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Pringles Inc.
Posted - 2004.07.09 22:37:00 - [1]

By "old" I mean those who started playing the game at the time it was released, or even during any beta stage.

I'm reading a pretty lengthy story written by someone who claims to be one such player and he claims that he paid 35 millions for a Moa. Was that possible at the time?

Free Corp
Posted - 2004.07.09 22:40:00 - [2]


And... it's still possible - want one for 35 mil? ;)

Pringles Inc.
Posted - 2004.07.09 22:41:00 - [3]

So he didn't get ripped off and that amount would've been average at the time?

Sphere Industries
Posted - 2004.07.09 22:44:00 - [4]

MOA never cost that much, no way

Posted - 2004.07.09 22:47:00 - [5]

Edited by: Procion on 09/07/2004 22:49:10
in beta npc prices for ships were really high ,225m+ for a battleship Laughing
that was back when there were no blueprints ingame apart from for ammo one's
i think the only corps who managed to get a battleship in the last stage of beta was omega corp and rus corp

Pringles Inc.
Posted - 2004.07.09 22:54:00 - [6]

Okay, thanks for the input.

If anyone's interested in reading the story, it's there:

As far as I'm concerned I'm quite convinced that it's basically a big, romanticized heap of lies, but since I wasn't there at the time the author claims to have played the game, I can't really tell.

High Voltage Industries
Ash Alliance
Posted - 2004.07.09 22:56:00 - [7]

Edited by: SlightlyMad on 09/07/2004 22:59:08
people have paid 80 million for a shuttle or 100mill for 1 ISK

So I guess it could happen Very Happy

Seriously though.

I think MOA's was some 15M at the highest when they first showed. Nothing says he didn't pay that much tho. But he didn't need to unless he really wanted. Smile

Posted - 2004.07.09 22:56:00 - [8]

Dont think moas ever got that high. If i remember right Tier 3 cruisers started around 20million maybe less.

Gundog Prime
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2004.07.09 22:59:00 - [9]

Edited by: Gundog Prime on 09/07/2004 23:00:37
I remember lending Vlademeir 4mil (He had more cash of his own) for his and in fact our first Cruiser (Crusader Exploration / Free Space Exploration) and then he went head to head with CONCORD and lost it ShockedVery Happy I Believe he did manage to pod a miner he was paid 1mil to kill though before CONCORD Pwn'd him Twisted Evil

Kilhu Emmek
Redshift Industrial
Rooks and Kings
Posted - 2004.07.09 23:12:00 - [10]

I paid 250k for my first probe.

NPC bastards. Wink

Vengeance of the Fallen
Curse Alliance
Posted - 2004.07.09 23:17:00 - [11]

Edited by: Tristan on 09/07/2004 23:20:10

It wasnt Battleship BP's Procion. it was cruiser prints, OC had the Thorax and someone else had the MOA print and someone else got the Maller (RUS got Maller?)

There was some usual bug about missing skills or something, the usual "woot new item/BPO, damn no skill to go with it!" Same mistake STILL keeps being made. then we get other things like Jump drives where the skill has been around for eons and... no item. Wtf..

AFAIK anyway, unless there was some other beta event i dont remember?

Best thing was buying ships that came pre fitted from the market, Breechers had miner V's fitted :)

Constellation Guard
Posted - 2004.07.09 23:33:00 - [12]

the expensive moa sounds possible to me- of course any ship could be sold at any price if a player was the only one selling in a certain region. it would depend on what region you were looking at prices and if some of the first players started selling that high.

at release thoraxes were definately over 14mil (back then i thought i would never be able to fly one since even 100k was a lot to me at that time;).

about a month or so in, i was trying hard to afford my first cruiser and i had chosen omen (lev 2 cruiser) the first one i bought was around 11mil and i felt LUCKY i got that low a price. then when they dropped to 9mil i bought another--i rushed to buy it before another player did, was so worried i'd miss out on such a good deal;)

when the superhighway was put in all regional markets simultaneously crashed, even lev3 cruisers dropped to a low of around 6mil for a while. then with meg and zyd scarcity, and slightly higher common mineral prices-- the prices for cruisers have stabilized in a low-middle range we have today.

