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Posted - 2008.12.14 15:35:00 - [1]

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About me
I'm pretty much a heavy miner. I've got a total of 3 accounts and soon forwarding it to a 4th which will also be a miner. I've got skills for the Orca and pretty soon with some investment freighter. And yes, I can fly the Hulk, second account got skills for coveter and is ready for Hulk as well. Third and final account is 4d from astrogeo lvl 5.

What I'm looking for is a serious corp with a large and well adopted soceity. I don't do PVP and I never will. Please send interested offers and what you can do for me to Khima ingame. Or post them here with some ref to your corp and general interest.

Mic: Chek
Vent: Chek
TS: Chek

I will also do leased contracts. The general ciritia is as follows:
1) First contract cannot occour in 0.4 and below.
2) The start fee is 8.5m isk at the minimum of 2 weeks, upon contract compleation the 8.5m will be retuned. Maximum contract time is at 3 months.
3) No WarDec'd Corps will be accepted. Special critia may apply.
4) Note: I've got a standard supplement fee of 9.2% of all the minirals i mine, which I consider fair.

PS: In busyness its no bull****, keep it strict and to the job at hand.

Thank you for your time.

Posted - 2008.12.14 16:20:00 - [2]


Jon Malkovich
Posted - 2008.12.14 16:38:00 - [3]

somebody needs to get laid....


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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