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Posted - 2008.11.23 00:38:00 - [1]

Edited by: Khima on 23/11/2008 00:53:19
Long story made short I had this idea about how we could improve our GUI/UI. What we got today, is outdated, its bulky, its ugly, lacks and/or all parts of decent custom parts. Now I am not bashing our UI, i'm pointing out that its outdated and it needs a severe overhaul!

What >I< want.
- Customizastion
- Utility
- Versitility.

My ide!
Now, I am pretty sure that eveyone knows what Tetris is, I aussume we all also know what Lego is indeed?

My idea is quite simply based upon the frightingly simple idea that we should be able to peice our UI together like Lego's, stacking and putting together windows as we feel like it. Not only would this allow us to put the UI up like we saw fit but PvP players, Carebears (no pun) and eveyone else of EvE could make up a UI that fit specficly to there needs!

Amogst things I've picked these few:
- Windows can fade from 0%(compleately invisible) to 100% (totaly visisble) when butten X is pressed.
- Butten X highlights its corrospondingly assigned window. This could be V bound to the Chat window.
- Flip windows, being able to flip a window out of view while your holding down a key would be plain awsome, being able to view some information in the background (obscured by your currently shown window) you hold down a butten and the window flips away and you can see whats behind it. (this should keep the currently flip'd window selected)

That was the more grown up stuff, here comes the kiddy stuff.

- Being able to change the SHAPE and Colur to each window! I'm talking traiangles, circels, t****tz etc! Being able to put together a neatly shaped and stacked window would spice up the currently rather gloomy and dull UI. Also, LIGHTSPOTS! Places where you can put an ambiant light source so when you blew up an enemy ship the entire enviorment of your UI could change corrosponding to that!

Intelligent UI's! Get them here today!Laughing

- Lights and bits bolts! Being able to make the UI look like your ship would be awsome! Being a Mirmatar your overview would consitant with bolts, scrap plates and bailing wire!
- Age of Empire like UI editor! Enable the entire community to make a UI to what they like! Proffesional UI's could be bought for real money!

Thats about that for now!


Elbows and arses here gents, this game has so much potential and it pains me to see it so wornout and "standard" like. It just needs some new paint, more community versetility and some good around ingenuity!

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Posted - 2008.11.23 00:51:00 - [2]


Good idea, but alot of the tools you speak of are already in game, i was thinking maybe "skins" i dont see how you could implement the bolts and scrap metal in tho, i think you would just end up having a big box on your screen.. but being able to change the shape / colour of your mods would be pritty cool, you could then build up on that E.G, (colours = group) button X = activation on/off of that group.

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