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skye orionis
Posted - 2009.02.17 00:01:00 - [91]

OK I'm not on the test server, and I don't really have an opinion one way or another about the new intro.

But one thing that I've realised is that the character selection and creation system lets players build a portrait, and see their skills, but it doesn't give them any idea of what the ships they'll be flying are like. And I'd imagine that's pretty important for new players, so I'd hope the racial movies will present some of this to the new users.

Veto Corp
Posted - 2009.02.17 00:06:00 - [92]

Originally by: Kyoko Sakoda
Originally by: Stitcher
Better copy

I think this strikes a better balance than what we have currently. It sprinkles backstory into the introduction without going too far; there is always more for the player to explore later. The true setting is introduced, and that's what was necessary. One thing that I think is missing is a passing reference to civilizations of old being forgotten, but it's a good draft.

I'm compelled to agree with what these two said to be honest.

The visuals are pretty, but there does need to be more depth to the introduction to New Eden.

Zex Maxwell
Posted - 2009.02.17 01:22:00 - [93]

All i ask is: Please post the old video on evelopeda so we can have it as a point of view in history.

Posted - 2009.02.17 09:39:00 - [94]

The video is cool (except the rehashed footage). The voice acting is perfect!

What I can't understand is how this video is put in the place of the actual intro. Both give different information, can't be swapped! the actual intro is key to understand not only who you are but also where you come from!

I think the new intro is too much driven by marketing guys Crying or Very sad

Jek Tar'qul
Koa Mai Hoku
Posted - 2009.02.17 10:10:00 - [95]

Originally by: Jek Tar'qul
Personal attack removed. Navigator

oops, got a little too personal...

Space Wanderer
Posted - 2009.02.17 10:16:00 - [96]

I have to say I don't have much against the new intro except one thing. It doesn't say much about the origin of it all, the EVE gate, etc... It just says: you are powerful, immortal, and have to struggle. While it is good stuff overall, you might want to know who you are, and where you come from.

Mrs Snowman
Posted - 2009.02.17 11:14:00 - [97]

Originally by: skye orionis

But one thing that I've realized is that the character selection and creation system lets players build a portrait, and see their skills, but it doesn't give them any idea of what the ships they'll be flying are like.

yes, thats because every character coming out of the new character generation will be virtually identical and start off with next to no skills. I think CCP are trying to remove the idea certain races fly certain ships, and are trying to encourage a culture of fly whatever you want to fly from the get go.

After all you get no bonus's for being a galente flying a galente ship, so it doesnt really matter.

Fallout Project
Posted - 2009.02.17 19:36:00 - [98]

Edited by: Carniflex on 17/02/2009 19:37:41
Went over intro and char creation. Not too bad, however as pointed out above it would be cool if on char creation there would be more 'stuff' about race. Most of it can be optional and if one does not like to pack it into client then hell, nowdays one can more or less reliably even stream the video over the net. So pack the initial video into client and add some optional additonal small race trailers that are either also present or would be streamed. It should be actual low res video ofc, as racial sign in there just seems like a placeholder for more cool stuff.

I would especially like racial 'recruitment' videos as optional content on new char creation - you know - something like in starship troopers, ofc in relevant race flavour. Like Amarr showing holy paladins on parade and talking about infidels, gallente about democracy and freedom, minmatar dunno perhaps short video about special ops liberating some slaves and caldary would prolly be something quite similar to starship troopers about citizens and duty and stuff.

As you guys already have something working in walking in stations engine it should not be major problem getting some low res 'video' about racial troops on parade or something like that.

Astria Tiphareth
24th Imperial Crusade
Posted - 2009.02.18 19:17:00 - [99]

I just wanted to propose an alternative intro idea that might help glue both the old and new concepts together. Originally I put this in a separate thread, but it was suggested I should just add it to this; apologies for those viewing it a second time.

In essence it splits the intro into before and after character creation, giving a different spin on the back story & who you are. Dialogue in brackets () is intended to be visual effects. If you're the impatient type, skip to the second post to see the 'cool' idea.

