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Linerra Tedora
Faulcon de Lazy
Posted - 2009.01.17 14:43:00 - [1]

Edited by: Linerra Tedora on 17/01/2009 14:57:47
recently reactivated my old accounts, and i have realized i can only afford to keep one account running permanently.

So i have decided to sell off my character here, and is wondering how much it's worth.

here's the breakdown

Amarr Command/PVP/PVE character 26.2mil skill points

Amarr Battleship 5
Amarr Cruiser 5
Amarr Frigate 5
Amarr Industrial 5
Battlecruisers 5
Covert Ops 5
Cloaking 4
Mining Barge 5
Spaceship Command 5

Large energy turret 5
Small energy turret 5
Gunnery 5
Controlled bursts 4
Rest gunnery are medium skills

can even fly a raven.
And caldari cruiser and frigate 4
Missile launcher operation 5

Good mission running skills as well.

Have jump clone status with one corp in amarr space.
The corp is an out of the way corp, that can usually give jump clones to an entire corp, with no huge chance of anyone having run missions for them.

Excellent scanning, astrogeology and archaeology skills, with some basic hacking. Perfect for finding hidden mining fields, and good loot. And other players

Good tanking skills for armor tank.

Excellent learning skills, with all basic at 5 and all advanced at 4.

engineering skills are all at medium levels, and very good allround

Good drone skills, medium levels.

Nearly perfect leadership skills.
Armored warfare 5
Armored warfare specialist 4
Information warfare 5
Leadership 5
Mining foreman 5
Mining director (bought just pending)
Siege warfare 5
Skirmish warfare 5
Warfare link specialist 4 Training currently
Wing command 5

Comes with a large amount of amarr ships and equipment, including an abaddon.
Have good security standing, and reputation.

Is 2 hours away from flying an orca for full mining support.

Linkage to character

Posted - 2009.01.17 14:52:00 - [2]

can you update your skillsheet and make it verified?

you state you have medium energy turret 5, but shows you don't in the link.

when you get a price in mind, let me know

Linerra Tedora
Faulcon de Lazy
Posted - 2009.01.17 14:57:00 - [3]

Edited by: Linerra Tedora on 17/01/2009 15:01:20
ahh sorry, that's a typo, meant small energy turret 5...

and verified.... Very Happy


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