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Darrin Tobruk
Stonecutter's Guild
Posted - 2004.07.26 22:44:00 - [31]

Condolences. We need a permenant memorial to players who have passed away. Sad

CCP kieron

Posted - 2004.07.27 00:52:00 - [32]

On behalf of the staff of CCP, Siminn and ISD, I would like to offer our condolences to the family, loved ones and friends of Kirian. By the number of others that have offered their sympathies, it is apparent that Kirian touched the lives of many citizens od the EVE universe and his presence will be missed.

Posted - 2004.07.27 07:54:00 - [33]

Rest In Peace Kirian, an old mate who will be missed.

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2004.07.27 08:47:00 - [34]

Crying or Very sad

Fire Lotus
Posted - 2004.07.27 09:00:00 - [35]

I love you Kirian Skellig, Rest in Peace hunny bunny! God I miss you so much...ugh

Haita de lupi
Legiunea ROmana
Posted - 2004.07.27 10:53:00 - [36]

On behalf of Cataclysm Enterprises I would like to extend our condolences and express our deepest sympathy to the family, loved ones, fellow corp members and friends of Kirian.
I never had the pleasure of meeting Kirian but judging by the posts of others that have offered their sympathies, it is clear to see that Kirian will be missed but not forgotten by those that have.

Zaphod Robotnik
Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2004.07.27 23:16:00 - [37]

While having no official contact with Kirian or Independent Manufacturers, I would like to extend the sympathies and best wishes of the BSC to all concerned, most especially his wife.

Also, my personal condolences on your loss.

ShadowTec Inc.
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2004.07.28 00:09:00 - [38]

My condolences and deepest sympathies to the family.


Vengeance of the Fallen
Curse Alliance
Posted - 2004.07.28 07:21:00 - [39]

Edited by: Tristan on 28/07/2004 07:34:46

On behalf of Critical Mass Enterprises, our condolances to Kirians family and friends and his corp mates at INDEP.

An ingame memorial would be a great tribute, what form that might take who knows, perhaps a set of rings, like the ones in the spin simulators pilots use.

Eternally spinning, with some epitaph written along the outer edge of the larger ring.

RL sucks Sad

M. Corp
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2004.07.28 16:54:00 - [40]

my condolances to his wife and family...

Arcane Velshologies
Posted - 2004.07.28 20:04:00 - [41]

On behalf of Sharks with Frickin Laser Beams I would like to offer my deepest condolences to the departeds family :(



Sharks with Frickin Laser Beams

Posted - 2004.07.29 00:00:00 - [42]

Originally by: Fire Lotus
I love you Kirian Skellig, Rest in Peace hunny bunny! God I miss you so much...ugh

My sincerest condolences Fire Lotus.

Posted - 2004.07.29 03:17:00 - [43]

Riddari, i saw the video u made on ur retirement....

I dont have the know how, or the ability to do something like that, but i have an idea, and possibly a collaberation with fire lotus, maybe putting together a video tribute to Kerian is possible, if he or anyone has screen shots of him, or if Lotus has any, i think it would be awesome if we could do something, like that, your video was indeed very moving, and just an idea i wanna throw out if it could be done........ it brought tears when at the end of the first half you said "everyone has his time"......Crying or Very sad

maybe i'm sentimental, perhaps since i've known them over a year, and although i only knew them through the 2 games we played, i thought of them as friends, who would help if you needed it, when the Eve Corp "Code Red", was created, all the players came from EnB, we carried the same name and player base over to this game, Kirian and Lotus both provided us with stability, and training, and even the funds to set up the corp here, and was a huge help when we got discouraged cause of the complexity of the game....

Lets celebrate the life that was left behind by a caring and thoughtful man, cause anyone who plays these types of games, knows you cant become someone else in a game for to long before your real life personality comes thru, and dictates what you do in the game, soon what you see as the person in the game is the person behind the game....

