to agro them and live, a secondary yellow timer will start underneath your red GCC timer, and after that one is up the yellow one will display.

With warp to zero, there has been a new and rather anoying display glitch associated with the yellow agression timer. If you warp to zero on a station and dock, even if you are towed into station before the guns agro you, the stations guns will log you as agressed. However, it will not display the yellow timer. So remember, if you dock with GCC it will be AT LEAST 15 minutes after the time of docking (sometimes longer, its very glitchy) till you can undock. Best to test by undocking in a shuttle before hauling out your best pvp ship.

continued below V

Conuion Meow

Interstellar Services Department
Posted - 2007.04.04 01:52:00 - [12]

Great information. This gets added to the sticky.

Ren Tales
Carebear Collective
Posted - 2007.04.04 01:54:00 - [13]

Edited by: Ren Tales on 11/04/2007 09:45:07
Edited by: Ren Tales on 04/04/2007 02:16:16

forgot to add this earlier!

As you shoot people, your security status will go down. Once it's below -0.0, you will begin to have a yellow backround. Once it gets below -5.0 you will begin to flash red, and once that happens people can shoot you at gates or stations without the sentries shooting them.

Also, once you get below -0.1, people can place a bounty on your head, which can be collected by podding you. It adds a nice little skull to your icon too. YARRRR!!

Negative security places certain restrictions on you. Once you get low enough you cannot enter certain high sec systems without the local faction navy scrambling, webbing, and perma jamming you, then opening fire.

*** Security status: Empire restrictions ***
Below -2 = not in 1.0 sec systems
Below -2.5 = not in 0.9 sec systems
Below -3 = not in 0.8 sec systems
Below -3.5 = not in 0.7 systems
Below -4 = not in 0.6 systems
Below -4.5 = not in 0.5 systems
-5 or below = Kill on Sight in all empire.

Faction police ARE NOT CONCORD, but they're a huge pain and all you can really do about them is motor your way back to the gate you came from (if you can tank them, a feat generally only acomplished by battlecruisers and bigger).


Leikeze Mrotserif
coracao ardente
Posted - 2007.04.04 02:11:00 - [14]

Nice writeup

Ren Tales
Carebear Collective
Posted - 2007.04.04 02:28:00 - [15]

Thanks Leik, your openion means alot to me as far as piracy is concerned.

Thread Winner
Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2007.04.04 02:32:00 - [16]

Originally by: Ren Tales
Thanks Leik, your openion means alot to me as far as piracy is concerned.

What if I said you won this thread? Sad

murder one
Death of Virtue
MeatSausage EXPRESS
Posted - 2007.04.04 05:56:00 - [17]

Very comprehensive post Ren. I do have a few suggestions however:

Your frig setups and assesment of some of the frig's capabilities-

200mm plates- if you look at how much the plates slow you down (speed is life in a frig), how much grid they require, and how much armor they actually provide, they're not the optimal mod most of the time.

Look at how many cycles it would take for a T2 armor rep to replace the same amount of HP that a plate provides. It's usually on the order of 2-3 cycles. A cap power relay (or two or three) provides much needed cap regen and can make the difference between keeping the rep running, and not.

IMO damage mods on a frig won't provide enough of an increase in total DPS output in comparison to how much another cap power relay will increase your tank. The key here is to balance your out going DPS with the DPS your ship can absorb, and end up with more armor at the end of the fight. All of this revolves around keeping your cap going, hence the cap power relays.

Split weapons systems: the Tristan is inferior to the Incursus for PVP IMO because it has split weapons, it's slower, less agile, and actually does less DPS when you fit blasters on both. The Incursus with the following setup:
3x Ion blasters, t2 ab/web/scram, t2 small rep, cap power relay and 1x warrior drone (t2 really helps here)

This has the speed to get in close, compared to the slower Tristan, and by using blasters in all three high slots, you get the ship's damage bonus to all weapons systems. Fitting a Warrior drone *really* hurts frigs as they rarely have any sort of explosive resist fitted, and the blasters generally burn through a frig's shields quickly. The exception is the Merlin obviously, but they have their own issues.

Bleeder laser setups? There's really no such thing. Bleeder setups are always AC based, as lasers can't operate without cap.

You're assesment of the target ships is pretty much spot on, however I'd like to point out that *any* ship with a drone bay is going to be extremely deadly to frigs. 5x T2 warriors from a drake will make short work of even Assault Frigs, much less T1 frigs. I couldn't agree more that the Vexor is the #1 frig killer out there.

Unless BCs are *really* poorly fit, one T1 frig isn't going to do enough DPS to make a dent in their tanks.

Anyway, excellent write up. Let me know what you think of my crits.

Ren Tales
Carebear Collective
Posted - 2007.04.04 06:22:00 - [18]

About cap relays: I've never had problems running my tank on any of these setups. Period. And despite my skillpoints advantage my cap skills suck. I personally prefer the tiny edge of dps or tank over the useless extra cap.

