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Tawn Maihac
The New Era
Posted - 2009.02.05 13:19:00 - [481]

\o/ thank you CCP for this great feature!!

Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2009.02.05 13:34:00 - [482]

Edited by: Evlyna on 05/02/2009 13:35:20
10 for the queue
0 for the time limit


As previously mentioned by others. Short skills are not a problem. It's the high rank lvl2,3 and up that are.

And since I'm paying, that I'm online or not is irrelevant in the matter. I was a bit against the cancelled-account ghost training. But if I'm offline for a few days/week, I'm a paying ghost and therefore, I do not consider myself in the same basket.

Posted - 2009.02.05 13:48:00 - [483]

Great implementation that adds to the game. Very Happy

I wish i had that function in the beginning, about 1 year ago. Since i love micromanaging my skillplan and hate losing training time. I also have the problem of skills that are to short to train over night and to long to train on the day. You guys know what im saying. So nice to have that issue fixed now.

I can also see the problem of a skill queue without a cap. And to circumvent that, the 24h limit. Tho 48h wouldn´t hurt much either guess. Smile

Posted - 2009.02.05 13:50:00 - [484]

<3 ccp

Trebor Daehdoow
Sane Industries Inc.
Posted - 2009.02.05 13:53:00 - [485]

Originally by: Gwen'efer
easy mate. ccp gives you one finger and you pull in the whole arm.

Well, depending on what finger was given, it might be an appropriate response... Razz

Another possible fix for the "vacation/hospital/army" problem is just to have the skill system pick a skill to train whenever the queue runs out. Even a simple algorithm like "train the skill that requires the least training time to complete" would deal with 99% of the angst.

Note that this would require no changes to the interface being developed for skill queues, just a bit of additional code executed when the queue becomes empty.

Huang Yinglong
Posted - 2009.02.05 14:09:00 - [486]

hey CCP, I got a crazy idea that won't make those people whining happy.

You can add as many skills as you want to the skill que, however, once 24 hours are up, if that player hasn't logged in slow skill training to 10% of normal skill training.

This way players that are actively online can ques up even more skills and they can just keep on playing.

This would make players want to log in at least once a day.

Now how to make the skills easier, make it so you can add all skills on a certificate.

So now, as long as you log in once a day, other than when a skill is longer than 24 hours, your skills will continue to be trained without the playing having to bother.

also if your 25 day skill finishing and your not online the next skill in the que will start, but only at 10% of normal training time.

thus tada, players won't lose as much sp :)

Posted - 2009.02.05 14:30:00 - [487]

:( every noob can now just set skills without using brain and without management... ive enjoyed the skill management for 5 years now but... well what can we do eh!? the majority won...

now i want my 'i wanne be able to accept multiple missions from one single agent feature so i dont have to dock all the time'!!!!!

Distant Thunder
Perihelion Alliance
Posted - 2009.02.05 14:53:00 - [488]

I'm Valrandir and I approve of the 24h Limit.

Haniblecter Teg
F.R.E.E. Explorer
The Initiative.
Posted - 2009.02.05 15:28:00 - [489]

God, some of the whiners.

CCP has been against this since beta. They finally caved, but gave a weak one for obvious reasons: they want people to log IN!

That's excuse enough for me. What this excellent system allows is to cover time at work, sleeping, etc. That saves ALOT of hassles for new players, and the mild inconveniences for us older players.

That's perfect with me and I applaud their compromise.

Posted - 2009.02.05 15:36:00 - [490]

YES, OMG11!!!11CCP WeLovesyou7!!Thx!ByeKissesHUgs

Dee sNider
Posted - 2009.02.05 17:08:00 - [491]

Any eta on the queue system to go live?

Denebola Rises
Regalis Industria Scientia Entreprendre
Posted - 2009.02.05 17:09:00 - [492]

There are few too many - wow great etc - to read 17 pages, so I'll just comment on the off chance noone has responded like this before.

Having run a training corp having a way to set a queue via a contract would be a great accomplishment. Offer a reward if completed within a certain timeframe and/or include missing skill books so the list can be done.

I understand the need for limit for filling the skill queue, but 24 hours may be too short - as several have commented.

What is a good length? Well, being able to queue over a vacation of three or four weeks might be nice. Perhaps it could get shorter as toons have the ability to train longer (i.e. rank noobs would have a longer queue than people with multiple high level skills. - although it would be better to base on skills rankings (what can be trained in 30 days, and how many/few changes are needed to get there).

A step in the right direction!!

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.02.05 17:10:00 - [493]

Originally by: Trebor Daehdoow
Another possible fix for the "vacation/hospital/army" problem

The issue is that one man's hospitalisation, is another man's character farm.

If we did have an unlimited queue, what's to stop me buying several accounts, training them up to 20m PvP alts, and them selling them for a profit on the forums (or even eBaying them under a 'legitimate' character exchange?). Suddenly we'll have dozens of have websites offering "20m SP PvP characters" as well as ISK.

Whilst I have every sympathy for those who are unable to access Eve every 24h, this is unfortunately the world we live in, and Eve shouldn't change for that. In my experience, CCP have been fairly lenient on those whose access to Eve is legitimately sporadic, and have 'overlooked' family members logging in to change skills on their behalf.

