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Mercenary Cooperative Conglomerate
Posted - 2009.01.04 23:19:00 - [91]

Originally by: Malcanis
Non consensual PvP in hi-sec is dead. Deal with it, accept it and move on.

LMAO ............ If you say so YARRRR!!

Kweel Nakashyn
shadow and cloaking
Posted - 2009.01.05 00:58:00 - [92]

Edited by: Kweel Nakashyn on 05/01/2009 00:58:42
Edited by: Kweel Nakashyn on 05/01/2009 00:58:21
Originally by: Rezaa
Originally by: Malcanis
Non consensual PvP in hi-sec is dead. Deal with it, accept it and move on.

LMAO ............ If you say so YARRRR!!

The problem seems to reside in Pirate's lack of epic events. That's why they wardec 0.0 alliances without having a clue of how they does their logistics.

They choose pirate. It's not epic. Come in 0.0 ! Privateers, come on !

Passin Through
Posted - 2009.01.05 01:58:00 - [93]

wardecing can be fun...

Beet Head
Posted - 2009.01.05 02:17:00 - [94]

The wardec system works, but it gives special treatment to alliances. It shouldn't be any different to declare war on a corp that is in alliance, versus one that isn't. As of now, the different prices means its the system mechanics protecting your ass, not the people who you fly with. The people you are allied with should have the option to jump into your defense for free - thereby giving credence to the term "ally".

And the other problem is there are zero financial incentives to leave NPC corp. The only valid reason to even form a corp is for private hangars, and that is circumvented in high sec by simply buying an Orca :p

In my opinion, there should be taxes on high end empire content like lvl 4's and freighters using highways.

animal man
The Accursed
Posted - 2009.01.05 02:50:00 - [95]

Originally by: Janu Hull
By the way, flaming me is pretty useless. I live in 0.0, so I don't need a stinking wardec to go shoot people.

I just find it pathetic that so-called hardcore PvPers feel the need to stalk carebears behind wonky mechanics rather than man up and take it with the big boys.

Pilot details - Janu Hull
Corporation: Terra Incognita
Alliance: Ethereal Dawn
Kills: 1
Real kills: 1
Losses: 2
Damage done (ISK): 0.1B
Damage received (ISK): 0.14B

wow, i think you need a wardec or possibly 'man up' with the big boys.

The 5th Freedom
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2009.01.05 03:32:00 - [96]

Real pirates don't hang out in empire anyway. Or Low-sec.

The real pirates are in 0.0 going toe-to-toe with much bigger sov-holding alliances in a guerilla-style war, where there is no need for 'war dec' mechanics anyway. They do what real-world pirates do - steal mostly but the blow lots of **** up in the process.

The empire wardec situation is pretty screwed, it has never made much sense. If you start with the premise that a war needs to have vicstory and defeat conditions, and terms of surrender built in, then work from there, you can end up with a good system but it's doesn't actually allow the type of wars that most empire pirates want. So they'll never go for it.

To my mind, if CCP keep trying to fix this, there is only two possible outcomes that will work:

1. Redraw the map so that the only high-sec systems are the constellations that the starter systems are in. So noobs get a safe area but as soon as they leave an NPC corp they have to live in 0.0.

2. Change the rules so that any system 0.5 or higher is completely safe with no non-consensual PvP allowed at all.

I prefer option 1, I think it would make a much better game. I could write a dozen pages on the details of this so don't bother pointing out why it would suck. For every argument against there's on to counter it. We can't go there anyway, it's too big a change. Perhaps CCP could slowly make 0.0 take over most of Empire, say 5 systems a month from now on. Eventually we would get there.

And of course the idea of 'low sec' just shouldn't exist, it makes no sense at all.

As a final comment I would say that most people in this game who call themselves 'pirates' are the ultimate carebears. They expose themselves to no risk. In my months in a merc corp we would get a contract from a carebear corp to go after some pirates, and I *never* found a pirate corp that was willing to fight. The best you could hope for was station docking games, which are bad enough, but most of them would simply not undock at all.

I'm not suggesting that every pirate is like this, there are some pirate corps in Eve I have a lot of respect for. But the ones who whine about the wardec system? Limp-wristed carebears, all of them.

Apocalypse Reign
Posted - 2009.01.05 03:41:00 - [97]

The way to fix the war system is to lock players in particular corps until the war is resolved. Corp A decs Corp B. Corp A and B can now only have people join their corp, not leave it. Same thing with alliances, if your alliance is decced, all corps are now bound to their alliance until the term of the war is up.