The dialogue is intended to be an example rather than exact copy; I don't write for a living. However I hope it conveys the general gist of what I'm trying to propose.


(Opening shot of Earth)

"Legend tells of a planet called Earth where our species began - where we first took to the stars and expanded throughout our home galaxy. The discovery of a natural wormhole (shot of the EVE gate) led to the colonisation of the galaxy known as New Eden, the place we now call home, the galaxy now known simply as EVE. (Fading shot of the galactic map?).

The colonists dreamt of recreating the technological paradise from which they had come, but it was not meant to be. Just as they were on the brink of establishing new human civilisations, the wormhole collapsed. Without aid from home, the colonies sank into a dark age, from which few records remain.

Over centuries, humanity pulled itself back from the brink, and five civilisations arose. The Amarr (shot of Amarr fleet), the Caldari (shot of Caldari fleet), the Gallente (Gallente fleet), the Minmatar (Minmatar fleet), and the enigmatic Jove (shot of a Wraith decloaking). As they returned to space, bloody wars were fought, borders established, and a shaky peace beneath a central body known as CONCORD was established (shot of CONCORD ships).

The empires are not alone in New Eden. Independents like you (shot of various random ships moving at a gate), rogue artificial intelligences (shot of a rogue drone hive), pirate factions (pirates ships), and other more mysterious entities inhabit the darker spacelanes. It is a world of ruthless cunning, of opportunity and competition (shots of markets), of vast industry (shots of mining barges near a POS) and vaster conflicts (guess what to show here). Out in the vastness of space, there are no rules but your own. (Fade to black with a shot of the stars)"

Character Creation:

Racial videos with shots of ships, and brief mentions of key moments in the race's history. First into space, enslaving races, Battle of Vak'Atioth and Matar rebellion for the Amarr, Gallente-Caldari war for Gallente, Caldari splitting from Gallente etc. Give the player a sense of why they should pick a given race now that it makes no real odds beyond looks, backstory, and whether you want to get into PIE/CVA.

I considered expanding on this and actually writing some dialogue, but since the new build with these in is currently downloading, I'd want to see what's in first Smile

Continued next post for the more fun and cool bit I think is missing...

Astria Tiphareth
24th Imperial Crusade
Posted - 2009.02.18 19:22:00 - [100]

After Character Creation as you enter the game for the first time:

"(Rotating view around the pod, the words Made by Ishukone stenciled on one side, in station applicable to starting race)
Welcome pilot. You are about to become that which all people should fear. Out of the teeming billions in the Empires, only an elite few like yourself are gifted with the right aptitude, genetics and training to be a capsuleer. Providing virtual immortality through cloning, your neural implants allow control of pods. Originally given to the Caldari by the Jove, the pods now available throughout the galaxy allow you superior control of a spaceship and its crew.

(The pod is gripped by an arm and the view pans back to watch the pod fitted to a starter ship of correct race, onlookers and technicians giving scale as your ship is prepared)

With training, a single capsuleer ship is the equal of many normal ships, but you are not alone in this gift. Many thousands of capsuleers from all four races frequent the stars. Immortal, viewed as demi-gods by the masses, they have no allegiances but the ones they choose. Shifting politics, ruthless adversaries with no fear of death; this is a cold universe, a place to watch your step - but it is the time of the independents, pilot; it is your time. Your destiny is your own."

So to check off the backstory it's dropped hints of:
From Earth.
EVE Gate & collapse.
Rise of civilisations as they are today.
Creation of CONCORD.
Rogue Drones.
Ishukone getting pods.
Gallente-Caldari war & other equivalent events for the other races.

To cover the newer style of saying how great you are:
It's shown why you're in a pod.
Who you are.
What you can achieve if you set your mind to it.
That there are others out there with the same opportunities as you.
That EVE is a world with consequences.
That we're demi-gods to the masses, immortal.

