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Lisa Trader
Posted - 2008.12.25 11:01:00 - [31]

Trading and industry. A miner or missioner can only get to a level, from which there is no possible extra improvement. Whereas a trader has a much wider horizon and can potentially get much farther, albeit with a greater investment.

Mankirks Wife
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2008.12.25 11:13:00 - [32]

I've made billions on the Timecode Bazaar forum.

Given current prices, I could theoretically make as much 2.7 billion ISK per day but I find dollars are generally more useful.

Pandorum Invictus
Posted - 2008.12.25 11:33:00 - [33]

0.0 Complexes, easy to make good cash but dont expect it too be a consistent income.

Invention too.

Posted - 2008.12.25 11:34:00 - [34]

Scamming and POS Exploits.

Lady Valory
Posted - 2008.12.25 11:36:00 - [35]

1. Fly around empire--
2. Find corps with pos's offline and either labs or arrays or corp hanger
3) war declare them
4) pop all the pos items
5) take all their stuff

This nets billions of isk and there are SO many targets that it is a growth industry!

Posted - 2008.12.25 12:09:00 - [36]

To be honest, I make enough to fund my pvp needs... I don't see the point in being happy with your income, aslong as you can afford your losses in pvp why bother worrying, unless you have a different perspective on the game ;) (that's from the best lvl4 theology council agent, I only really get blood/sansha/angel which is great.)

If you want to make the big bucks, it takes time and sometimes alot of investment... Cap ship production, manipulating markets and the next thing would probably be ratting in 0.0, where you can access the really nice faction loot if your lucky enough with exploration and all that crap.

Besides that, if you have the heart, scamming.

ghost st
Posted - 2008.12.25 12:47:00 - [37]

Until recently, cheatogel

The Illuminatii
Posted - 2008.12.25 12:54:00 - [38]


Started off with mining and manufacturing when i had low capital, once i got a comfortable sum i switched to trading and im glad i did.

Up to 4bn in capital now, made 500mil in the past 4 days so it's going well :)

Space Perverts and Forum Warriors United
Posted - 2008.12.25 13:11:00 - [39]

ISK sellers

Doom Guard
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2008.12.25 13:26:00 - [40]

i rat with one char in 0.0 while i mine with the other, then build ravens and sell for a 100mil :D

Posted - 2008.12.25 14:50:00 - [41]

I am worth 10's of billions of isk, and not one bit of it was from scamming. Mostly it comes down to me treating this game like a job far to often. All I can say is if life was this easy to make $$ in I'd be supremely rich.

Most of my money was made in empire. So those that say the real money is in 0.0 just prefer to be there.

Ivana Drake
Posted - 2008.12.25 15:00:00 - [42]

Cyber, Scamming and GTCs

Miss Uylear
The Gentlemen of Low Moral Fibre
Posted - 2008.12.25 15:02:00 - [43]

Hmm, I make money by doing naughty things to good people. T'is a shame.

I've made alot of money by being in the right place at the luckiest time.

As for what to do with all this money? Thats a hard one. If you want to hoard it, then go ahead. Rainy day and all.

But, If you have lots of money, give it to an alt that will be your PvP friend from now on. Its what my husband did for me. He loves me. Very much. He mines, now trades, and will soon be a nice little backseat boy as I take over his empire. Mwhaaa, AND HE KNOWS NOTHING!

Zachary Hayden
Posted - 2008.12.25 15:22:00 - [44]

Exploration and ratting in 0.0

Boring as hell, but sometimes its better to be alone to do what you want, rather than sitting on a gate with a blob waiting for a target to appear.

Manipulator General
Posted - 2008.12.25 16:52:00 - [45]

Find a nice exploit, and cheat.

Nova Satar
Sileo In Pacis
Posted - 2008.12.25 16:57:00 - [46]

Originally by: Manipulator General
Find a nice exploit, and cheat.

for 4 years..

LaVista Vista
Conservative Shenanigans Party
Posted - 2008.12.25 17:19:00 - [47]

Originally by: Nova Satar
Originally by: Manipulator General
Find a nice exploit, and cheat.

for 4 years..

4 years? I assume you didn't read the CSM minutes and the subsequent update from CCP?

But sure, use an exploit and get banned. Wink

Dr Sheepbringer
Halinallen veroparatiisi
Inglorious Carebears
Posted - 2008.12.25 18:12:00 - [48]

Alt for trading, alt for R&D, alt for PVP, alt for everything else too. This way you be "good" at every field. Of course I don't like it and don't do it...that's why i don't make muchos iskies :)

But think of this...basically you ALWAYS sell or buy stuff. So trading...

Gunner Chick
Posted - 2008.12.25 18:17:00 - [49]

manufacturing from some bpo's that are very sexyTwisted Evil

Snake Doctor
Posted - 2008.12.25 18:18:00 - [50]

Killing farmers. They have better drops than the rats deep in 0.0

Grek Forto
Crosshair Corp
Posted - 2008.12.25 20:40:00 - [51]

Originally by: CydonianKnight
0.0 Complexes, easy to make good cash but dont expect it too be a consistent income.

Invention too.

Posting in Cydo sponsored thread.Cool

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