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Laari Neros
Posted - 2008.12.28 22:13:00 - [1]

this is purely academical (/read: i'm high and brainfarting):
How to run an indy corp?
how to define a corp goal? how to split that with other corpmates? how to define what is corp+s asset and what personal? where to draw the line?

Fallout Project
Posted - 2008.12.29 11:52:00 - [2]

Run it with only with your close RL friends. As far as goals go industrial corps goal is isk I think. Usually. Sometimes also stuff like being totally self sufficent and/or being able to manufacture anything in game. When you need more characters just add more alts of your friends. With the tools available for corporate security it's more hassle than it's worth to run industrial corp with people you do not trust in real life.

Laari Neros
Posted - 2008.12.29 14:05:00 - [3]

i don't have rl freends that are into industry.
my goals are, by priority:
1. support 2 accounts play time with isk
2. amass isk, huge amounts of isk. preferably by production, either t2 or cap
I was thinking of creating a small indy/mining corp. I myself have few BPOs really, quite pathetic, but it's somethign to start with. Mining solo is dreadfully boring, so taking some ppl on ops could be both profitable and fun.
this is still brainfarting, i'm in a rather big corp now and i'm ok there.

Arnold Kruger
Superior Systems
Posted - 2008.12.29 20:13:00 - [4]

I've never seen how anyone could have fun paying for their accounts with ISK. You have to slave so hard to make that kind of isk, so you're playing so that you can play... instead of playing so that you can have fun.

Just my opinion I guess. :) But it seems like if you have trouble defining a corp goal, you should look at what's fun rather than what will let you pay for your next month?

Divine Power.
KIA Alliance
Posted - 2008.12.29 20:29:00 - [5]

For the most part, your corp members need to be good friends--preferably real life friends. It's hard work, and some weeks you'll all wonder if it is really worth it. You can't trust anyone you don't know really well, as even the slightest amount of misplaced trust can wipe out months or even years of hard work.

If you like any other part of the game, an industrial corp is probably a bad move.

If you're in a large and active corp, I recommend talking to your industrial arm and asking to help be involved a bit. You'll see what industry is all about, and the industrialists in your corp will appreciate the help.


Laari Neros
Posted - 2008.12.29 23:42:00 - [6]

Originally by: Arnold Kruger
I've never seen how anyone could have fun paying for their accounts with ISK. You have to slave so hard to make that kind of isk, so you're playing so that you can play... instead of playing so that you can have fun.

Just my opinion I guess. :) But it seems like if you have trouble defining a corp goal, you should look at what's fun rather than what will let you pay for your next month?

oh, trust me, i'm having fun.
The thing is, i can't really afford paying eve with RL money. and shelling out fro 2 GTCs every 2 months hurts.
Now i want to expand my operations, i have nice chunk of isk and whole month to play, so i want to grow.
so i'm exploring possibilities

Henry Fredyericus
H.F. Enterprises
Interstellar Trade Syndicate
Posted - 2008.12.30 07:11:00 - [7]

Oh, it all starts from creating the corp Very Happy. You probably have no idea oh how you going to run it or what's the goals and outcomes. That does not matter in the start. What matters is to get started and going. If you haven't run a corp before, then the goals and operational plan will develop over time.

Umbra Legion
Shadow Empire.
Posted - 2008.12.30 07:50:00 - [8]

Originally by: Laari Neros
I want to expand my operations, i have nice chunk of isk and whole month to play, so i want to grow.

One of the first things youll need todo is convince new members that your going to be around for more than a monthWink

seriously tho, youl find that it takes alot of planning to get things started, you have ALOT of decessions, its not as simple as running a PVP corp.

You need to decide what incentives you have to offer new members, can you provide them with something they cant get in (the safety of) NPC corps.

A good starting place is a Corp POS (something to deploy now while your corp is small, and the high corp average standing is achievable). this will help with providing BP research, somehting thats quite critical to industrialists.

Having accessable corp bpos might be nice too, but please playtest the whole 'corp bp lockdown' functions in corp tools before you start granting access to memebrs

Youll need to decide if your going to run 'Mandatory' ops, whith equal splits, or if itll be a socialist corp where everyones work is pooled together for the greater good of the corp.

The best advice i can probably give is too simply go through a few dozen Pages of the recruitment forums, check out what other industry corps offer, and glean the ideas that suit your playing (and management) style.

Jerrek Peacelord
Posted - 2008.12.30 10:10:00 - [9]

As someone who has just got an industrial corp going after a few months of work, here's my take on it:

1:Absolutely, positively, most importantly...HAVE A PLAN! Dont just "oh i'll start a corp" or it will be rubbish and any people you do manage to persuade to join you will leave. An industrial corp needs to be highly organised to be properly successful...sure, you can have a few buddies yo go mining with and you buy a few bpos here and there, etc, but thats just a casual indy corp. Those kinda corps tend not to last very long. Know exactly what you want to achieve and then set long term goals so everyone knows where the corp is heading, and lots of medium targets (a corp freighter, pos, our tenth pos, whatever) that you can all work towards together, giving your EVE playtime purpose and direction together.

