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Minus Delite
Posted - 2008.12.07 13:31:00 - [1]

Been looking at this and, well it seems it does not do what I hoped it would do.
I remember a time in the past when a member stole some goods from the containers stored in the corp hangers and nobody knew who it was that had done it. Someone in the alliance stated that he should look through the audits (<---I think) untill he finds who the culprit is, sure enough he found the weasel and placed him as KOS.
However I cannot find the way to do this through the auditing tab, maybe I am just missing something or maybe I am looking in the entire wrong Tab.
Any help on this would be nice and erm, well helpful.



Ps, please leave the "don't give members access" and "trust no one" responses out of this, cheers

Sidrat Flush
Eve Industrial Corp
Posted - 2008.12.07 13:38:00 - [2]

It depends entirely on what you're trying to find out and in the case of modules/ships in normal corp hangars then it's a case of detection work and reducing possibilities.

As far as I know if modules and ships are stored in a normal corp office then there will be ZERO record of who takes what. However, what you can do is see who was online and how long for during the period of suspicious activity. The times need to be very accurate and certain though as a big corp or a big window of opportunity may yield no results.

In the case of wallet or trade transactions then those are recorded and with a full api key the full record of transactions will be noted. Unless they eject the mods in space for someone else to take of course.

I'm not sure if station vaults/warehouses contains a log file though.

Good luck on your detective work as there will be some requirement.

Failing that you could always blame someone you don't like in general and get them out of the corp that way. :D, although of course the real culprit will still be amongst the ranks.

CCP Lingorm

Posted - 2008.12.08 09:29:00 - [3]

If the modules where placed in one of the 'Station Audit' Style Containers (Station Container, Station Warehouse etc), then the 'log' is available by right clicking on the container and selecting "View Log".


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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