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Gunpoint Diplomacy
Posted - 2009.01.21 19:16:00 - [1]

Hello there.

After running a carebear corp for 8 months myself and my carebears have grown teeth.

Myself (13.5 sp) and 3 maybe possibly 4 other corp members ranging from 5-10 mill sp would like to find somewhere to pew pew it up.

We are all t2 frig capable and some of us t2 cruisers. And can all fit T1 ships to t2 specs.

We have limited pvp experience but have had some success, and now have the bug and would wish to pursue this further.

What is more inportant to us is the environment we will be moving too rather than the location. We are currently based in Minmatar space.

Sense of humour and an appreciation of biscuits is important :). Should also mention we are european time zone. Contact me on board or in game for more details.

(all very active players averaging a minimum of 15 hrs per week each)

k Rose
Posted - 2009.01.21 19:32:00 - [2]

Come Merge with ZGI - There are benefits!

Zero Gravity is looking for few good men.. To join our Anti - Pirate Alliance UFA. We are a PVP Corporation in 0.0 our access route are ammatar, amarr and forge area. We are located in geminate region.
If you would like to know more about ZGI, join our channel: ZGI PUB

Arrow Vent
Arrow Alliance forum & Corporation forum
Arrow Kill board
Arrow PVP OP
Arrow Mining OP

__...--~~-. _ _.-~~--...__
// __...--~- ._ !_.-~--...__ \\
// __...--~~- ._ !_.-~~--...__ \\
// ___..--~~._\ ! /_.~~---..___ \\

Official Book of Rules:
Be active
Be loyal
Help one another
Have fun

CEO K Rose

Hasan Rachid
Madhatters Inc.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2009.01.21 19:33:00 - [3]

Hi mate, contact Nastural in game, we may be able to help you out :)

Madhatters Inc.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2009.01.21 19:37:00 - [4]

oh hai Laughing

High Flyers
Posted - 2009.01.21 20:02:00 - [5]

contatct me in game i have a offer for you

Posted - 2009.01.21 20:22:00 - [6]


*gasp* Oh yes, Zorgix are definately keen to recruit you guys, just what we're looking for Very Happy

Take a look at our recruitment thread here and drop in for a chat if you're interested

The PitBoss
Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers
The 0rphanage
Posted - 2009.01.21 21:36:00 - [7]

We would be a great place for you folks to continue your pvp growth.

3+ Empire Alliance War Decs WEEKLY ... Plenty of Action ... Will contact you in-game.

Our PUBLIC chat: PITBOSS' Office

Our Recruitment Thread: CLICKY

Aurora Reloaded.
EDGE Alliance
Posted - 2009.01.21 22:06:00 - [8]

give me a shout in game

we are located in minmatar space aswell and we are a pvp based corp

Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2009.01.21 22:06:00 - [9]

Hello there, I'm a new corp but growing Extremely fast.. very well connected and deffinitely going places if you and your friends are interested on getting in on the ground floor check out my recruitment thread on Ee-O

Recruitment Thread

24th Imperial Crusade
Posted - 2009.01.21 23:04:00 - [10]

You may want to check out KDIRECTORATE. We're in Caldari Faction warfare, which makes for a good transition from mission running to a more violent existence. Check out our recruitment thread here.

Willem Revolati
Gunpoint Diplomacy
Posted - 2009.01.22 11:43:00 - [11]


NailorTech Industries
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2009.01.22 15:04:00 - [12]


We have recently been accepting groups of ambitious players, wanting to expand their pew, own station, own space, growing secure alliance. plenty of pew, opportunities, support and goals.

check out

Convo Azura, Remlej or Broonstar ingame.

This would be the right choice for you and yours at this stage.


Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2009.01.22 15:35:00 - [13]

Edited by: Grayer on 22/01/2009 15:35:02
Hey there Ariartus! It sounds like DEATHFUNK might be the perfect fit for you guys. We are currently accepting inexperienced pvpers that wish to learn and we have a large number of veterans willing to train them. Solid logistics train with daily roaming gangs and regular alliance/coalition ops. Click on the link above for more info!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Mini Instructorcon
Empire Assault Corp
Dead Terrorists
Posted - 2009.01.22 15:42:00 - [14]

Hey mate, Give us alook

Forum post

Solar Ravengers

Corp Kb

Kb Link

Thanks, hope to be hearing from you soon

Posted - 2009.01.22 15:43:00 - [15]

public channel is "legio pub"

feel free to contact me if interested. fly safe

Third Return Inc.
Final Retribution Alliance
Posted - 2009.01.22 20:02:00 - [16]

I hope Aria and friends don't go to far and remember that you always have friends on the island :-)

