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Deliverers of Pain
Posted - 2009.02.14 18:52:00 - [61]

Okay I see there is no point in this. But one thing addressed to CCP since you've already invested time in creating this nice new fitting screen and the angry mob wins and you should decide to upgrade the old one with the new functionality instead of implementing the new one: let us choose between them. I for one would welcome the new screen.

Just a side note for everyone else: go to SISI check it out yourself (and don’t stop after 5 seconds). Some complaints like “there are no cpu/pg readouts” have no solid ground. They are there. Well visible.

Midnight Elites
Echelon Rising
Posted - 2009.02.14 18:53:00 - [62]

I see the point of having a new fitting window, but it seems that uses up too much screen space for nearly the same thing as the old one.

sure the ability to save fittings is nice and whatnot. it's the best part of it actually, but I have to agree with the critics on the restugh

also, your guardian setup are fail.

Posted - 2009.02.14 18:53:00 - [63]

Forgot to mention it in my previous post, and I was maxed out for length.

Didn't the "walk in hangar" function get dropped from "walking in stations" because the devs decided that it would use too many resources and not be used more than once per ship per player?

The same logic needs to be applied here. Even with T3 ships, after someone sees what their ship looks like the first few times, they dont really care as much.

Mangala Solaris
Red Federation
RvB - RED Federation
Posted - 2009.02.14 19:02:00 - [64]

Coming to terms with the new ui. Most people with a general I like it but post here, i have already it covered my points.

One question though - where are the fittings saved to and are they saved in an exportable format?

Posted - 2009.02.14 19:05:00 - [65]

Edited by: Phlegia on 14/02/2009 19:04:51
The new fitting screen looks nice, but it seems like you forgot to check the useability before making this now design. We dont really need a huge display of the ship (not even when fitting T3 ships), w hat we really need is:

*) Be able to see all interesting stats on one view:
- add size of the dronebay
- add size of the cargobay
- remove transparency
- move readout of CPU, Powergrid and Calibration together
- show weapontype + loaded ammo at the same time
- improve the visibility of the ship name + type
*) Better handling of the window
- every click into fitting screen should bring the fitting screen to the top of other windows
- exit button
- moveable

Perhaps it could also be an option to deactivate the whole center block with the ring and switch it to a much smaller fitting-block without ship-display and T3 component-slots etc.

Posted - 2009.02.14 19:09:00 - [66]

Well it looks pretty & I can see why there is a hole in the middle. But why is it so huge (and it blocks out my hanger window - making it difficult to drag modules on to the fitting ring)? It overlaps my other windows and because it's translucent it is really difficult to read.

In my opinion:
it needs to be smaller
it needs to be moveable
it needs to be resizeable
it would be nice if the transparency was adjustable - or make it non-transparent.

Farrellus Cameron
Sturmgrenadier Inc
Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2009.02.14 19:12:00 - [67]

As it stands, the item selection drop downs do not show rigs. There needs to be some way to install rigs using the drop down. Not sure if this is a bug or a missing feature.

Niccolado Starwalker
Shadow Templars
Posted - 2009.02.14 19:18:00 - [68]

Edited by: Niccolado Starwalker on 14/02/2009 19:18:44
You guys and gals.. I simply LOVE YOU! And I want to have babies with every one at CCP! (no cheap hamster please!)

THAT particular saving/loading ship fitting settings is something I have had wet dreams about for years!! And if I can be so daring, this is worth more then wormholes and t3 for me together!!!!

This looks to be the best expansion ever!!!

Garr Anders
The Red Circle Inc.
Posted - 2009.02.14 19:20:00 - [69]

As a lot of previews posters, I dont like the new fitting window:

- high, mid, low slots now not "intuitive" anymore
- browsing the modules doesnt add any new functionality, so just takes up screen real estate:
+ if you could sort by low,mid,high slots, PG, CPU usage or even market availability would have been nice
- the preview window in the middle though nice for T3 ships takes to much space, which could have been used differently, dont opitimize something just one the usage of such a special ship
- missing the "full readabout" on stats for PGU, CPU, ... (havent found them)

This just from my short usage on Sisi ...

