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Velt Lhasar
Posted - 2009.01.03 17:09:00 - [1]

Edited by: Velt Lhasar on 04/01/2009 12:58:24
Edited by: Velt Lhasar on 03/01/2009 17:27:03
Velt Lhasar Is for Sale

Amarr battleship 5
+5 Implant Clone although hes not in it yet

Positive sec status
Postitive Wallet

This Carrier can fly the archon (amarr carrier) capital ship 4 and amarr carrier will be done at the end of the auction

Start Bid: 8bil
Reserve 14bil
Buyout: make me an offer :P
The character will be in NPC Corp By tommorow

Ill reiceve ISK

Running the auction for a few days unless a decent buyout has been made

Posted - 2009.01.03 17:27:00 - [2]

Edited by: Zyvc on 03/01/2009 17:27:44
Reserve 14Bil

Vir Mihir
Posted - 2009.01.03 17:27:00 - [3]

free bump for a great char Very Happy

Hironymus Khanid
Posted - 2009.01.03 17:29:00 - [4]

You interested in trade for this guy?

Velt Lhasar
Posted - 2009.01.03 17:52:00 - [5]

sorry hir only iskies im affraid :(

a 15bil Buyout has been made ingame if no other highier bids then 15bil by tommorow the 15 bil bid will be accepted

Posted - 2009.01.03 21:33:00 - [6]

Buyout: 15 bil

Velt Lhasar
Posted - 2009.01.03 21:35:00 - [7]

accepted recieving ISK now but doing the tranfer tommorow evening

Clever Trading Corp
Posted - 2009.01.04 12:58:00 - [8]

tranfer Completed And ISK Recieved [CLOSED]


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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