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Tycho Sal
Posted - 2009.07.22 23:28:00 - [601]

Great Service! Worked absolutely flawless. Thank you!

Durkuh Durka
Oberon Incorporated
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2009.07.23 18:45:00 - [602]

Edited by: Durkuh Durka on 23/07/2009 19:30:40
Sorry if this has already been answered somewhere. I applied to EACS this morning. Could you tell me about how long I should expect before I'm accepted? I'm going to try coordinating moving my clones to their homes Friday night if it's possible.



Wow, that was fast and easy. I'll make a point of using again when I get a chance to train for max clones.

Estel Arador
Posted - 2009.07.23 21:45:00 - [603]

Thanks guys Smile

I accept users at least once a day, usually two or three times a day.

18 users yesterday.

Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
Posted - 2009.07.24 06:20:00 - [604]

Wait a second. How do you maintain those offices by providing FREE service?

Belfagor I
Posted - 2009.07.24 11:54:00 - [605]

Great service!! Is the second time I use it, in ten hours I have my 3 new JC...Thank you very much Estel!!

Estel Arador
Posted - 2009.07.24 16:33:00 - [606]

Edited by: Estel Arador on 24/07/2009 16:33:43
Thanks Belfagor I Smile

Originally by: Xikorita
Wait a second. How do you maintain those offices by providing FREE service?

I maintain those offices by paying the bills every month Wink

17 users yesterday.

Posted - 2009.07.24 23:15:00 - [607]

Used the Estel's jumpclone service today and it's a 10/10. You think you've gotten used to Eve being a cruel game and someone goes and does something totally altruistic like this. Estel is working to remove one of the main barriers to newbs who want to PvP: fear of losing your implants. If I ever wind up running a corp I'll ask new recruits to use this service before joining. Very Happy

Nick Noodle
Posted - 2009.07.25 13:51:00 - [608]

Used this service today, as said totally free, apart from the standard npc 100k isk fee which is nothing compared to loosing a set of +4's!

well reccomended Very Happy

Estel Arador
Posted - 2009.07.25 23:00:00 - [609]

Thanks guys Smile

22 users yesterday.

Maggeridon Thoraz
Posted - 2009.07.26 06:18:00 - [610]

Great Service, i was one of the 21 and 22 of yesterday:-)
great service, i give 5 stars from 5, can recommend this.

Posted - 2009.07.26 19:08:00 - [611]

Great service. Thank you.


Estel Arador
Posted - 2009.07.26 20:55:00 - [612]

Thanks guys Smile

21 users yesterday.

Posted - 2009.07.27 11:53:00 - [613]

Awesome service. I was able to get three JC's in about 15 minutes. Bravo!

Blake Nicholas
Posted - 2009.07.27 15:29:00 - [614]

This service is, without a doubt, one of the best examples of the Eve universe, and the way it can be played. Most players are occupied stealing/cheating/scamming/griefing as fast as they possibly can, and then you run up on this type of gamer. It was a breath of fresh air.
The service was exactly as described, no hassles, no fees, no problems. I was a member in a matter of a few hours, bought the jumpclones where I wanted them, and then dropped out to continue on my way.
The words, thank you, are not sufficient for these services, but I must most sincerely say them, for your improvement, to my outlook, on the Eve Universe... Thank you. There truly are some good honorable players out there, and I found some of them here...

Southern Cross Trilogy
Flying Dangerous
Posted - 2009.07.27 17:01:00 - [615]

The service being provided is outstanding! Thank you guys!

Estel Arador
Posted - 2009.07.27 21:32:00 - [616]

Thanks guys Smile

16 users yesterday.

Posted - 2009.07.28 03:48:00 - [617]

Just used this service and I must say, on a scale of 1 - 10 in tearms of awesome this is easily a 14! Will definatly use again and recommend to all my friends and corpmates.

Sophi Qurius
Posted - 2009.07.28 21:06:00 - [618]

I am thankful that I avoided a long repetition of missions, only to get a standing of 8.0 and thus getting a jumpclone. Very helpful of Estel Arador to make this easy route possible.

Estel Arador
Posted - 2009.07.28 23:08:00 - [619]

Thanks guys Smile

13 users yesterday.

Melianna vorKosigan
BNG Enterprises
Posted - 2009.07.29 03:09:00 - [620]

As one of the 13 from yesturday, I'd like to send a heartfelt thanks to Estel and EACS. As a miner, I didn't have much use for a jumpclone. It's taken me three years to finally reach the point of wanting to 'broaden my horizons' in to a more combat-oriented role. Many thanks for giving me the ability to do so without, well, losing my head. Razz Thanks for offering such a great service!

Posted - 2009.07.29 17:11:00 - [621]

Great service, thanks for providing a useful facility for us all to use :D

Estel Arador
Posted - 2009.07.29 22:48:00 - [622]

Thanks guys Smile

24 users yesterday.

Estel Arador
Posted - 2009.07.30 22:12:00 - [623]

15 users yesterday

Posted - 2009.07.31 01:08:00 - [624]

YOU ARE THE MAN !! There should never be the word "grind" in a video game, they are supposed to be fun. Estel has turned one of the most boring chores in EVE into a easy pleasure. Within 1 hour I had all 3 three of my JC's. There is no catch, and you will NOT be disappointed. Thank you again for all the time saved.

P.S. Its not much but check your wallet

Posted - 2009.07.31 17:18:00 - [625]

Thanks for the help,
I had 3 alts, plus myself get the jump clones we needed.
Cheers for how easy it was.
All the best dude.

Estel Arador
Posted - 2009.07.31 22:29:00 - [626]

Thanks guys Smile

25 users yesterday.

Posted - 2009.08.01 06:14:00 - [627]

Great job! Making jump clones with this service is pleasure :)

Harry McMaverick
Posted - 2009.08.01 08:35:00 - [628]

thx for this great service

Omarous III
Posted - 2009.08.01 13:54:00 - [629]

Made my clones today, worked like a charm. Thanks for the great service.

Vereorxe Proeliator
Posted - 2009.08.01 21:45:00 - [630]

Worked Perfect!!! The real deal and greatly appreciated. Let me save my old implants for a future glorious pvp death and get into my next set of implants. Best player provided service in eve for getting more enjoyment out of the game.

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