Voltaire Leriel
Gentlemen's Agreement
Posted - 2009.02.14 19:20:00 - [70]

It's just missing 1 tiny thing:
Remaining CPU and Remaining Powergrid

It has the total, and what is being used, but not what is left. This would be really helpful!

Other than that, very nice. It's about time we saw some serious improvement on EVE's horrible UI.

Teddy Ruckspin
Posted - 2009.02.14 19:25:00 - [71]

Firstly great work on the new fitting screen Very Happy it looks fantastic and the ability to save your setups is something a lot of people have wanted for a very long time. There are a few improvements that it could do with however

Currently the background can not be made less transparant like other windows can, this is a problem as it can be hard to read some of the information on the fitting screen especially when other windows are open below it

The BIG long list
The personal modules and personnal items lists is currently just a very long list of whats in the players hanger. This is OK but can be very annoying if like many players you have hundreds of modules in your hanger, some players organize there hangers using "Station containers" and the fact that this does not seem to show modules within those containers means players can no longer organize there hangers this way. Firstly the list should include items in these containers even if its a case of showing te containers in the personnal modules list and double clicking that container opens the content within the same list. and secondly the list needs to be filterable. Filters such as "High/Med/Low Slot Modules", "Module Type (Turret, Shield Booster Ect)", and even "Tech I, Tech II, Meta Level" should be added

Dynamic fittings
Currently, the fitting window is not dynamic. You could save screen realestate by simply making the fitting screen not show things that can't be used for example, why are the subsystems shown for ships that cant use them. Why show 8 highslots for a ship that only has 2. Not essencial but a good improvement never the less

Static Window
OK this was mentioned in the dev blog so I wont dwell on this but yes we would like to be able to move the window where ever we like Smile

Serenity Steele
Dynamic Data Distribution
Posted - 2009.02.14 19:34:00 - [72]

Why not simply make the slots ordered horizontally, exactly like when you're in space? That is a view for you that already enables you to see your ship, and I would guess is actually optimized for seeing WTF is going on. (ie. your ship changing with the sub-sections).

Then you have a load of screen space for windows, stats etc. and amazingly makes sense when compared to being in space. Sure it ain't as sexy, but it's going to lower the learning curve for new players as well as satisfy logical UI aspects when fitting vs. in space (having the same UI for the same aspect of the game ;)

On the asset-style menu for accessing all the kit to fit to the ship, it's a fail: The asset menu sucks just like windows. The beauty of actually opening cargo/corporate/personal hangars simultaneously on the screen is the ability to assemble your setup from multiple locations without millions of clicks.

Less clicks = Good UX.

Posted - 2009.02.14 19:38:00 - [73]

My biggest problem with the new user interface is that it doesn't mesh very well with the old. The sidebar is still there, and it still brings up windows, containers, market details, whatever, and these new windows are either occluded by, or directly on top of, the new fitting window. I really like the design, I do, but the problem is not the functional design of the new fitting window, but its integration into the rest of the "docked station UI". Perhaps it would be possible to dock the "Items" panel, or the "Ships" Panel into one of the side panels for the fitting window? Or how about have a tabbed overlay replacing the fitting window for for market, corporation, or industry UI elements?

The fitting window interface seems like half of a complete overhaul for the station UI.

Royal Amarr Institute
Posted - 2009.02.14 19:39:00 - [74]

Wow, yeah, I have to agree with some people here. I'm sure this was a lot of work, but you guys seem to have gone far, far down the wrong path entirely.

The window takes up most of the screen and fills it with empty space. There's no obvious distinction between mid/low/high slots. Very few of the bars actually display anything in a useful way. etc, etc - other people have said it so far in this thread.

I've tried using it on Singularity and it's just the most clumsy process I could imagine. It seems like the Eve UI has taken a massive step backwards to some of the clunky designs that were around years ago (or worse!).

