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Posted - 2004.08.04 22:10:00 - [1]

Edited by: Leonstein on 04/08/2004 22:11:58
Many of us play various FPS's so we must have favourite means of disposing of our foes...

Whats yours ugh Mines either...

Quake 3 Arena - Railgun


UT Series - Flak Cannon

It's a toss up to which I prefer, the effects of a good rampage producing the Impressive/Excellent voice or the FLAK MONKEY shout Wink

Jozef Meurtrier
Posted - 2004.08.04 22:14:00 - [2]

Armour Mobile's SS or Raon's babies. (you probably won't have a clue what i'm on about. Very Happy)

CCP Wrangler

Posted - 2004.08.05 00:28:00 - [3]

BFV atm Cool

Danton Marcellus
Nebula Rasa Holdings
Posted - 2004.08.05 00:37:00 - [4]

Keyboard, to talk the l33ts down into their panties.

Primary Intelligence
Posted - 2004.08.05 01:19:00 - [5]

Aye, flak cannon in UT.

Wicked sick!

F.R.E.E. Explorer
Posted - 2004.08.05 11:30:00 - [6]

Nades on BF1942 are wicked...I love to c the poor fellows flying around.
(nades are not so good on BFV tough)

Posted - 2004.08.05 11:40:00 - [7]

anti-aircraft artillery on BF1942

pilots used to hate me :-)

until EA ruined everything by releasing BF:V which is a dull game, a poor facsimilie of the original, and is based on an equally dull period of history (imho)

Temptation inc.
Posted - 2004.08.05 13:42:00 - [8]

I just like using a rifle in call of duty :) Funny seeing all the newbs with their cannons miss while I pick them off at long range.

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2004.08.05 13:51:00 - [9]

UT: Dual handguns, because style matters.
BF1942: Engineers rifle or sniperrifle, because it matters to show people just how much better I am. Very Happy
BF1942 DC-mod: Don't play it anymore they nerfed it to hell and no weapons can kill anything anymore, but otherwise sniper rifles.
BF1942 DCX-mod: Hind attack helicopter, for awesome destructive potential, or DPV for awesome runningoverpeople potential. Laughing

PIE Inc.
Posted - 2004.08.05 14:05:00 - [10]

So many weapons, so hard to decide. Crying or Very sad

Throwing knives, from Action Half-Life. Nothing says, 'j00 sux0r' like a six inch blade sticking out of the head of a player who was shooting at you with an SMG. Very Happy

For those who never played AHL, the knives basically arced through the air, and took a fair bit of skill to use. You needed to judge distance, throwing angle, etc.

Eve Defence Force
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2004.08.05 14:40:00 - [11]

Golden Eye, cause it's a classic that my future kids will never understand. The gun....i think it's the rcp90 or something like that. Basically the Uberfast firing gun that unloads on everything real quick.

Lorna Doone
Hell's Cheerleaders
Posted - 2004.08.05 16:17:00 - [12]

Alt-mode on UT's snot-gun - get yerself a full load and hit someone in the face with it!

Oh, and chasing someone with a bunch of those little spider mines is also pretty funny Very Happy

Burga Galti
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2004.08.05 22:40:00 - [13]

A good ripper blade to the neck works a treat (UT)
Though it is not wise, as I discovered, to use when your enemy is infront of a wall.
Cue rebounding razor sharp discs. I headshot my own self Laughing

Either that or the old classic Redeemer...

The Second Sons
Posted - 2004.08.05 23:04:00 - [14]

Kar 98 (dod) Im unstoppable with that thing, let the cry's of "H4xz0r" and "OMFG Aimbot" ring thru the server when im playingRolling Eyes

M1 Carbine (cod) Fun weapon to use

Scout (C-S) More "OMFG wallhack"Rolling Eyes

Advanced Shock Rifle (UT) hmmm insta gibbing goodnessTwisted Evil

Fuel Rod gun (Halo PC) Never come near me in a warthog full of men when i have this gunTwisted Evil

Just to name a few :)

Everything Financial
Posted - 2004.08.06 15:46:00 - [15]

Shock Core in UT 2004, extremely accurate, rapid rate of fire, and secondary fire can be detonated by shooting teh ball of plasma which pwns Surprised

The xDEATHx Squadron
Posted - 2004.08.06 15:58:00 - [16]

Rocket Launcher for UT when playing DM
Shock rifle for everything else

CS - Was always a fan of the colt, Especially when it had a little zoom on (this was a long time ago). I like the DEagle too, coupla shots in the head and they dead hehe. Nades were pretty sweet when used properly too.

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2004.08.06 16:37:00 - [17]

Edited by: juduzz on 06/08/2004 16:38:47
UT flak cannon or the shock rifle combo and Red Faction railgun that pwns for sniper action :D


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