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Ral Ulgur
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.02.21 10:01:00 - [241]

Category: Tech 3

Suggestion: Implement only one set of subsystem skills, instead of one per race. To compensate in training time, increase rank of racial strategic cruiser skill if necessary.

Goal: Not having 24 new skills bombing my spaceship command skills tab and not having to train 20 rank 1 skills (skill queue will make it alot less tedious, but still). It would make EVE a but cleaner and polished.

Garoun Investment Bank
Posted - 2009.02.21 13:11:00 - [242]

* Title: GFX Controls

* Category: Graphics

* Description: Option to turn off dx8 style warping graphics and replace with dx9 jumping effect

* Goal: EPEEN, looks better Razz


Posted - 2009.02.21 14:18:00 - [243]

Please CCP give us just few more visible stats on Fitting screen, to decrease the usage of 3rd party programs like EFT 50%+ of the time we fit our ships

- add a sub category called "Firepower" with;
*Theoretical damage of our drones / fitted guns -EASY to add
*Theoretical volley damage -EASY

- defence category should also have;
*Tank / Sustainable tank DPS -EASY

- capacitor category should have;
*Capacitor stability with current active modules, let the fitting screen think all active mods will be running. Let it count in the cap boosters, NOSes and all other relevant manipulating cap modules -Medium-Complicated

Johan Price
Posted - 2009.02.21 17:49:00 - [244]

Title: Have the new fitting show cargo space.

Category: UI

Description: The old fitting would show you how much ammo and/or cap boosters you could fit in your cargo. Unless there's a setting I'm missing, the new fitting doesn't.

Goal: Save time and frustration.

Huang Yinglong
Posted - 2009.02.21 18:12:00 - [245]

Title:scene in scene target windows and ship icons.


So I was thinking it might be kinda cool if locked targets showed lttle 3d models of the ship you've targeting.

Posted - 2009.02.21 19:11:00 - [246]

Title: Drone UI damage messages

Category: Drones

Description: Title pretty much says it.

Goal: All other weapons let you know how your weapons are doing vs the target so you can adjust tactics....would be nice for drones too. (ie target going too fast...or is too small...need to drop down to faster tracking drones). Also for the HELL YA moments of wrecking drone hits :)

From Outer Space
Posted - 2009.02.21 21:05:00 - [247]

Edited by: Septacore on 21/02/2009 21:11:45
* Title: A Pirate Ship (Ship)
* Category: Shiptype
* Description: Make some specialized ships for pirates with -10!
* Goal: Make a pirate feel like a pirate! ! Atm everything is against pirating as though its a direction of a player and he lives in <0.4 only!


Posted - 2009.02.21 21:16:00 - [248]

Title: Update POS module Positioning gadget

Category: UI

Description: As the UI team spents a lot of time and love on the new scanning system, I would like to remember you to add the overhauled 3d positioning for POS modules, too.

Goal: less frustrating module positioning :P

DeTox MinRohim
Madhatters Inc.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2009.02.21 23:07:00 - [249]

Title: Fitting Manager Enhancements

Category: Fitting Manager


1 - The fitting manager shows the modules with a green check mark and the info icon (blue I). The check mark doesn't mean much unless it means that it is something that the character can use (skilled for it). Good but a way to see if it is available in the items of said character might be as much useful. (Or as a separate column).

2 - When right-clicking on the module in that list, the only option available is "Show info". A few more options would be nice but the most important one would be "View Market Details". At the moment, all we can do is Search on the market for the item. Given the "OMGWTHISTHATNAME" sometimes items have, it can become a long process to have everything to fit the ship. With the "View Market Details", it's a few seconds less searching for the items.

Image Here

Posted - 2009.02.22 02:40:00 - [250]

Title: After Burner speed increase
Category: Modulus


the idea is to increase the T1 AB to have 150% increase to speed, and T2 AB to 200%.

This would give the AB a better use for PVP

Daphne Eveningstar
Posted - 2009.02.22 06:38:00 - [251]

Title: Highlight my orders in the Market Details
Category: Market

Description: In the Market Details views, I want MY orders highlighted in a special color so they stand out in the list, and I want to be able to right-click on them right out of the Details pane to choose "modify/delete."

Goal: This seems like a simple yet massively helpful request for everyone using the market.

Demolition Men
Posted - 2009.02.22 06:52:00 - [252]

Originally by: Sader Rykane
Originally by: MotherMoon
Originally by: schurem
Title: Tactical Sound

Category: UI

Description: Unlike modern weapon systems (such as jet fighters or tanks) EvE ships feature no audible alarms whatsoever. WTF is up with that? The only tactical sounds there currently are is a soft wooshing when targetting and an even softer throbbing from scramblers. This sucks imo, we need beeps and boops and voice warnings too. Am i being targetted? fired upon? Are my shields failing? Is my hull integrity being compromised? These things are indicated by visuals, but no audio to go with those.

