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Clair Bear
Ursine Research and Production
Posted - 2009.01.15 00:27:00 - [31]

Originally by: eWrath

This thread is me venting about how frustrating mining is, as people suggested above, I could be doing level 4s, I could be roaming down in 0.0 (been there btw, so don't assume I'm new to this), but I'm basically trying to invest the skill points and time I've put into the industry side of my character, and I believe it should be more than enough to support one PLEX a month, which is clearly not the case here.

Having started as an industry alt myself I can tell you for a FACT even 500M/month is absolutely zero sweat as an industrial, so long as you don't subscribe to "minerals I mine are free lol." My 9 manufacturing pipelines just on THIS CHARACTER easily generate 12M/day. And that's not counting income from invention&datacores, trading, or the other 2 characters on the account.

You could have made your case even stronger by ice harvesting in empire -- that "career path" yields about 2 million/hour right now.

Income generating activities are strongly correlated with effort. Empire veld mining is as close to zero effort activity as it gets. It takes about 2 months of SP to get into seriously, and 6 months to reach ideal yields.

Expect commensurate rewards. It's like someone running level 1 missions expecting to fund GTCs with that activity. If you insist on making mining and mining only be your gig you can at the very least quadruple your income by mining crokite/bistot/ark.

Sidrat Flush
Eve Industrial Corp
Posted - 2009.01.15 00:41:00 - [32]

Edited by: Sidrat Flush on 15/01/2009 00:43:25
This is a whine. Nothing more nor less.

This is someone who has played Eve Online for "free" (spare time requirements not withstanding) for a while and is now complaining about the GTC price.

He's been playing since "before" beta (how?), but his character(s) is still not earning enough every 30 days to obtain his PLEX key.

Boo hooo.

Here's a tip little fellow - use a credit or debit card, heck even paypall (although it's more clicks) or if you haven't got the previous ASK someone maybe your immediate boss, your parents a good friend and give them the cash every month. If you're an honest upstanding person and not a leach you'll be able to do that and the added advantage is that you'll also have something to mention, i.e you're advancement over the last 30 days.

I'd write a script as to how that conversation may go, but as the OP has had to use three post's I'd rather not elongate.

TLDR: Get some friends that TRUST you.

PS: Tritanium is more valuable than pyerite right now in the busy market areas AND (emphasise!) you get more units per cycle than pyerite if you mind the veld.

PPS: Start playing the game instead of living it, it'll feel a lot less like a job or a chore and you'll be a better player for it.

Chainsaw Plankton
Posted - 2009.01.15 00:47:00 - [33]

Originally by: Drew Blaze
Originally by: eWrath

Have you ever tried mining? solo?

Yes, and I literally fall asleep...

I was missioning/pvping on another account and whoring the forums all at the same time!

Sidrat Flush
Eve Industrial Corp
Posted - 2009.01.15 01:05:00 - [34]

I use 1 account but I pay for mine via a trusted party, until I get a bank account. Which could be soon as they should be shouting out for new account members.


Posted - 2009.01.15 01:25:00 - [35]

Doing anything solo (ratting, mining, missioning) is never EVER supposed to net enough income to maintain an account. That being said, I can take advantage of our corp members to rat and make 20 mil an hour. That's 15 hours of gameplay a month (3.75 a week) ratting to produce enough ISK for a PLEX. Running a mission with a logistics Alt, or (GASP!) another buddy can net you a similar amount of ISK/Hour. Mining with an Orca pal could also do you wonders, even with the Orca pilot skimming off the top from what I hear.

Long story short- If you expect to do anything worth while by playing this game solo, you fail EVE. As it stands, you have buddies who float you loans. I suppose that's one way to play EVE. I know I survived off loans for my first few months of PVP.

But if you ever,EVER come into this forum again, and whine about the woes of being a solo trit miner in a hulk, I will flay you from head to groin using a dull rowboat paddle. This is an ONLINE game for a reason. Quit whining, join a corp with miner support, and go have fun with your Hulk.

221st Century Warfare
Posted - 2009.01.15 01:28:00 - [36]

I think a was a bit harsh in my first reply. Lets try and make it up.

Mining isn't flawed, it just happens to be that competition is quite fierce in that field right now and it certainly didn't help the solo miner with the addition of the Orca.

To be able to stay competitive with mining you have to come to terms with a few things:

  • Mining with a hulk is not a SOLO endeavor. Hulks need haulers to be effective!

  • Make the most profit out of what you mine by producing items from the minerals!

  • If you can't build stuff then make sure you sell your minerals for the best price! DO NOT SELL TO BUY ORDERS!

  • If you can't find anyone to mine with, join an industrial corp (or switch if you already am part of one, they are not active enough)

Solo mining hulks are at a huge disadvantage to an organized gang, you loose roughly 50% of your potential yield by going solo. An average mining gang consist of:

3 x Hulks
1 x Hauler

A competitive gang consist of:

4 x Hulks
1 x Hauler (27,500 m minimum)
1 x Mining booster (A proper mining booster can turn what 4 hulks yeild into what 6 hulks would yield without boosts)

An average industrial corp fleets:

8 x Hulk or more
1 x Orca (With a maxed mining boosting pilot)
1 x Hauler (Or 1 x Orca, doing hauling from the booster orca)

So as you can tell, you are doing it wrong. And that is what is flawed with mining as far as you are concerned.

Turning it into something useful for you should you stay open minded...

Training a battleship capable LVL 4 mission pilot (All needed skills included) should take about 80 days. That is a very long period to train. But in your case, if you want to be truly independent (funding your ETC's) that is the only viable option i can see.

A LVL 4 mission can net you anything between 3 and 30 million isk in bounties. If you salvage the mission afterwards (You don't really have a choice to keep up with expenses) you can make another 2 and 30 million isk depending on what loot is dropped.

Doing a LVL 4 mission that netted you 50 - 60 million isk combined would take you about 3 hours from start to salvaging the last wreck. It is easy to see how that makes you 20 mil an hour. But running missions is about luck as well, you don't always get the good missions. But i can predict a minimum income of 8 million per hour.

Personally i am running 3 accounts. Paying real life money for them though, but i could play for free if i wanted to.

When mining, i mine with hulks on all three when my brother is around. (Overall income is 12 million an hour per hulk)
When running missions i run with 2 of my chars and salvage with the third. Constantly taking new missions until i get bored. (Overall income including loot and salvage is about 15 million per account)

When i run missions for an entire day (8 - 10 hours) i usually net 150 million isk in bounties ALONE. Unfortunately i find running missions or mining for entire days to be quite a sleeping pill. Otherwise i would net myself roughly 2 billion a month doing that on weekends and if i kept it up every day i would make 10 - 11 billion in that month.

Since i don't do production, i can't give you accurate numbers. I give all my ore, loot and salvage to my brother. He basically turns what is worth 100 mil into 130 mil without a problem. We then share the profits. Actually, we share all isk between us equally. No matter what either of us do. That is safety in numbers my friend!

Now go out there and make good use of this intel!

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