I know i posted earlier, and i'm not trying to steal the thread, or hi-jack it, all i'm saying is Kirian should be remembered permanently some where in the game, and it would be nice to see some posts about how Kirain, or Lotus has touched your lives, or game experience.... i will miss him......................and i appoligize if i said anything in appropiate in this post,but it comes from the heart

Posted - 2004.07.29 14:18:00 - [44]

I'v actually got some footage of the first memorial event, Oceanna's memorial. I've been thinking of creating a movie about it but have been unsuccessful in finding her husband or others to get permission.

I would be honored to do a video for Kirian, although I'm not the best filmmaker out there.

I flew with Fire Lotus in Fountain and am truly sorry for her loss.

Drahcir Nasom
Independent Manufacturers
Independent Manufacturers Alliance
Posted - 2004.07.29 20:19:00 - [45]

Edited by: Drahcir Nasom on 29/07/2004 20:24:19

The rememberance service for Kirian Skellig/Sean Bowler will take place in Usi at 20:00 game time on Monday 2nd August outside Usi 4-11 Perkone Factory. Sean's real life funeral will be taking place in New Jersey earlier the same day.

We will be opening 2 in game chat channels, one (KirianEulogy) will be for those who wish to to stand up and say something at the ceremony, the other channel (KirianRequest) will be to coordinate people's places in the other channel. If you wish to say something at the ceremony, please could you prepare it in advance so it can be cut and pasted into the eulogy channel, and then request a slot in the KirianRequest channel.

CCP and the GM's gave our request for a permanent memorial to Kirian to be placed in Usi very careful consideration, but in the end were unable to help with this. Fire Lotus and I have accepted the GM's and CCP's decision on this, and we ask that others do so too. When Independent Manufacturers is able to build it's first own station, it will be called the "IM Kirian Skellig".

In the absence of a permanent memorial, and it not being very easy to fire a 21 gun salute, Independent Manufacturers will instead be self destructing 21 frigates in 3 volleys.

I would ask all Eve players to treat this gathering in Usi with the respect it deserves and not come and cause any problems. I will not hesitate to post the names of any players who do disrupt this ceremony on the boards here, and let the rest of the player base do with them as they see fit. With respect to corp wars or alliance wars or any past annimosity, please treat Usi as a neutral system for 1 hour prior to the service until 1 hour after the service.

Drahcir Nasom
CEO Independent Manufacturers

p.s. If anyone could create a movie of the service, that would be wonderful.

Gavin Kineli
Cross Roads
Ouroboros Cross Combine
Posted - 2004.07.29 21:15:00 - [46]

On behalf of myself, and BIG, I offer our most sincere sympathies to his family, and friends. Although I have never had the opportunity to talk to Kirian, it's quite apparent that he was someone worth knowing. I wish his family the best of luck during these difficult times.

Posted - 2004.07.29 23:02:00 - [47]

Drahcir, if CCP and GMs say they cant do anything about a permenant memorial in game, how about naming one of the new ships, i beleive thats coming in Shiva update after him, (Skellig)?

an idea

John Coldwell
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2004.07.29 23:20:00 - [48]

My deepest condolences too his friends and family, Only knew him by reputation but he from what I hear he was a man that could be relied on, If you needed something that he could give you, he did. That's what I heard of him, and the posts in these threads are confirming this over and over again. I will do my best too be in attendance of his memorial service.


Fire Lotus
Posted - 2004.07.30 07:10:00 - [49]

Since I wasn't here to be with Kirian (I was 12,0000 miles away to bury my father)I would like to share with you the letter his father Thomas wrote to his friends and family.

To my dear friends and relatives;

I've called a few of you but not some others. I'm at the point where I can't think too straight and I want to get the sad, sad story to all my friends and Sean's friends. I'm going to tell you the whole story as I know it because I can't repeat it too many more times.

My son Seán Liam, passed away at 5:30 in the morning on Tuesday the 21st of July. He had an operation on his eye to repair a detached retina. The original trauma to the eye occurred when he was mugged at 14th Street and 9th Avenue last February 6th about 1:30 AM. His eye was badly gouged. He was treated at Lennox Hill Hospital on East 76th Street for approximately three hours and then sent by taxi to Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital (MEETH) on East 64th Street in Manhattan.