Universal Army
Posted - 2009.02.05 17:25:00 - [494]

was just wondering is it possible to finish the queue off with a skill that takes longer then 24 hours so that you could set some smaller up front and then finish with the longer skill??

Altus Broadsword
Posted - 2009.02.05 17:39:00 - [495]

sweet (large amount of praise)

now i can get some sleep :P

The Imperial Assassins
Warped Aggression
Posted - 2009.02.05 17:50:00 - [496]

Awesome! A queue that is totally useless to anyone over a year old! Great! A+ Good Job CCP!

Phoenix Torp
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.02.05 18:23:00 - [497]

YES, OMG11!!!11CCP WeLovesyou7!!Thx!ByeKissesHUgs

With the upcoming of Apocrypha I won't be able to start the game in the work as I don't have Shader2 Model Graphic Card. With this feature I won't need to break my head in Evemon to "fit" the skills in a time when I'm in home.

Thank you very much. It was needed :)

Posted - 2009.02.05 19:06:00 - [498]


24 hours is way way too little. Give me 2 weeks and max. 15 skills

Andre Coeurl
TOHA Heavy Industries
TOHA Conglomerate
Posted - 2009.02.05 20:23:00 - [499]

Long live CCP \o/
I want a CCP pin!
Where do I sign as an official supporter? Cool

As there's never an end to good news, now that the necessary code is laid out, I also think w may see in some not too far future the implementation of the "emergency skill" training, meaning a skill you'll have as a backup (and may train at reduced speed too) in case you can't log when your queue is finished, or in those unfortunate events of a server downtime you didn't know about, etc.
I'm not being too optimistic, right? Wink

Boby Cola
Posted - 2009.02.05 20:55:00 - [500]

NICE about time :)

about only thing that would really improve it without braking what you want it to do is increase it to 36 or 48 hour queue instead of the 24, giving people more room in there plans

J Valkor
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2009.02.05 20:58:00 - [501]

Edited by: J Valkor on 05/02/2009 20:58:22
Oh thank god. Time to get all those level 1-3 skills out of the damn way.

(I probably have more skill points than you, whoever you are. >50%).

Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2009.02.05 21:03:00 - [502]


now come on and give more time than 24H goodness sake, we do have lifes on the weekends!!!

i dont understand the limitations on timeframe, as it is now i can set a skill for 30 to 40 days and not log in at all in that time frame. with ghost training now disabled, we are PAYING to play this game if we are training or not!
i have been in this game sence 5-9-03 and this is the 1 thing that shuld have been done 5 years ago!!

Caiman Graystock
Cornelius Starship and Computer Design
Posted - 2009.02.05 21:26:00 - [503]

24 hours is more than enough. For those complaining about the time... you've coped fine so far without ANY queue. This addition doesn't take anything away from you.

Imperial Academy
Posted - 2009.02.05 21:41:00 - [504]

Originally by: CCP Fallout
Oh, capsuleers. This is news you've all been waiting for... well, many of you have...

I have but two words for you: skill queues.

Eris Discordia has written not just a new blog, but a new blog detailing our upcoming skill queue feature, which will bring even more Winsauce to Apocrypha.

Enjoy, and discuss!

Update: We've updated the image for better eye candy loving. Enjoy!

Nice, so when is this comming then?

Ki Tarra
Ki Tech Industries
Posted - 2009.02.05 22:37:00 - [505]

Originally by: Lance85
Nice, so when is this comming then?
March 10

Tammaria Snegallja
Posted - 2009.02.05 22:54:00 - [506]

Why so complicated and errorprone?

Why not make it so you can select one(!) skill that will kick in when your current skill runs out?

Easy to implement, easy to test, easy for people to understand, minimal changes to the UI.

Ydyp Ieva
Amarrian Retribution
Posted - 2009.02.05 22:56:00 - [507]

Oh blasted just that I don't have many skills left that trains under 24 hours Shocked

Guess I'll have to half finish training on most to even fill a queue. But this 24 hours is great, however doesn't solve the problem of people taking holidays and go on travels for 3-4 weeks. So perhaps an addition instead of the 24 hours, make us able to queue around max 5 skills even if they exceed the 24 hours.

Posted - 2009.02.05 23:13:00 - [508]

Once again, CCP can't get things quite right.

Why make it so complicated? Why not just let us stack up whatever the hell we want to? Lots and lots of people only log in to change skills right now... you seriously think an unlimited skill queue could be a cultural change in Eve? How silly.

So, just like every expansion/rebalancing/overly clever nerfing, we get a lovely free apple, all shiny and yummy looking, after years of waiting for the patently obvious... and it turns out that the apple is half rotten.

Thanks, I guess?


Sensor Ghost
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2009.02.05 23:15:00 - [509]

Originally by: CCP Fallout

... pure win...

I LOVE YOU. You too Eris.

The Darkness Within
Posted - 2009.02.05 23:20:00 - [510]

Originally by: Apertotes
why is a queue a great thing now, and such a horrible way to exploit the game a year back?

Because Ghost training is gone.
Originally by: Apertotes
did it take CCP 48 months to come up with the idea of a time-limited queue?

Many incarnations of a potential skill queue have been put forward time and time again in the ideas forum since the game began. Learn your history or dry behind your ears before pouring scorn on CCP for coming up with a compromise to something that was not previously desirable.

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