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Mon Zhang
Posted - 2008.12.20 14:46:00 - [1]

Edited by: Mon Zhang on 22/12/2008 23:23:44

Yes I know its weird but my son trained a few indy skills on him.

Skill Set

- Starting/minimum bid - 1.5b
- Minimum bid increment - 250m
- Closing date and time - 12/27/08 1400 EvE time unless B/O is accepted
- Reserve price - Hidden
- Buyout price - 3b
- Sniper rule - None
- Character Location - Sing Liason region, High Sec

I will pay transfer fee.
Character has positive wallet.

Character has 10.4m sp's
Character will have Hulk, Iteron mkV, Vexor, and other misc assets
Character has positive sec stat and no bounty or kill rights
Also no speakable agents

Good Luck and Thanks for Bidding!

*EDIT* forgot the skill set and changed bid increment.

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2008.12.20 15:27:00 - [2]

Edited by: WrathOfOprah on 20/12/2008 15:27:39
I'll bid 1.5b

Market Mover
Posted - 2008.12.20 18:08:00 - [3]


this one can be saved Very Happy

Mon Zhang
Posted - 2008.12.21 14:17:00 - [4]

This is a good character. Has pretty good pvp skills as is. Only a few days away from T2 cruisers. Can also make money for you while finishing the pvp training.

Mon Zhang
Posted - 2008.12.22 12:57:00 - [5]

bump for the day..

surely this character is worth more than 2b?

keep bidding ppl.


Mon Zhang
Posted - 2008.12.22 19:32:00 - [6]

ok...i found out im leaving town tuesday night US time so im closing the auction early. there obviously isnt much interest in this character so tomorrow about this time will be the close of the auction.

Buyout is now 2.25b and first one to offer gets the toon.


Mon Zhang
Posted - 2008.12.22 23:23:00 - [7]

Auction is closed due to lack of interest.

Anyone interested in the future can contact this toon directly. Min. selling price will be 2.25b.


Posted - 2009.01.07 16:11:00 - [8]

I know you closed for lack of inrest but i would like to do a b/o at 2.25 b i also sent you a ingame eve mail i really hope to here from you soon love this toon

Mon Zhang
Posted - 2009.01.09 17:32:00 - [9]

i would be glad to accept the 2.25b buyout and pay the transfer fee. thanks for the offer. we can workout the details in game if you wish.


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