Take care.Very Happy

Callas Torval
Locus Industries
Posted - 2009.01.22 20:52:00 - [17]

Hello Ariartus,
We all all ready based in minmatar space, so you would not have to move very far. Have you given faction warfare any thought? Always action, all levels of PvP, easy shopping, and very little hassle all the way around. We are looking for laid back, mature players from all time zones. No pressure, no heavy rules, no big egos, just good times and lots of kills. We do some indy, and some missioning. If you have any questions in these regards please feel free to evemail/convo me, Malkaar or Borzek Staropramen in game any time.
corp kill board
militia kill board
Good luck with your search

Posted - 2009.01.22 20:53:00 - [18]

I would like to invite you to apply to Federation of Free Worlds corporation.

We are looking for mature players focused on teamwork and fun. If you can't understand its only a game please don't apply to us. If you feel someone very special that corp should take care of... also not place for you. We are looking for people that think more about what they can do for corporation rather what corporation can do for them. And when I write corporation I mean people. We have a core of good eve capsulers with positive attitude - don't want to spoil that. We touch base with every aspect of eve. Nowadays we are focused on 0.0 >>YARRRR!!<< so mission running is not supported from corp... except some advice Wink We are open minded, so you will have a chance to shape corporation and its goals.

As for where we are... Omist - blue to TCF... red to Goons. I feel this is a nice mix Very Happy. We are part of new AXIS alliance that its primary focused on pvp and build its assets to aim for grabbing own eve space. We provide strong backbone in pvp and industry for alliance. Our miners are rich and tend to fly faction BS on pvp ops making real pvpers stressed to make nice efficiency :)

Please contact me ingame if you would like to apply or mail me so we could schedule interview.

No skill point limit - need to pass interview.

PS. active doesn't mean no lifers :) Real life first in FOFW

Fly safe,

Posted - 2009.01.23 02:47:00 - [19]

Hello there Ariartus !

Celestial Apocalypse [CELES] is currently rebuilding after getting rid of dead meat.

Our history goes back to the beginning of the game as being the first antipirate corp.

We fought and leaded alliances , search up history Cool

We are currently in search for quality pvpers and we have pvp filled goals ahead of us Smile

If your interested you can make an app at =

Or join "celes public" ingame or contact me.

Hope to hear from you soon and may teh light shine upon your path ! o\

Zedd Al'thor
Dysfunctional Gunbunnies
Posted - 2009.01.23 02:52:00 - [20]

What Intrepid Crossing [IRC] offers:

1) IRC Policy: "If it isn't fun, why play?"
2) Anti-pirate & Anti-smack, no exceptions
3) We respect the Priority of Real Life

4) Empire Based Academy to Prepare New Pilots + FAQ ( Progenitor Corporation )
5) Fast Track To 0.0 for Experienced Pilots ( Progenitor Corporation )
6) Full training and advice in PvP if required, from experienced pilots

7) Mandatory Home Defense Policy ( no one ducks a fight )
8) 0.0 Accomodation ( Etherium Reach and Malpais ) see Influence map
9) Multiple alliance stations ( Seven Outposts in total ) - see EVE Strategic Map
10) Allies: Etheral Dawn; Goonswarm; xDeathx & others!

11) Daily Roaming Gangs ( ) - 10-50-100 man!
12) Killboard ( ) - Verify our PvP here!

13) Lucrative Ratting To Support Your PvP Addiction! Economic model that works!
14) Arkanor, Bistot, Crokite, Ochre, Mercoxit & more in multiple constellations!
15) Jump Bridge Infrastructure supporting mining, ratting & PvP!

16) Alliance over 1200 pilots! Online 23/7! - Facts: see DOTLAN info
17) Ventrilo server ( Questions & Answers available )
18) Forums littered with tried & tested ship setups and tactics
19) Full advice on skill planning and progression

20) We recruit dedicated players, so we ask for a limited API code.

If you would like more information before applying contact:

* AlekMcG
* Aria Sharri
* GordonH
* Neechi Hollander Danny
* Zedd Al'thor

who geeflip
Posted - 2009.01.23 20:56:00 - [21]

Thank you all so much for your time and offers there are so many great people out there it would have been great to fly with any of you.

We have however found our new home.

Thank you all Fly safe

Sanka Cofie
The Yaar Offices of Pointe Webb and Podemall
Posted - 2009.01.23 22:43:00 - [22]

Edited by: Sanka Cofie on 23/01/2009 22:46:09
Editted to remove late recruitment spiel and replace it with this...

Its fun to stay at the





Its fun to stay at the





They have everything!
that you need to enjoy,
You can hang out with all the boys!!!!!!


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