Goal: To make eve more immersive to play, and not get ganked when fixin a sammich.

2nd, "your shield has been breached"
"we are being targeted"
"we have been target painted/webbed/scramed"
"the capacitor is empty"
"Heat damage critical"
"Armor is failing"
"Hull breach, abandon ship"

Wow, actually this is a pretty good idea.

This IS a good idea. Cool

Gabriel Virtus
Posted - 2009.02.22 10:35:00 - [253]

Title: Adding used and total drone space to the drone window in fitting screen

Category: Fitting UI

Description: It would be nice to have the drone window tell you how much space you have used and how much space you have. It would also be nice for this space to work as a dbl clcd cargo window, so it tells you how many drones will fit in this space.

Goal: Do less math when trying to fill my drone bay with drones. This would be nice in the cargo bay in the fitting screen as well.



Sophie Malaster
Heavy industries Shinohara
Posted - 2009.02.22 11:11:00 - [254]

Title: Pos Fuel Packs

Category: Pos

Description: I read about it here at the forum, it's bpo which you can use to create fuel packs for a little time of pos fuel. You can include it in Apocrypha.

Goal: Include Fuel Packs for poses, for better use or gestion of pos fuel times.

Pytria Le'Danness
Posted - 2009.02.22 12:06:00 - [255]

Title: Allow renaming of POS silos
Category: POS
Description: Allow the rename function to have an effect on POS silos as well.
Goal: To be able to write "Technetium goes into 'Silo Tc', Vanadium into 'Silo 42' and excess beer into Silo 'Joe's bar'".
Right now you have to describe it by location or open lots of silos.

Pytria Le'Danness
Posted - 2009.02.22 13:05:00 - [256]

Title: Allow to abort POS operations
Category: POS
If you accidentally anchor or online a wrong object you have to wait the whole time until the operation is done before you can undo it, and usually have a wait time there too. Please add an "Abort" button somewhere.

Make POS work a little bit user friendlier. Also help me get rid of the notion that the designer of POS operations was a sadist.

Pytria Le'Danness
Posted - 2009.02.22 13:14:00 - [257]

Title: Shorten Silo unanchor time
Category: POS
Silos take 10 minutes to anchor and 20 minutes to unanchor. If someone anchored the wrong silo (I'd never do that of course, no) he wasted 30 minutes. I see no valid reason why unanchoring a silo should take 15 minutes.
As before, give me the illusion that the POS design guy is not a sadist.

Ixion Defence Systems
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2009.02.22 18:03:00 - [258]

Title: Jump Clone Cooldown.

Category: Gameplay.

Description: Decrease the cooldown time between jumpclone uses.

Goal: The current 24 wait time on the jumpclone system is very frustrating. If a player has a standard time of day they play at it can effectively force them to miss a day of play.
Example: If a player jumps at the end of their typical play session then they will be stuck in that location for their next play period and typically will skip logging in the next day as they are stuck in an area of space they no longer wish to be in.

Shrinking the timer by even just a few hours would greatly help many players.

Manfred Rickenbocker
Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters
Important Internet Spaceship League
Posted - 2009.02.22 22:31:00 - [259]

Edited by: Manfred Rickenbocker on 22/02/2009 22:32:37
Title: Fittings Window Lighting

Category: UI

Description: Adjustable lighting on ship in fittings window.

Goal: I dont know if anyone has suggested this, but can we get a light-change feature for the new fittings window? The lighting from the current system background in the window is a bit dark from some angles so its hard to see what the ship looks like (particularly strategic cruisers).

Krathos Morpheus
Legion Infernal
Posted - 2009.02.23 01:01:00 - [260]

Title: Tournaments
Category: Combat Simulator

I would do it with real ships and no ranks at all. Player creates tournaments with entry fees, ships and modules restrictions and prices for the winners.
This could bring T1 to use again for old players, T1 tournament, maybe corporation restricted if you want to or by invitation, allowing new players in the corp to pvp for a price with corp subventioning on the ships. Or the contrary, only faction ships for all those who don't know what to do with their isks. Or dogfight tournament with ceptors bitting each other, etc.

No ranks but medals, the tournaments with good reputation should find their medals recognized by the community. Info on the medal should give you info on all tournament conditions.

Looks like we have most of the code, so why don't we use it for good?
With betting on ships and spectators allowed this could be marvellous. I would do it so you can setup some 1vs1 too. What do you think on this?

Goal: Since Combat Simulator can not be implemented in-game and since it looks like the code is at least partially written, It could be used to make EVE better and improve gameplay.

You can comment on this here.

The first genesis
Gentlemen's Club
Posted - 2009.02.23 01:41:00 - [261]

Originally by: Crausaum
Title: Jump Clone Cooldown.

Category: Gameplay.

Description: Decrease the cooldown time between jumpclone uses.