I would pay dearly for the ability to keep the old fitting screen... probably too late to do anything now, but hopefully there will be a high priority on significant improvements (near-redesign maybe?) in the next patch.

Salva Veritate
Posted - 2009.02.14 20:19:00 - [75]

Love the new look. Even though it seems a little too big. The "Load Setup" is... "WOW, where have you been all my life?!"

Paskis Robinson
Posted - 2009.02.14 20:45:00 - [76]

When they make it unpinnable, so the background's opaque (I use transparency at 255) then it'll be usable. Currently, can't read a damn thing on it.

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2009.02.14 20:51:00 - [77]

the ship fitting window looks fine as it is this new one is unnecessary. Just give us the ability use saved load-outs neglect the rest and do something useful.

there is absolutely no need for it.Rolling Eyes

Quantum Cats Syndicate
Posted - 2009.02.14 20:54:00 - [78]

Edited by: chatgris on 14/02/2009 21:00:37
I just wanted to say... I LIKE spreadsheets (or excel) in space. Eve is a complex game, and with that many numbers I like having tabular forms wherever possible. Please don't try to hide them (However, if everything is collapsible, it should follow that everything is uncollapsible and everyone should be a happy camper).

Also, I am NOT interested in staring at my ship rendering while I am fitting my ship (ring around the ship). I far prefer larger icons as exists currently in a new window over the ship.

Love the new saving and applying of ship fittings! At least, it will make it so that I don't have to use the new interface much to fit my ships... :(

Max Hardcase
The Scope
Posted - 2009.02.14 21:00:00 - [79]

-Its a tad big @ 1280x1024.
-module slots needs to be moved to different places around the ring.
Suggested :
High slots : top of the ring.
Mid slots : left middle of the ring.
Low slots : bottem of the ring.
Rigs/subsystems : Right side of the ring.

Rigs/subsystems will be changed the least and thus are best of the furthest from the item list ( which is on the left side)
It also keeps the high/mid/low modules nicely together, which makes more sense to new players who have never seen the old style fitting screen ( and thus wouldnt under stand the high,mid,low slot classification).

Imhothar Xarodit
Wolverine Solutions
Posted - 2009.02.14 21:17:00 - [80]

Edited by: Imhothar Xarodit on 15/02/2009 01:37:52
It's an interesting move, but your UI designers honestly need to read some Interface & Usability Design books/articles (Apple has done some great job on researching in this way and their articles are not limited to Mac only but also contain alot of general guidelines how to make a UI more intuitive, usefull and not overloaded with information).

Some things that need reconsideration:

  • On the western hemisphere, most important information should be in specific corners, from most important to least important: top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right (hint: reading a book). I would classify the ship statistics as more important than the item list.

  • Do not display irrelevant information. In this case: don't show the subsystem slots on ships not having subsystems.

  • Wasted space: The capacitor circle looks nice, but is much too big, wasting like 20% of space on the right panel. Make it smaller or move the circle to another place (isnide the main circle would fit, circular things into other circular things) and add now missing information to the panel (drones, cargo).

  • The PG/CPU/Calibration readouts just float in empty space, it would be more pleasing to incorporate them into the circle.

  • The number of max lockable targets "(10x)" is too vague, make it a proper text line (more noob friendly).

  • Transparency is cool but when you cannot read anything because the font mixes with the background, it's bad, very.

  • Those status indicators are really too small

  • Where's the close btton?

  • It has in general, too much space wasted. Being able to see the ship in the center is nice, but is worth sacrificing the whole screen space just for that?

  • Mouse distance: Having the module slots arranged in that order makes the mouse moving distance even longer.

