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Mr Boo
Posted - 2003.06.17 20:43:00 - [1]

i like eve and its a good game, i havent been affected by too many bugs, but was wondering, does anyone have a problem that when you start opening the ingame windows that the game will begin freezing for a coupla seconds every few seconds and it gets progressively worse even after the windows close? could be a coincidence that i think its related to windows in game but after a time the game will start stuttering with 2-5 second long freezes, I also get a good amount of lag as well, though its not quite as unplayable as when it starts freezing, does anyone know of any official word from ccp that addresses this issue?

system: amd 2400+
radeon 9800 pro
1 gig pc 2700
epox nforce2 8rda+
antec 450 trupower psu
wd 40 gig 2mb cache hdd
cable internet
windows xp fully updated
Drivers: Cats, 3.4
nforce 2.03

settings FSAA 4x
aniso app preference
vsync off
truform off
refresh rate 85 hz
generic video on HQ

Posted - 2003.06.18 00:58:00 - [2]

yes I get similar problems, I DO think the windows are to blame possibly for some Crashes and freezes as many of my crashes involve windows in game particularly while in space.

I have a feeling it is the window transparency maybe causing problems with the dynamic stuff going on the background.

Can't be sure however, especialy since turning of transparency doesnt seem to affect this.

Possibly full opacity doesn't stop the calculations from happening in the background?

In other words if you make the windows opaque they LOOK opaque but maybe the client still does similar calculations as if they where transparent still?

Just a thought.

Dirty Davey
Posted - 2003.06.18 07:25:00 - [3]


a guy at the eve-i forum found a solution for the problem.. I tried it and it really works... I usual had the people and places windows open, and after a while the lag appeared...
Just close the window after using it and it takes a hell of a lot longer until the game slows down...

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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