Goal: The current 24 wait time on the jumpclone system is very frustrating. If a player has a standard time of day they play at it can effectively force them to miss a day of play.
Example: If a player jumps at the end of their typical play session then they will be stuck in that location for their next play period and typically will skip logging in the next day as they are stuck in an area of space they no longer wish to be in.

Shrinking the timer by even just a few hours would greatly help many players.

This ftw! I say drop it to 1-2 hours at most give people the options to play the game how and when they like.

Posted - 2009.02.23 04:08:00 - [262]

I dont like the circle bar that show the cpu and pg left.

Posted - 2009.02.23 14:40:00 - [263]

Edited by: Camerta on 23/02/2009 14:40:37
* Title: Simplify Training Queue Management

* Category: UI

* Description: Add a right click to the character Sheet icon that opens the Training Queue. Left click for the character sheet as normal right click for the Training Queue.

* Goal: Simplify the Skill queue management. Removes the requirement to have the character sheet open to access the training queue

Pytria Le'Danness
Posted - 2009.02.23 15:14:00 - [264]

Title: Increase number of locked targets for T3 ships.

Category: Tech 3

I was informed that it is a design decision to give the T3 cruisers a "Max locked targets" stat of two.
This gives them the usability of a rookie ship and greatly reduces the situations where the ship is fun to fly. In fact the only time I can think of where such a low number is not much of a bother is mining since you don't lock new targets often.
Even T1 cruisers have 5-8 slots there (8 on the Blackbird).

I've tried to fly these ships, and both in PvP as well as in PvE the two targets are painful. In PvP against a ship that uses drones it's a sure way to lose.

Reduce the number of people that say "Tech 3? Expensive b*ll sh*t not worth thinking about".

Lisa Nomkob
Posted - 2009.02.23 15:18:00 - [265]

Title: Tranformation of BPO

Category: Charges / ME-PE / BPO

Desc.: by the transformation of the scan probe bpo (sift/comb etc) into the new core probe are all me and pe levels lost. so it's on my wish list that the me/pe levels also transformatet.

Goal: no lost of time and money that was investet in teh bpo's

Pytria Le'Danness
Posted - 2009.02.23 15:19:00 - [266]

Title: Rename the Hybrid Tuner Interface

Category: Tech 3

Contrary to the interfaces used in invention the "interface" used in reverse engineering Sleeper technology is consumed during the process. While this decision is fine the naming indicates that the "interface" will survive the process and I can already see scams and whines starting all over TQ if the existing naming convention is violated in that way.
Call it "R.A.M. - Hybrid Tech" or "Datacore - Hybrid Tech" or "Reverse Engineering Voodoo Doll", just give it a different name.

Make it easier to teach new players (as in: new to the invention/RE scene) invention and reverse engineering.
Reduce overall confusion and number of bug reports on TQ.

Posted - 2009.02.23 17:41:00 - [267]

* Title: Powergrid and CPU bar

* Category: UI

* Description: The current PG and CPU circle bars dosent help visually like the old line bar had.

* Recommendation: Make the line bar of the CPU and Powergrid again below the resistances-capacitor window. Or, give 2 contrasting colors to the circle bar of the new fit.

* Goal: Give the visual aid that the PG and CPU old bar give to people, it help me most when I was a noooooob.

* Title: Warp Drive Effect

* Category: Graphics

* Description: The warp drive effect I see in SiSi destroys the cool effect that the old warp drive effect give to the user. Exactly the sense of speed and fast movement that the old effect gived.

* Recommendation: Give the tunnel effect back to the warp drive effect. The new changes were cool, but the lack of the tunnel effects I dont like it.

* Goal: Make EVE look even more awesome. Dont destroy the nostalgia of the warp drive.

Inner Fire Inc.
Posted - 2009.02.23 20:10:00 - [268]

Title: Laser Effects

Category: Graphics

Description: In the new effects video here it is mentioned that changes to the laser crystal no longer affect the color of the visual effect.

Recommendation: Use the new effects (beam vs pulse, etc) but match the colors to the crystals loaded in the laser weapons.

Goal: Keep multi-color laser ships looking cool.

Jordan Musgrat
Posted - 2009.02.23 22:08:00 - [269]

Edited by: Jordan Musgrat on 23/02/2009 22:09:38




Category: Fuel Bay for Black Ops

Description: 2000-3000 m3 dedicated Fuel Bay

Goal: To allow the Black Ops to carry Fuel

Dr Caymus
Applied Technologies Inc
Agents of Fortune
Posted - 2009.02.24 00:58:00 - [270]

Title: Astrometric Acquisition Skill - please set to Rank 8

Category: Skills

Description: As currently presented on the test server, the Signal Acquisition skill, rank 8, is replaced by the Astrometric Acquisition skill, rank 5. Players stand to lose up to 768,000 skill points (at level 5) as a result of this change. Recommend setting Astrometric Acquisition to rank 8, consistent with the current Signal Acquisition skill.

Goal: Avoid a huge avalanche of petitions requesting reimbursement of lost skill points.

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