2: Security is a pain the arse: give out hangar access to the wrong people and they WILL screw you over, for the loss of months of hard work. I recommend you have one or two other RL buddies and start the corp together, keeping only you guys as directors. OR, you have to do all the hard work yourself and be ready to be on A LOT as you move items around hangars for people and come up with ingenious solutions as to how torun your hangars securely.

3: A website is a seriously cool way to make it look like you are a corp that is serious. Check guildportal or some sites like that who can do most of the hard work for you.

4: Recruit REALLY hard! EVE must have quite a large drop off, but be willing to recruit new players (yes even trial ones) and invest time in them, teaching them, mining with them, ratting with them, teach them pvp for WHEN your little corp gets war decced (and it will!) and they will stay with you and stay with EVE.

Having your own indy corp is exciting and very rewarding, but if you want it to go well it needs a serious time investment from you. Have loads of fun! Laughing

Lui Kai
Better Than You
Posted - 2008.12.30 10:40:00 - [10]

I wholeheartedly endorse the posts above me advising towards having a solid and realistic plan.

Additionally, this may be helpful - though it speaks to corps in general rather than only industrialists.

joan arcangel
Posted - 2008.12.30 11:16:00 - [11]

first with 2 accounts you need 4 toons at least
2 miners 1 also be a refiner 1 also be builder
2 trade toons 1 in jita or big hub 1 in a 4 lvl mission hub
the 2 miners mine low end ore to build ammo and such to sell
the 2 trade toons 1 buys and use courier contracts to move goods to other toon to sale..

once you have been running for a month or 2 work out your plan you may also to get a few pvp players into corp in case you get war decc'd or like to go to low sec mining and have them guard you..

Laari Neros
Posted - 2008.12.30 12:51:00 - [12]

pure gold, keep it coming...

Callista Omenswarm
Binary Industries Inc
Posted - 2008.12.30 15:08:00 - [13]

Best advice I can give... when running a new indie corp, section out the corp and STICK TO THE WALLETS.

Sure, the temptation as a one player CEO is that it doesn't matter, pool into one wallet to save time and just buy minerals from market/mining, manufacture and sell goods on market all from the same wallet.

Problem is that it becomes almost impossible to track the 'success' of each department without some third party tool or accounting software. Then you're stuck not knowing if the mining dept earned enough to buy 50 or 100 T2 Trit Crystals.

Split it out with a pre-prepared plan, as has already been said, decide what your seven depts/wallets are going to be for and stick to them. If it doesn't work out, rearrange and try again. Having this kind of structure in place is also going to do wonders to show new recruits you're a corp with a plan, rather than just 'well everyone gets a wallet/hangar.. oh well unless you're the 8th member'.

QUANT Hegemony
Posted - 2008.12.30 16:26:00 - [14]

You need a plan, your members need to know your plan, and you need to be willing to dispense with the chaff even if it means cutting half your members.

EVE also becomes a job; that's a side effect.

Pachira Lotus
Posted - 2008.12.30 21:14:00 - [15]

Well creating your own industrial corp is no small job ! and requires a couple of billion isk, thats if you want to include T2 invention. You can use less capital investment if you are thinking purely of tier 1.

Two things you will require are a pos (caldri are best) and a office located at a station with manufacting slots, be aware these offices are not cheap to rent.

1. I have trusted R/L friends to deal with production and bpo mangerment or anything which involves high cost items.
2. We also use alts to, to make effective of all aviable pos slots.
3. T2 invention and production is covered by 1 person, BPO research by another, an ALT covers BPO copying and another person produces Tier 1 or any trusted person with aviable manufacting skills.
4. A trusted member to deal with sales = ISK.

Corparation wallet division will need to be set up, if you wish to be organised and keep track of cost etc. I use this method...

Master wallet - basically covers monthly bills eg pos fuel & office rent, corp tax from missions also comes into this wallet.

I've created two floats which is based on a monthly quota for production for T2 invention and Tier 1, any materials required for above productions comes from the correct wallet divisions. Basically i asign a monthly quota for my mangers to use and they must stick to it or plan accordly to costs.

Sales wallet all items produce from T2 to Tier 1 are deposited into sales hanger for sale, all sales go's striaght into this wallet.

I run this on a monthly scale eg 25th sept to 25th Oct eg on the 25th of sept all floats are full to what i set them at, on the 25th Oct, top up floats from sales wallet, what ever is profit go's into master wallet. Rinse and repeat

I've created dividens/shares for founders of the corpation NOT aviable to members, this basically pays back what they invested into setting up the corpation in capital investment, the corparation owns 50% of shares and always will. This also comes out of TOTAL profit at end of month once floats are topped up.

Corp goal is to meet the monthly requirement and make profit, no profit no advancement.

Pachira Lotus
Posted - 2008.12.30 21:35:00 - [16]

No new industrial corp will have assest, this comes either from CEO or founding members which is best done with R/L friends due to the trust nature of the matter eg any founding member which provides bpo's, pos etc will remain the property of that member, but is for use of corp.

Also noting that founding members will more than likely provide a large sum of ISK to help start the corp up eg buy a pos or bpo's.

This is part of the reason why shares are issued to the founding members to help return their intial investment.

As for members well you have few options 50/50 mining ops cost price ships/modules, cheap bpc's access to pos, what ever takes ya fancy.


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