6AM ‹ His wife, Nanette called me and I met her at the hospital. The prognosis was bad and the doctors did not expect he would see from his left eye again and might well lose his eye.

1PM ‹ He had an exploratory surgery and was sent home a couple of days later.

A few weeks later another surgery to repair the torn retina and reattach it. Both of these procedures were evidently successful and he he had one follow up procedure a few months later . He told me his eyesight was 20/40 from that eye. Everybody was amazed and pleased

About a month ago the retina detached again and they operated to reattach it and remove scar tissue on Tuesday afternoon on the 20th of July.

They operated and he came out of the recovery room and up to the 5th floor where his sister Alyssa and I were waiting for him.

He was not doing well right from the beginning and he was very thirsty, his throat hurt, his head hurt a lot, he was extremely pale. All of these symptoms and more were perceived as normal by the nurses. Sean had been through this a few times before and had been released fairly quickly which is the norm at this hospital. He took the subway home once and took a car service another time . He didn't want to take the car service because they get lost in Brooklyn trying to find his apartment.

But after a short while in distress Seán agreed to take a car service if and when they discharged him. Then he said he's like to stay overnight and couldn't see how he could come back the next morning at 11 AM for a checkup. We started asking the nurses to let him stay and they were going to call the doctors ask permission and get authorization to keep him overnight.

I told Alyssa to go home as she was very tired after arriving from Germany and I said I'll stay with him until they give him a room and he settles in or I'll go home and stay with him if he's able.

Alyssa left and shortly after that Sean's hands became numb and weak and I called the nurse. They started to hook him up to the EKG machine, the blood pressure monitor, the finger oxygen/pulse monitor and then pulled out the oxygen mask from the wall and started to try to administer oxygen.

At this time there were six nurses in the room. After a while a staff doctor I didn't know came in and 15 minutes after that the one of the operating doctors came in. Sean was struggling to get his breath and they called 911! Yes, 911! EMS!

15 or 20 minutes the first EMS team showed up.. after a lot of frantic discussion they said they couldn't take him because he had an IV in his arm, The MEETH doctor said it's just a saline solution. Sorry those are the rules the EMS guy said. They called for a more advanced capability team. Another 15 or 20 minutes and team2 arrived

Another 15 or 20 minutes I helped them lift Seán onto their stretcher and we headed for the elevator.

Another 15 or 20 minutes we arrive at New York Presbyterian on East 68th Street. EMS said they couldn't (by law) take him to Lennox Hill Hospital because this one was closer!

There they took worked over him in the r ER for a couple of hours and then they transferred him to the ICU on another floor. His oxygen was dangerously low and they couldn't do Cat Scans etc. until they got him stabilized. They intubated him and took an X-ray to see that the tube was place correctly. They put him to sleep with an injection and paralyzed him with another in order stop his body from fighting the breathing machine.

My dear friend and roommate, Ruth, joined me about 11:30 an stayed with me until Sean suffered two cardiac arrests and was shocked back in the early hours of the morning. The doctor said to come in because he wouldn't survive another heart attack. He blood was too acid by now. We gowned up and put on the plastic gloves and went in. Cont..

Fire Lotus
Posted - 2004.07.30 07:12:00 - [50]

Ruth was on one side praying and doing Reiki and I was on the other side whispering the Act of Contrition into his ear like the nuns taught us in the 2nd grade. It came back to me word for word although I hadn't said it in years. The Doctor said he's gone and turned off the machines .

We asked for a priest and a young Filipino, priest ordained two months ago, came in and performed a beautiful last rites ceremony and gave us absolution so we could receive communion. He told us lean close to him and tell Seán we were receiving it for him because he couldn't.

It was both the most horrible and the most beautiful moment of my life.

Below is the Obituary written by his sister Cara as it will appear in the papers.

