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Posted - 2004.07.14 17:05:00 - [1]

Work issued.

Been physically threatened at work by coworker 3 times over nothing of his concern.

It's against the law here in US to verbally threaten someone with bodily harm here in US

this is 3rd time in 2 years working here.

Real life friend got me the job and care not to make any waves for him either, friend for 30 years.

Been braught to boss' attention each time and continues to happen.

I like my job and what i do but this is rediculous for a measly 8 bucks and hour plus slight commission.

My options:

1. Have him arrested.

2. Place restraining order on him(he will not be able to work here as long as I do)

3. Call Labor board and get them mixed up with continuing unsafe workplace.

4. possible law suits.

at the same time admitting that i will eventually loose my job one way or another for this whole deal.

5. Quit(no unemployment.

6. address my boss after contacting labor board(incase he deems me a threat and fires me for saying so) first and make him realize all the above and worse could happen if this escalates any farther.............

At my ropes end and completely fed up.

Some honest imput of what you might do if in same crazy screwed up situation in a small town with very limited 10 dollar an hour jobs(or better) for someone like myself

Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2004.07.14 20:33:00 - [2]

The following response is absolutely not legal advice. This is just based off of experience. Contact an attorney for the legal stuff.

First, and most important, document everything. Dates, times, exactly what was said and who you spoke with about the matter. Both the threats and the conversations with your supervisors.

Call the Labor Board and ask them what you can do. If you do not wish to report it yet, tell them so and that you would like to resolve it without it turning into something nasty. I am sure they can give you some pointers.

If you feel the threats are serious enough, get a restraining order. But definately let the boss know about it.

Contacting an attorney may not be a bad idea, just be careful and don't get one of those 'we sue for anything' types. Most decent attorneys (i know, is there such thing?) will have the tools you need to deal with this before it gets ugly.

I wish you luck.


Vex Seraphim
Posted - 2004.07.15 05:06:00 - [3]

what kinda place do you work that some ******* threatens you and the boss stfus himself?

i'm not a streetfighter or anything,
but faced with such situation i'd kick the guy sh*tless
(bear in mind, i've been in such situations, and did fight.)

Posted - 2004.07.15 08:23:00 - [4]

Edited by: mahhy on 15/07/2004 08:24:46
Originally by: Vex Seraphim
but faced with such situation i'd kick the guy sh*tless

While this would be immensely satisfiying, I'm not entirely sure its the best thing to do. Personally I'd probably call the cops and place charges against the guy. And as noted by one of the other posters I'd have tons of evidence, including if I could manage it recordings of it (video hopefully, audio at least).

But check with a lawyer first, cause taking legal advice from me is NOT a good idea.

Haita de lupi
Legiunea ROmana
Posted - 2004.07.15 11:01:00 - [5]

These are my own ramblings and not subscribed to by anyone with half a brain.

Best to follow the legal path as stated above………

But, I had a work colleague that this kinda stuff happened to and the boss did nothing, no union or stuff like that, he was on the verge of leaving when he told me what was happening. This is what he did: Followed the guy into the toilets, gave him a moment to .. unzip himself, then held a modelling knife up to his bits and told him he was on the verge of completely losing his mind if he carries on with this s**t.
To cut a long storey short, it worked and the guy left the firm 6 weeks later……….

Obviously I don’t condone violence of any sort, but bullies don’t like to have to work to get their kicks, if they think you are more crazy than them they will leave you alone.

Posted - 2004.07.15 17:18:00 - [6]

Edited by: X'Alor on 15/07/2004 17:20:58
Ya quite screwed in nature all the way around.

might as well post whole story

Life long friend of 30 years got me the job, he's expecting his first child and care not to give any grief or bring any greif to him for getting me hired.

My boss was a friend/aquaintance before working here.

This last instance was witnessed by two others and overheard by 4 others.

One the 2 witnesses are paid under table cash, he's a retiree and don't want to get him caught or involved as witness for sake of agencies finding out he's under table paid cash.

The reason they may tollerate it is the guy that is a hothead usually sells about 120 to 170k worth of merchandise every year.........I only well about 80k average. (we sell computer stuff on ebay)

we all get our own little cash perqs but no perq is worth having yourself threatened in the workplace because a co worker doesn't like you shipping an oversized box via UPS

that's what he blew up about. shipping a 26 x 26 x 26 box via UPS. what he didn't know was how much I charged, where it was going or anything.

DHL is cheaper and he was spuing all kinds of crap about save the company money yatta yatta.

thing is i set up my shipping for this as actual UPS shipping plus $25.00 packaging fee to cover oversize charges and the customer paid that.

so no matter if I sent via UPS(which i state UPS in auction so leagally binding) or DHL which might be 10 bucks cheaper for this item.......the customer still paid it and they also paid the same packaging/handling fee.

So there is no way of saving the company money.

I pointed that out and he flipped out.

I said take it up with our boss and leave me alone.....made him flip more.

then i said if i screwed up our boss will tell me......I'm doing my job as I was told and none different so take it up with him

that's where he was flexing up getting in my face threatening to "knock my head off" "I should pound you"

this guy is no means a supervisor of any kind, he has no idea what my auctions say or what my conditions are........If he does, why, he's got his own damn auctions to worry about.