Wars can only made for a 1 week time frame. After the end of the 7th day there is a 24 hour grace period where people/corps are allowed to leave their corp/alliance. If the deccing group decides to continue the war at the end of the 24 hour grace period corps and alliances are then locked again and fighting can commence for another 7 days.

Molly Mayhem
Posted - 2009.01.05 05:22:00 - [98]

Edited by: Molly Mayhem on 05/01/2009 05:24:30
Originally by: rValdez5987
Originally by: Concorduck
Why does Wardeccing sucks so much?

it's so damn avoidable, sometimes it just doesn't make sense.

why can't we have a working wardec system?

It'll never be working. You cant force people to login.

This. Oh god, this.

And on another note, you're all ******s if you think wardecs are going to become easier to apply. Customers like to play mindless achievement grind games that don't involve risk, and CCP loves them some paying customers.

Posted - 2009.01.05 06:23:00 - [99]

The fact that wars can be to large extent be avoided is just another flaw with the current system. The war dec system is itself just a pay-to-grief system that makes no sense whatsoever and is preventing newbies from joining player corps in high sec.

Sure, high sec wars don't have to be griefing but it nearly always is. On one side we have organized PvP'ers and on the other we have a carefully by the griefers selected corp usually consisting of people with limited PvP experience and SP in combat related skills.

I suggest that non-consensual or all wars are moved down to 0.4 systems and below, with that you should make lowsec more attractive for your average joe miner and mission runner. Reduce the ore yield and lvl 4 mission rewards in high sec, increase the quality of the ore in lowsec, improve the bounties on lowsec rats and pherhaps introduce a probe disruptor for lowsec, only fittable by covert op frigates and that'd only work in deadspace areas.

That'd likely bring alot more people to lowsec and with it PvP would flourish once more, corps would still have use for the wardec function as it'd result in no loss of security standing and sentries wouldn't attack them making gatecamps much easier.Those that wish to could always stay in high sec and be safe there, they'd however be paying the price of lost profits and I see nothing wrong with that. It'd also be a nerf to high sec macro miners.

Alias fighter
Posted - 2009.01.05 07:55:00 - [100]

The only thing I would like to see change regarding war decs are to stop pirate corps cycle deccing,i would like to see a change of the rules so that if you dec a corp or alliance you can't war dec them again for 1 to 6 months (what ever would be a good time).
In some of the corps my chars have been involved in, we've had deccers pay the 2 mill for a weeks worth of ganking then when it comes time to pay the 50mil(or whatever it is now) for the extension, they forfeit the war dec then re-enact it 2 days later for another 2 mill and a weeks worth of ganking, I've had this happen for months on end to some of my toons.

I believe this would make War deccing less frivolous as the deccing corp has to do their damage to the target corp in 1 dec, meaning they may have to incur high costs if it goes for more than a week.
Also this gives the pirates 1 week to have their fun then they have to find new targets or pay the high cost dec extension.
Also the noobs will taste war for a week and maybe lose a few ships, which will be good for experience but they won't be constantly greifed for months on end, this would make it easier to ride out a dec done by pirates.

As a balance for this I think a small fee should be charged to corp jumpers when they leave a corp involved in a dec, I think 1-2 mil would be suffice, so this way if a 50 member corp shuts down to start a new corp the deccers are gunna get 50-100 mill, wich would be a good deterent to stop ppl from corp hopping during war decs.

Fallout Project
Posted - 2009.01.05 08:20:00 - [101]

Wardecs suck bcos of alts. At this moment they are more like mild annoyance than something crippling your supply lines as most reasonably organized corporations have npc corp freighter alts and most players older than 3 days have out of the box hauling/shopping alts (takes approx 1h to do). Changing the wardec itself to be meaningful is damn hard without doing something about alts.

On the other side of coin we have ofc the outlaws who can use the same tools to circumenvent their outlaw status with the same shopping/hauling alts.

Currently - if your opponents does not want to fight (either at deccing side the usual station huggers or on the 'victim' side) nothing you do can make him fight unless he decides to do so.

Taedium In Perpetuam
Posted - 2009.01.05 09:30:00 - [102]

Originally by: Mara Rinn
A couple of fixes to wardecs: first if a skill can't be trained on a trial account, don't let people flying ships requiring that skill undock unless they're in a player corp....

Ships requiring skills that can't be trained on trial accounts have absolutely nothing to do with wardecs.

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