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Draco Argen
Posted - 2009.02.20 21:24:00 - [121]

Originally by: Val Strommer

I think the first thing linux users expect is a native client. Having to run a program under windows emulation is non-starter for many linux users. Most people started using linux in order to avoid windows. But I understand in terms of resources a native linux client is probably a non-starter for ccp.

We'll Eve graphics is currently Direct X, and Wine is the only, and most successful solution for DX support under Linux. I don't know if its possible/easy to design and program a game that uses native lib for everything except the GFX (And use wine for that), but i don't think that's a sensible solution.
Emulation with wine or a successful derivative is fine for me, if it works. CCP staff have already stated translation to OpenGL would be staggering, and i can sympathise. Although others have commented on backroom Dev's saying, if they had to move to OpenGL they would manage. This is all rumour and gossip though.

Originally by: Val Strommer

Does ccp know if a client is run under wine, or since the client thinks it's running under windows, does it report back as windows?

Yeah, Sev's right volumes have been spoken on this. Up shot is No, CCP have no statistics for Wine users, and also seem to show little interest in it imo. But The general tenure of replies from CCP staff have been, that's not relevant to what has happened. The "Official Client" has low usage, so the official client is cut. I can see where this comes from, I'd just like them to be a bit more explicit, so we don't feel so unloved. Hug would be nice.

Short note also for those that may have missed it. Rumor mill is that CCP approached Codeweavers already. But codeweavers turned them down. Reasons for this could be 101 things, varying from too little money, to too much risk or complexity, or just no free time from CW. No idea myself.

Advanced Security And Asset Protection
Posted - 2009.02.21 14:23:00 - [122]

Heh, Python is more of an emulator than Wine is. So, Eve isn't native on any platform. :P

Solomon XI
Hidden Souls
Posted - 2009.02.27 07:37:00 - [123]

Well I'll add my two cents to this --- albeit, somewhat late.

CCP, your LINUX adaption sucked. Sorry to be direct but I'm a direct-type of person. You are discontinuing support for Linux but let's be honest here. CCP never truly cared about the Linux gaming community.

There are ways available to you to create a fast and stable Linux client but you just don't want to do it. You choose the worst possible way to bring Eve-Online to Linux and this is the fallout.

Your Linux subscriber numbers were weak because their option for playing EVE was horrible. Had you handled Linux in a different manner, we would not be in this position. Simple as that.

I'm sad to see the Linux plans die like this. I was planning to switch over to Linux completely once you released a decent EVE client for it but now I'm stuck having a Windows partition on my drive. Thanks, so very much. ugh

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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