  • Here is a proposal of how to make it more intuitive and less cluttered (pics inside):

    • First, let it look like it is now when the mouse cursor is currently not over some module slot: pic 1

    • When the cursor hovers a module slot a new inner circle appears with all the market groups of items which are available for fitting. There also appears a "Unfit" button (we do not need the freaking right-click menu): pic 2

    • Now when you hover the mouse over one of the market groups a container-like window appears in the center with the items available for fitting in the current market group. Clicking an item automaticall fits it, replacing the existing module if needed: pic 3

    • What is the purpose of all this: First, reduce the mouse movement distance by keeping the module slots close to the items. Second, save space by removing the lefthand item list and replace it with a dynamic structure that adapts to the current situation. And third, move the stats window to the left side instead of the right. Wasting the complete screen space jsut to see the ship while fitting it is not usefull.
      Today's UIs are dynamic (dynamic means not everything having a right-click menu)

    • Do not remove the ability to drag & drop an item from some hangar onto a slot.

    • Remember this is just a quick cut & paste mockup but it shows the basic idea behind the concept. Especially the container-like window in the center needs much more work to (1) look good and (2) show as many items as possible.

    • TL;DR: Normal View => hovering mouse over a module slot => replacement for item list (quick cut & paste mockup).

Red 7
Posted - 2009.02.14 21:36:00 - [81]

Are the fittings only saved server side or can we access/load setting from other sources?
It would be handy to be able to export/import settings from other places on the machine/web.

221st Century Warfare
Posted - 2009.02.14 22:20:00 - [82]

Simply put, it is a waste of space...

UI is not just visuals. If you cannot use the UI it's not a UI but simply a decoration. That decoration is supposed to replace one of EvE's most used functions of all times?

UI - User Interface

It is per definition, the USERS way of INTERFACING with the software to make it complete a task the user wishes for.

If you don't get it...

I compare your design to THIS

Nuff said!


Marlona Sky
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.02.14 23:15:00 - [83]

Originally by: Cadde
I hate change and refuse to think things can be improved upon.

What ever happened to constructive feedback? Rolling Eyes

Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2009.02.14 23:17:00 - [84]

Adding my NO to the fitting change.

Keith F
United ALT Forces
Posted - 2009.02.14 23:58:00 - [85]

seeing as we may not be able to load fittings from cans in our hangers, how about setting our hanger and even corp hangers so we can show/hide hi-med-low slot items and maybe charges and other as an option. this would allow us to keep our hangers clean (less cluttered looking when trying to sort our loot out)

Capital Enrichment Services
Posted - 2009.02.15 00:01:00 - [86]

The screenshot looks nice, but I've only a minute to look at it before heading to work.

Won't comment on functionality until i get my hands on it.

Save/load fittings is pure awesome, THAT is definitely a plus.

Julius Rigel
Sub-warp Racing Venture
Posted - 2009.02.15 00:03:00 - [87]

Yes it's very shiny. But screw that, what about probes?!

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.02.15 00:11:00 - [88]

I have an issue with the fitting screen being unmovable and the way it displays unfit modules is terrible. I have over 200 stacks in my main station hanger and scrolling through that little window to find fittings is not an option. It would make switching out a sensorbooster for a web a headache...

I normally run in 1440x900 so I can run 3 clients simultaneously on my screen and click between them... which leaves the fitting screen overlapping my station panel buttons and leaves very little room to open anything else on screen and grab from their without having to send one open window to the back, then bring it back to the front 5 seconds later to get something else.

I do like the looks, and all the new info it displays... Lows could be across the bottom to make more sense, and mids being sideways on the right was kinda weird at first for seeing how they would show in space. (I like to not rearrange my modules in space because I keep them locked)

But, tbh it is pretty freakin cool and shiney and stuff. Just needs some little tweaking, unlike other things that need lots more attention Laughing

Huang Yinglong
Posted - 2009.02.15 00:15:00 - [89]

Edited by: MotherMoon on 15/02/2009 00:19:31
did you see my blueprint filter window idea where everything behind the circle is blue and shows a vector type graphic in real time of what your seeing?

or is that too silly :P

also.... shouldn't low slots be on the bottom?

Val Strommer
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2009.02.15 00:49:00 - [90]

can you include a damage per second (dps) statistic on the fitting screen. This is one of the most used stats when fitting a ship and talking about ship fits in game, and there is no way to easially figure it out in game.

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