So as you can see I got a few good reasons as to not wanting to create any waves. Too many friend ships involved and some are at turning points in their life and care not to rain on that.

So as you can see we have some grey areas that need not be mentioned and if i go formal and it comes out in courts really won't help the credibility of my case.

I guess my first step is to contact labor board to get my end backed up and cover my butt before going any farther or mentioning to anyone.

Honestly appreciate the advice, was feeling very cornered and at ropes end and honestly loosing some serious sleep on the issue.

And yes at that point it would have been great to give him one swift punch to the adams apple and watch him damn near choke and die but ........

If he actually hits me at work(or outta work now with witnessed threats) I will own him and his new land he just baught.

not to mention my boss/owner of loaded. if it happens at insurance covers any lawsuits on the company.......not that i'd sue him directly. I'm looking at the corporate side of things right now.

So as much fun and enjoyment it would be to cut his schwantz off ......I'd really rather take the shot and get me some serous doe.

The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2004.07.15 17:30:00 - [7]

I would use some baseball bat therapy on the guy's head!

Seriously, call the cops, have the guy arrested, then, if you want, sue the company for allowing a hostile work environment to continue in such a way where your well-being was threatened.

Posted - 2004.07.15 18:23:00 - [8]

Edited by: Teutobod on 15/07/2004 18:33:08
My idea was a bit too violent. I don't think it would be stuff for you because if it was you'd have done it already.

Posted - 2004.07.15 20:10:00 - [9]

This is not an appropriate topic for the forum

Posted - 2004.07.15 20:24:00 - [10]

I guess without the slight angered wording and suggestions of real violence but other than language not really any forum rules broken as far as I see.

1. Unless amended in this set of rules, the EVE Forum rules apply in this forum.

2. Unlike all other forums on the website, all posts here doesn’t have to be related to EVE. In fact, they can’t be related to EVE. The purpose of this forum is for all posts not related to EVE.

Being I was really feeling cornered and out of place ......looked for a vent as well as some honest advice.

Sorry if my out of pod experiance is too much for ya........

change the channel

Axemaker Inc
Posted - 2004.07.15 21:20:00 - [11]

Edited by: Attrael on 15/07/2004 21:22:06
Just lure him into a 0.0 sec system and pod him. Laughing

Ok, maybe that won't work. But what you could do is see if you can slip into his work area when he's not around and find his customer lists. Then work out deals with HIS customers for slightly less than what he would be charging. Nothing says **** off better than stealing his commissions. Very Happy

Maud Dib
The Bleeding Heart Cult
Posted - 2004.07.20 16:21:00 - [12]

First of all I'm not a lawyer so take this with a grain of salt. If I was you I would just laugh at him. Most of the time people who talk like that never do anything because they are talkers not doer's. Secondly if he did hit you it would really solve your problem and there are plenty of problems I wish I could solve with getting hit. Once he hits you you not only will he be arrested but if your boss let's him keep his job then the company will probably be liable if it happens again

So the next time he does it just laugh at him in front of others if possible.

Feta Solamnia
Posted - 2004.07.20 18:11:00 - [13]


Well, I don't know about your local culture, but over here violence threat mainly means "lets get outside". And it does.

So, I'd follow one of the two pathways:

a) Go crazy, let him know that you don't really give a **** about him or his attitude: Take yer pants down and ring your balls and say: "Now look what you've done! you scared them away!"

b) On the spot grab him, drag him outside and show him that you accept his invitation Twisted Evil. Note here, that it's not about beating his ass out, it's just about causing him some/any bodily harm. So, even if you get your ass whooped, you still made your point.

Lawyers?? Lawyers?? Ppl with lawyers are either americans or overaged Razz

Bele gorri
Solar Wind
Posted - 2004.07.20 22:15:00 - [14]

Originally by: Detaurus
This is not an appropriate topic for the forum

Why not?

All the football, beer and others then are not appropiate then.

To the point.

YOur'e been mobbed by this guy, so i see it and the solution is damm difficult as any mobbing case. If it's in the level of phisical threaten and the boss cannot ,will not , do anything you don't have any other solution but to contact your Labor board. Thats my opinion, then such cases are very personal, very difficult to talk about.

I shouldn't bring the lawyers yet, but simply try to bring this guy out of the business.

btw, i don't know if you are good or bad at your job, but the one who should tell you that is your "invisible" boss and not that miserable guy.

I hope you solve your problem

Posted - 2004.07.20 22:33:00 - [15]

Don't fight hard, fight smart...

Make sure you wind him up in such a way that can't be traced to you, i.e make a comment about how fat his mother is while no-one can hear. Then make sure when he hits you, that you have at least three witnesses. Then tell the Boss you don't want to press charges if only the guy would leave. The Boss will tell him to quit or face the ramifications of his assualt.

He quits, and if he hits you later privately you can go to the police and use the first assualt as motive. He'll probably go off to find another job and another victim, bullies usually do.

You can get on with your life

The Boss will love you 'cos by NOT pressing charges you just saved him paperwork

PS I tried this at work only to find the guy was a coward, then once i found out he was spineless I publicly backed him down and now he hassles no one, bullies are cowards Exclamation


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