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Posted - 2008.12.19 17:45:00 - [1]

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Greetings All,

Well, pretty much as the subject suggest... Synergy bonus for training related fields.

When you have level 5 trained in a skill, there very well could be related skills associated with that skill (think the certificates or frigate training between races).

If I have frigate level 5 in one race's frigate, I would think that after achieving 3 skill levels in another race's frigate that my familiarity with frigates would provide a boost to my learning time when trying to achieve level 4 and 5 of that other races frigate skill.

In the case of certificate synergy, when attempting to gain a certificate, some skills may have been trained to level 5, specific skills, like Electronic to level 5, may produce a small synergy to anything electronically related as you can over come the learning time by shear knowledge of electronics.

This concept, in my opionion should only be viable for skills which have achieved level 5 and they would give synergy to related skills once the basics of that skill are achieved (level 3).

Or the reverse, once level 5 is reached in a skill, to learn new skills which are related to that skill either by direct association (frigates) or through indirect (certificate completion idealogy), then it may be eaiser to achieve level 3 in that skill, then the synergy starts to deplete because what you need to learn from there is so vastly different or alien.

Just an idea.

Edit: The skill system seems static as it is. The difference between heavy missiles and assult missiles or cruise missiles should not be so different, even the missiles to be used, that certain qualities of highly trained skills would not bleed into the other when it comes to knowledge and understanding?

The gap between new and old could be bridged faster when specializing (I would think).


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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