Seán Liam Bowler of Ridgewood, NY passed away unexpectedly on July 21st. He
> was 38.
> He leaves behind in love and in sadness, his beloved wife of 5 years,
> Nanette Cortes Bowler, his mother, Mildred Ryan Bowler, his father, Thomas
> R. Bowler and sisters, Brigette, Alyssa, Cara and Penelope Bowler along with
> many close friends.
> Seán will be deeply missed by all. He will be remembered for his
> sensitivity, beauty and intelligence as well as his humor, smile and his
> music.
> He was employed for the past 6 years at Verizon Communications in New York
> City, graduated from Asbury Park High School in NJ, attended DeVry Institute
> and served in the United States Army (SPC) with honorable discharge.
> To honor Seán, in lieu of flowers, a donation may be made to the Unbroken
> Chain Foundation, P.O. Box 10188, San Rafael, CA 94912.
> Founded by Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead, the
> foundation supports community efforts to improve education and awareness of
> the arts, as well as community environmental concerns.
> Seán¹s life will be celebrated at a memorial mass at St. Michael¹s Roman
> Catholic Church, Ocean Avenue in Long Branch, NJ on Saturday July 31st at
> 11:00. Following the mass will be a private gathering of family and friends.

Empirical Drug Consortium Inc.
Combined Planetary Union
Posted - 2004.07.30 19:43:00 - [51]

Rest in peace friend

Telos Sascheros
Posted - 2004.08.01 11:29:00 - [52]

Even though I never had the pleasure of meeting Sean/Kirian, reading this make me want to curl up in a ball and cry. I offer my deepest condolences even thought I know words do little to sooth the loss.

Blade Gunner
Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2004.08.02 01:57:00 - [53]

One of our corp members died in real life last week, Kirian Skellig. He was loved and respected by many so to mark his passing a memorial will be held today 2/8/04. We request a ceasefire from 18:00 to 22:00 Eve time to allow our pilots to attend and show our respects. You are welcome to attend in peace if you so desire. Please respond ASAP. The location is Usi station: Perkon Iv-XI and will begin at 20:00 hrs Eve time.
Thankyou to all members of Hirr in anticipation of your compliance.

Alkad Mzu
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2004.08.02 02:29:00 - [54]

On behalf of hirr, please allow me to extend our heartfelt condolations to the family, friends and colleagues of Kirian.

We shall indeed lay our weapons down for the duration of the memorial, and we do also hope to gather a delegation to pay our respect at the given location.

Eve Defence Force
Posted - 2004.08.02 17:20:00 - [55]

A final reminder that the ceremony in usi will be held today at 20:00 servertime.

I once again want to make this clear:

In respect to Kirian, his wife, family and friends no disturbance of any kind during the ceremony will be tolerated !

Having that said everyone is invited to peacefully attend the event. as drah put out there will be a channel for speeches. please prepare them beforehand and paste into the channel when it's your turn.


Drahcir Nasom
Independent Manufacturers
Independent Manufacturers Alliance
Posted - 2004.08.02 21:22:00 - [56]

Thanks to everyone who either came to Usi, or joined us in the chat channels for Kirian's memorial service. It was nice to see so many friends of Kirian and Fire Lotus there, and I'm sure Fire drew some comfort from it.

Unfortunately, not everyone was as respectful as we had hoped, the ceremony was preceeded by a certain amount of smack talking from members of Shadow Squadron who objected to us using local in Usi to tell people what the memorial channels were. As such I have posted a thread about Shadow Squadron in the Crime and Punishment forum.

Drahcir Nasom
CEO Independent Manufacturers

Posted - 2004.08.02 21:31:00 - [57]

Edited by: Artharas on 02/08/2004 21:45:01
I am sorry to admit that I did not know him and he seems like a man you would like to know. I send my deepest sympathy to his wife aswell as his friends and family.


Squirrels Of War
Posted - 2004.08.02 22:42:00 - [58]

Prayers and thoughts go out to his family and friends.

The Chef
Posted - 2004.08.03 00:33:00 - [59]

I find it quite sad that there are individuals in our society that would do this to another person. I hope whoever mugged him in the first place gets their just deserts, in whatever form.

Rest In Peace.

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