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Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2004.07.12 23:24:00 - [1]

Killing an npc battleship yields a +.4% security status improvement, if one hasnt killed anything else within the past 15?? minutes. Killing a player yields -.5% for agression, -2% for ship destruction, and -9% for podding (i think). If I attack a group of players and need to kill some off to gain control of the situation and ransom the last ship, I'm looking at a -1.0+ security drop. Conversely, to gain back that 1 point I must farm 0.0 npc spawns for days. This seems like another severe blow to empire piracy, sec hits didnt use to be nearly this bad, and it was possible to gain status for *every* npc killed not just one per 15 minute period. Consider allowing every npc killed to give faction bonuses and/or reducing pvp sec hits. Do other people think this is a balanced system?

Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2004.07.12 23:42:00 - [2]

Actually imho atm its pretty balanced or even to easy to gain sec.

Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2004.07.12 23:46:00 - [3]

in 0.0 there is no sec hit.Above you arent supposed to sluaghter everyone , at best destroy a ship that you parturaly want to see in heaven.

So the system is good as it is.

The Spang
Posted - 2004.07.12 23:49:00 - [4]

So that's how it works... I keep getting mostly 0.01-2% for NPC Bships but my log shows a few 0.4% which I previously had no idea where they came from.

Either way, my security is increasing at amazing speeds. I go up like .3 / day which is faster than I could ever imagine.

Lethal Corp
Posted - 2004.07.13 00:36:00 - [5]

/me thinks back to the good old days when u killd 1 frig npc and got +10 in sec stat... :p

now i have to hunt for days to gain 0.1 in sec stat..

Broski Enterprises
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2004.07.13 00:45:00 - [6]

Yeah I remember those days too, got me to 9.3 sec status just before Castor. Had 10.0 with CONCORD and 9.6 with Jove too... then came the nerf =(

Posted - 2004.07.13 01:39:00 - [7]

Besides pkers(-5.1 sec), ore thieves, and those whom are at war with your corp, you shouldn't really attack/kill another player. That is unless you wanted to become a pk as well. As far as the current security rate I think it is pretty good.

Frank Horrigan
Vault 35
Posted - 2004.07.13 02:37:00 - [8]

If your going to be killing in empire all day...

Im guessing your sec status SHOUD be that low. what do u want it to take 5 months of doing it to get to -5.0?

or how about you just dont pod kill if you dont need the sec rating?

Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2004.07.13 03:06:00 - [9]

well i think its pretty cool now.
ive gone from -4.4 to -1.2 in a few weeks,just so i could see my home system amarr.
spent 5 minutes there,realized the place sucked and went back to curse,havent been back sinceRazz

Posted - 2004.07.13 03:19:00 - [10]

You just have to understand that Rivek likes to complain. You should have heard his ranting after my corpmates ganked his ship AFTER HE declared war on US. He said it wasn't fair. I guess his 2-man corp shouldn't have declared war on a 200+ man corp.

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2004.07.13 03:29:00 - [11]

f'nog, i dont suppose you have any logs of this?


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