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Armageddon Day
Posted - 2008.12.09 23:36:00 - [31]

Originally by: Blane Xero
Originally by: Niccolado Starwalker
On very general and broad terms I can add that CCP anwers all petitions! That including petitions regarding bans. I cant vouch for the outcome of such a petition ofcource. So have your friend file a petition! That is the best advice I can give you! It will be answered!

You're lying!

blalbalba our logs show nothing blablalba

Posted - 2008.12.10 00:53:00 - [32]

Speaking from a former "suspended" account... they did answer an appeal, but then were too lazy to follow up and once they realized THEY made the mistake, I never got another response... and basically sat out my suspension anyway cuz it was either that, or them admitting they made a booboo.


CCP Mitnal

Posted - 2008.12.10 12:48:00 - [33]

Please ensure that the petition is placed in the correct category, in this case it'd be rules and policies - bans. Placing petitions in the wrong category can delay any resolution to your issue.

Creating multiple petitions about the same issue adds to the workload of our customer support team and is frowned upon.

Jix Star
Native Freshfood
Posted - 2008.12.10 15:43:00 - [34]

If you put in a petition via the website without an active account, how can you check the petitions status? If you can't log in through account management then you can't check yes?

Seems a little odd to me that a petitions status cannot be checked without an active account. Makes banned account situations rather, well, tricky tbh.

Psy Co
Psy Co Corp
Posted - 2008.12.10 21:06:00 - [35]

No idea mate tbh. Interesting point though.

Psy Co
Psy Co Corp
Posted - 2008.12.11 10:08:00 - [36]

Hmm, I guess the GM's are going to be super busy since yesterdays news.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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