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Chainsaw Plankton
Posted - 2009.01.26 02:17:00 - [91]

Chribba is great, <3 eve-files

Sophine Fortre
Posted - 2009.01.26 03:02:00 - [92]

Chribba is so great, Chribba can haz cheezburger.

>.> Yes.
i went there.

Jack Jombardo
Cosmic Allianz
Posted - 2009.01.26 03:53:00 - [93]

Well, he is the only char I know out of my corp (where I do not know all *g*).

I don't know who leads BoB/Goons/RA or all the other big PvP allys everybody allways talk about and don't know any of there pilots. I never met Chribba personaly (might change sometimes) ... but I remember his name, his buisness and the all mighty Veldnought :).

Hail Chribba o/

Respect ------>>>>>>>> any PvP (titan) fleet size

Posted - 2009.01.26 04:06:00 - [94]

I got beat up by a Chribba (Christian.. if you for some stupid unknown reason would play this game, I'll buy you a beer if you catch me), in school, when I was 14. He threw a handball in my head, I got ****ed and tried to teach him a lesson. Bad move.

Whatever you do, don't start war with the Chribbas. Surprised

Xthril Ranger
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.01.26 05:02:00 - [95]

Originally by: Amerilia
He has the Veldnaught, a Dreadnaught for mining Veldspar in high sec. Itīs something special you know.
he got the old moros with 35 mining drones that was popular like 3+ years back?

Visse Krenal
Republic Military School
Posted - 2009.01.26 09:10:00 - [96]

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Chribthulhu Amarr wgah'nagl mining!

Element 22
Posted - 2009.01.26 09:19:00 - [97]

Ia! Ia! Ia!

Tactical Reconnaissance
Posted - 2009.01.26 11:17:00 - [98]

Originally by: Visse Krenal
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Chribthulhu Amarr wgah'nagl mining!

be careful! dont wake the old ones...

oh and:

All hail to the living veldspar God!

/ me bows

Brutal Deliverance
Gypsy Band
Posted - 2009.01.26 11:18:00 - [99]

Edited by: TimMc on 26/01/2009 11:18:05
Posting in a chribba thread.

Elfaen Ethenwe
Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2009.01.26 12:07:00 - [100]

This all reminds me of a music festival incodent i once witnessed.

There was a guy who had a beard and was wearing a bath robe, so naturally a couple hundred people in the vacinity started calling him jesus. Within a few minutes, ''bathrobejesus'' had a roaming cult, with people following him everywhere, mock worshiping there new idol. All was good, until he needed the toilet.

bathrobe jesus tried to walk into a portacabin, fair enough. But so did his followers. Dispite the attempts of security to control the crowd, they wouldnt let him **** in peace. So, being a male. He did what any self respecting male would do when no toilet facillities were available. He ****ed in a bush.

Unfortunatley for him, the disturbance at the portaloo had caused the police to be called. They spotted him mid-wizz and ejected him for indecent exposure.

i lol'd for hours.

Posted - 2009.01.26 13:08:00 - [101]


Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2009.01.26 13:36:00 - [102]

chribba seems to be a demigod

Platte Okeefe
Them The Others
Posted - 2009.01.26 14:52:00 - [103]

We need to start a petition for CCP to actually add Veldpsar Heavens in the Roid Strip:

Guilliman R
Northstar Cabal
Important Internet Spaceship League
Posted - 2009.01.26 15:08:00 - [104]

I for one, welcome our new rapsdlev overlords.

Posted - 2009.01.26 18:16:00 - [105]

Edited by: Aphoticus on 26/01/2009 18:17:33
I read this entire thread and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt...

"Chribba had 18,600 hits on Google in 0.12 Seconds!"

Dr Clay
Posted - 2009.01.26 20:24:00 - [106]

Me and Chribba go way back, yeah I'm famous. Give me some money please.

The Knights Templar
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2009.01.26 20:42:00 - [107]

Originally by: RedSplat

If this ever happens it'll look like Eve's version of the Zombie Apocalypse with herds of highsec miners storming over the lowsec borders and out into 0.0 where the last veld lives.

*over TS or Vent at a 0.0 entrance*OMG I need more ammo! There are so many hulks coming through the gates... Is anybody out there?

Silent Sofia
Posted - 2009.01.26 20:46:00 - [108]

Originally by: Gierling
Chribba is really one of the only "out and proud" full industrialists left.

It's a shame too, because the game needs more captains of industry like Chribba.

What else then mining veld does he do?

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