Plus what I think would make a great opening video. Oh and I corrected the term from the current new intro from 'all men should fear' to 'all people should fear' Razz.

What d'yall think?

Ancy Denaries
Posted - 2009.02.18 19:53:00 - [101]

It might be in the sense of "overworked", but I kinda like it. The dialogue needs some work tbh, but the essence of the idea is quite good.

Faraelle Brightman
Eleutherian Guard
Posted - 2009.02.18 19:58:00 - [102]

Originally by: Astria Tiphareth

I think a lot of people actualy like the fact that the "Earth" part of the history is downplayed; it happened so long ago in Eve time that it's barely recognizable myth.

Also, the 2/18 Sisi build includes the (more) finished versions of the race videos; I think that fills in the background hole a lot.

Lost Hamster
Hamster Holding Corp
Posted - 2009.02.18 20:10:00 - [103]

Originally by: Faraelle Brightman
Also, the 2/18 Sisi build includes the (more) finished versions of the race videos; I think that fills in the background hole a lot.

Indeed, but still the background story is nowhere.
The very first time when I played the game, the original introduction move was really something, what give the game a background. Something to start with. How they come here. What are they doing there. I think it's a really an important part of this game which have so many written back stories.

I event went to the EvE-Gate to look at it. Without this background info I doubt that I would ever went there.

In this new introduction video there is nothing. It's just Marketing, and a really bad one. Confused --> Marketing -2 (Rank 3)

Astria Tiphareth
24th Imperial Crusade
Posted - 2009.02.18 20:54:00 - [104]

Edited by: Astria Tiphareth on 18/02/2009 20:55:44
Edited by: Astria Tiphareth on 18/02/2009 20:54:16
Originally by: Faraelle Brightman
I think a lot of people actualy like the fact that the "Earth" part of the history is downplayed; it happened so long ago in Eve time that it's barely recognizable myth.

Agreed that it's myth which is why I used the phrase 'legend tells' - however I think you have to have grounding in that it's Earth and supposed to be a sci-fi universe vs a sci-fantasy universe, no matter how small.

After all, without it, it's just 'bunch of humans in space, can be Star Wars, or Starcraft, or <insert your favourite made-up universe here>' and we lose grounding in any form of realism. Without a link to a notion of Earth, one could as easily argue (and hopefully lose and be ignored) that introducing Orcs is no more unrealistic than as it is done in Warhammer 40K, which also has a bunch of humans in space.

Small point to argue over, I know, but I think it's got a certain merit. Anyway as I said, the exact dialogue can be played with, and I don't expect CCP to listen to the precise concept as I listed it anyway.

Edit: I rather like knowing where we came from as EVE players. It adds to the mythos, the search for abandoned Terran technology (like in the novel) and so on.

I Heart Chaos
Posted - 2009.02.18 21:02:00 - [105]

Although I do like the new intro movie in apochrypa I must say the 2d drawn style of the old one has much more appeal (i really wish i could draw like that) and the explanation of the way how new eden came to place is a really good story. The only thing missing out of (the old one) it is the events leading up to pod pilots and how they came to exist (also no jove).

But all these things (the backstory, which I trully like) have been moved towards the background and are apparently not important in the new intro movie. It's sad to see this go.

What i would like to see is a blend of old and new in the form of the history all in 2d and then leading up to the space we live in (imagine a 2d picture of say a rifter in 2d comming alive in 3d) and the part starting about what you can achieve. Now that for me would be the ultimate intro movie.

Posted - 2009.02.18 21:11:00 - [106]

I like the original intro better. This intro seems more like the trailers released for the expansion than an intro... as a matter of fact that's all it seems like is a trailer.

I loved the story behind eve and even after 3 years of playing find myself from time to time rewatching the intro just cause it was a cool intro. I understand the desire to change it with the new expansion having a big part of it geared for n00bs and all but without a backstory (and eve has LOTS of story to it), it kind of dulls the game a sense of what really is out there.

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