About bleeders: That taken directly from the ORIGNAL punisher bleeder setup thread. So, um, you're wrong.

200mm plates: Don't think of it in terms of rep cycles. For instance: If you're repping 60hp/second, and taking 70 dps, and you have 1000 hp, you're going to survive for 100 seconds. Wheras, if you have twice as many hitpoints... See, the thing is, more hit points means you survive longer vs damage that is higher than your rep/sec, which in a frig is going to be almost everything..

So yes, a rep will cover the plate bonus in a couple of cycles, and the speed nerf is anoying (but really really small, as far as I've found) but its a much bigger increase in tankability.

Ren Tales
Carebear Collective
Posted - 2007.04.04 06:26:00 - [19]

Edited by: Ren Tales on 04/04/2007 06:27:23
Edited by: Ren Tales on 04/04/2007 06:25:09
Oh and yes, anything with five t2 lights will shred frigs. However, you might be suprised at the amount of pve pilots, particularly caldari, who neglect drones altogether. In six months of frig pirating (t2 now, but still) I've fought five oponents with t2 drones, and two were vexors. They're a problem if they're present, but suprisingly often they're not.

As for the tristan vs incursus you may be right but I've had terrible experiences with the incurses and heard horor stories from corpmates using it, wheras I've used the tristan (and ahd friends use it) quite efectively.

(I very much apreciate your critique but I beg to differ on a number of points. Mainly openion/experience. *shrugs* Smile)

Bailian Moxtain
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.04.04 06:40:00 - [20]


New Generation Space Cowboys
Posted - 2007.04.04 06:59:00 - [21]

Woot!! Nice write up.

****puts on his pirate hat******

.......and runs to his rifter for some "serious" pirating.

The League of Legitimate Nigerian Businessmen
Posted - 2007.04.04 07:37:00 - [22]

Thanks for this guide, really useful for my friend who is pretty new to EVE and wants to start with some piwacy and stuff Twisted Evil

Ren Tales
Carebear Collective
Posted - 2007.04.04 07:48:00 - [23]

Yar etc.

murder one
Death of Virtue
MeatSausage EXPRESS
Posted - 2007.04.04 09:41:00 - [24]

Plates are good protection vs. burst damage, but IMO, if you're running all your weapons, your ab, web and scram (esp. a 20km scram) and rep, you're gonna need all the extra cap you can manage.

And as for living for 100 sec w/ a 70 dps/ 60 repped idea, you're not taking into account the existing armor/shield/structure buffer of the ship's normal armor in that equation.

The idea is to not get hit by stuff that is larger than you are (nearly everything), and be able to rep more often than the other same-sized guys.

BTW: I've been working on an assault helios setup. It's pretty funny:

2x 150mm t2 rails
t2 ab, 24km scram, 2x muon damps, cap recharger 2
mapc, 2x beta cap power relays.

hobgoblin II.

Cap stable, better hope they dont have drones deployed before you attack. If you use your drone and they have drones out, then recall the drone, the enemy drones are going to aggro you.

But makes for a really interesting tackler. The two damps can kill a typical cruiser's lock range down to around 20km, so you have 4km of wiggle room.

I haven't tried it, but I think you can get 2x 125mm t2 on there w/o the MAPC, and then fit a 3rd cap power relay, and then drop the t2 cap recharger and add another damp. Too bad the Helios doesn't have a damp bonus. And a larger drone bay. And some power grid.

Ren Tales
Carebear Collective
Posted - 2007.04.04 11:28:00 - [25]

Murder, I think you very slightly misinterpreted my explaination about plates. Some time tomorrow I'll put up a thorough analysis for you.

Mainly it just seems your openion (< key word) of how you yo should fly and tank frigates differs slightly from mine. Its not so much that either of us is right or wrong, just somewhat different in combat style.

Sirius Problem
Darkness Inc.
Posted - 2007.04.04 13:00:00 - [26]

Small correction:

Griffin has 4 mids and 1 low. Not 3 mids and 3 lows.

Mids - Fit racials according to situation. 2 racial pairs is common. Multispecs are very hard on cap, so use them sparingly.

Low slot - A Signal distortion amp is really the only mod that makes sense here.

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2007.04.04 13:27:00 - [27]

A couple of things ive noticed when pvping in a Rifter,usually people in interceptors will just fly right into you thinking they can kill you before you kill them.....because hey.....your a T1 frig.Ive killed quite a few ceptors that did that,smart Crow pilots are about the only ceptor you need worry about,when they circle at 20k with light missles.Also,if you encounter a jaguar or wolf setupwith Artillerys,their fairly easy to kill if you get inside 500m and orbit.

Usually If im playing with a rifter I run Autocannons and a rocket launcher.Afterburner,web and 7k scram. Small armor repper,200mm plate and a damage mod.

