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Posted - 2008.12.11 03:04:00 - [1]

Edited by: Kleira on 11/12/2008 03:06:43
Anyone out there looking for a PVP pilot. I'd really like to find my place in eve. Lookng for a 0.0 or low sec corp to support my exploration habits. Please if your looking only to increase your numbers don't contact me.

The Kadeshi
Posted - 2008.12.11 11:30:00 - [2]

Most people recruit to boost numbers, but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll end up being a number in our corporation at all ;)

Just look at our recruitment thread at here and see what we're all about, I hope you'll understand that we put much effort in keeping everybody happy.

We're based in the Syndicate region.

The Amatuer
Posted - 2008.12.11 14:50:00 - [3]

Hi Kleira
come and have a chat with us in our recruitment channel.
Public Radec
The Amatuer

Out of Order
Posted - 2008.12.11 16:09:00 - [4]


Have a chat with us mate, we are based out of 0.0 in the Curse region in a very nice low key area with plenty of space for you to do some exploration (i am very into this myself). I've had some great luck with nice complexes out here recently. We are a group of experienced US based PvP players the average being 40mil SP. We enjoy roaming, fleet battles but no POS warfare, we live in NPC space. We have friends to fight with, and enemies to shoot at. Basically whatever you flavor, it is available to you. Contact myself or Cupdeez in game, or visit out Pub channel in game, -o3- Out of Order.


Posted - 2008.12.13 10:31:00 - [5]

Sickle MooN
Who we are:
We are a friendly corporation that participates in all aspects of the game, with the exception of piracy.

Who we are looking for:
We are looking for new and old players alike. Sickle Moon is a ˘grow out÷ corporation dedicated towards teaching members the various aspects of the game. As such we are in need of both new members that desire to learn how to play in a fun and rewarding environment, as well as experienced members willing to share their knowledge and become mentors. Once you have obtained a specialization, you can choose to remain in Sickle Moon and help others to greatness, or join one of the more specialized corporations in the alliance. We currently do not have a minimum skill point requirement, but you must not be on a trial account.

What we have to offer:
Our Alliance has three POSs dedicated to construction, research, and refining. They are located in different locations in the universe. Two are located in high sec and one is a low sec POS. As such, no matter where you are, you can mine, build, run missions, and even venture out to low or null sec with us to battle against pirates. So whether you like to mine, build, trade, or fight, we have you covered.

Come talk to us in our public chat Sickle Moon.

Overtime Alliance seeks out null sec eager pilots
-Team Oriented Atmosphere
-Members are spread world wide
- Seeking out Leaders and support
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Rico Minali
Sons Of 0din
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2008.12.13 10:45:00 - [6]

Looking for a nice close knit and friendly bunch of pirates and killers? Black Legion Command are exactly that, while we are a fairly large corp, we are very social and have that smaller corp feel.

Also we are heads of Black Legion. alliance, have a lok at the link and contact us.

I will post this on both your adds


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