Cap relays and rechargers are next to useless in pvp,there simply isnt enough time for their effects to show.Carriers and Dreads are the only ships you need to fit them on for pvp,since their the only thing that will fight long enough to benfit from the effects. In Frig combat a plate is your friend,your slow anyway,getting slower wont hurt you to much more.

But this is a great guide,wish id read it a few months ago when I was first trying out piracy.

Posted - 2007.04.04 23:00:00 - [28]

Good guide, it should be read by everyone, not just Prats.

Oh and yes, anything with five t2 lights will shred frigs. However, you might be suprised at the amount of pve pilots, particularly caldari, who neglect drones altogether.

Any mission runner worth his salt carries drones, ratters now, might not feel the need, but it adds a lot of DPS over time and shouldnt be neglected.
(I don't leave home in my Drake without 5 T2 Hornets, no matter what I'm doing. If I'm in a Raven or Scorp, it's T2 Vespas.)
Btw how do Meds, T1 and T2, stack up to PC Frigs, as opposed to Lights? I've been in enough fleet ops, but strangely, never had the oportunity to hit a PC frig with them before. Maybe not so strange, on reflection, considering the speed at which a lot of combat in EVE goes.

Saint Lazarus
Pwn 'N Play
Chaos Theory Alliance
Posted - 2007.04.05 08:36:00 - [29]

Edited by: Saint Lazarus on 05/04/2007 08:34:30
Dam nice guide

BUT have to say it, dont agree with the autocanons being the ONLY way to fit a Rifter, an arty Rifter is a Frig killer seeing as autocanon and close range weapons are so popular on frigs I've had great success orbiting at 15k outside of web range blasting them away and not even getting hit :)

On a arty Rifter I use (though it changes alot as I just started usin'em myself)

3 x 250mm light artillery

20k named scram, named one which takes less cap keep running

Afterburner, preferably tech 2 as keeping outside of web range is VITAL, it IS a risk and you get caught up close, get webbed you're as good as dead :P but I like the complete victory or total loss approach YYARRR!!!

3rd slot is open for debate, could put a web in so if you DO get closer than 10k you can web the target and have a chance fly back outside the web range. or if the target dosent have a web you can orbit at 7.5k and keep him webbed

Can also use a cap recharger make sure your AB can stay running, with your scram and damage control but aint so nessecary


Small armor rep

Damage control, boosts the Resis by 10% all round. Should things go pear up makes your hull last twice as long so you have a chance get away, love those things and they cost f**k all cap to keep running <3

Power Diagnostic unit, can have trouble fitting artys on, they take more power than autos, but this baby sorts that out.

Not the safest way to do things running more of a risk maybe but I've already been in a fair few frig fights with this and in most cases it didnt just beat them it didnt take a single hit while doing it and I gotta tell ya flying at 15k with the other guy no hope of catching you or hitting you who cant warp and has to sit there and slowly die just brings a smile to my face :)

plus as an added bonus and the reason I switched to artys it lets you get away in a hurry should backup arrive, you can easy disengage and warp away without the dying target scramming you.

Things to rememember

Great against most frigs as they mostly use close range, whole setup relys on the fact there aint many long range frigs out there and you surprise'em

Speed speed and more speed, Rifters a minni ship which means it can outrun any other frig and a t2 AB gives you even more of an edge. feeling paranoid ya could even put nano on it to make dam sure ya aint caught :P (ps MWD dont work on it for the love of god dont try, ya run outta cap, target catches you ya die horribily)

Missles are the dam devil Evil or Very Mad, just hope you can tank'em long enough to pop'em worst comes to worst you disengage

careful when warping in on a target, make sure not to WTZ :P warp to 20 and scram straight away, switch on the AB and orbit at 15

Target has MWD and web = death Shocked

Ren Tales
Carebear Collective
Posted - 2007.04.05 09:32:00 - [30]

Originally by: Soporo
Good guide, it should be read by everyone, not just Prats.

Oh and yes, anything with five t2 lights will shred frigs. However, you might be suprised at the amount of pve pilots, particularly caldari, who neglect drones altogether.

Any mission runner worth his salt carries drones, ratters now, might not feel the need, but it adds a lot of DPS over time and shouldnt be neglected.
(I don't leave home in my Drake without 5 T2 Hornets, no matter what I'm doing. If I'm in a Raven or Scorp, it's T2 Vespas.)
Btw how do Meds, T1 and T2, stack up to PC Frigs, as opposed to Lights? I've been in enough fleet ops, but strangely, never had the oportunity to hit a PC frig with them before. Maybe not so strange, on reflection, considering the speed at which a lot of combat in EVE goes.

T2 meds are almost as bad as t1 lights, but t1 meds arn't usually TOO bad, mainly because a frig can kill them before they start to really hurt.

And I know that about drones, but my point is most ratters /arn't/ "worth their salt" and are stupid enough not to carry drones.

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