btw... way back then we were running blockades at gate fronts with no sentrys, was quite a rush-- every now and then old m3g4 would almost get one of my omens, but thanks to some piloting skill i still have both those original omens to this day;)

Gan Ning
Posted - 2004.07.09 23:42:00 - [13]

I remember seeing Moas for 16mil back in the day, I think sellers played on peoples ignorance of not knowing how much it cost to actually make the ships so they benefited from huge profit margins until people found out the true value of ships like the Moa and pricewars ensued, making it drop to around 6-7mil. The market was different back then, everything was new ground so there wasn't any real right or wrong.

If you fast forward to today you will pretty much the same story with interceptors, and you wonder why people complain that their full insurance only covers a fraction of the cost of their interceptor compared to what they paid for it.

But the market is dynamic and is always changing.

If I told you that once upon a time, Cu vapour mining lasers were selling at 5mill a piece, you'd never believe me. If I told you cruiser prototype gauss guns were selling at 7mill, you'd never believe me. If I told you once upon a time you could get zydrine for under a 1000 isk a piece, you'd laugh out loud.

Back then, corporations needed to pool their funds together to buy BPo's and negotiate copies, but now, even an individual can buy a BS bpo. ISK and wealth in EVE is not spread regionally, its concentrated in individuals and powerful corporations who effectively control the market.

Zydrine has inflated four and a half times the normal npc price, Megacyte was as high as almost 20k earlier this year and has thankfully fallen to around 6-6.5k. Iso is up, nocx is up, pyrite is up, only mex has fallen.

As corporations grow and expand, empire is being mined out, the ore rate of growth is simply not enough to keep up. These things all have a knock on effect to the price of ships, ammo and mods.

Wars boost the economy by creating a demand in ships but also boost the prices of mega/zyd as there is less people to mine it and bring it safely back to empire thus the price goes up ridiculously.

In certain regions where there are no wars, there is no reason for mega and zyd to be so high. But no one will sell for less when they can make more. Driving down the price of mins back to NPC levels takes a unified effort and much co-operation between corporations and traders.

Posted - 2004.07.09 23:46:00 - [14]

I never think MOAS's were that much. THe MOA was 6 million or so back when they first came out. They were regarded as the best cruiser back then also. Not alot of people had enough money to buy a cruiser so the prices of 5 or 6 7 8 million was alot.

10+ million for a cruiser? Never. And I have been playing since day 1 of retail. But then again people always arent so bright so anything is possible.

Rage and Terror
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2004.07.09 23:54:00 - [15]

Originally by: Procion
Edited by: Procion on 09/07/2004 22:49:10
in beta npc prices for ships were really high ,225m+ for a battleship Laughing
that was back when there were no blueprints ingame apart from for ammo one's
i think the only corps who managed to get a battleship in the last stage of beta was omega corp and rus corp

I remember having a BS in the last stages of beta. The last day to be exact. Many flew BS that day Cool

Destructive Influence
IT Alliance
Posted - 2004.07.10 00:00:00 - [16]

Edited by: Kayosoni on 10/07/2004 00:04:04

OC had the Moa print in beta.

Moas in retail started at 20m, and some people even did BYOMx2 deals at first (like what hooded monk did for armas.) The prices dropped rapidly to about 8-9m until better researched prints were out and megacyte had gone down below 7000.

We got a infi BPC for 20m back then :)

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2004.07.10 00:11:00 - [17]

Moas were sellin on the market at 24m when i first started playing eve, not to long after release, so it could well be that some peeps were chargeing more 4 them but 20-25m was certainly the moa/maller average

Destructive Influence
IT Alliance
Posted - 2004.07.10 00:13:00 - [18]

It was 20m for about one week. within another week it was 10m.

People just tried to get in on the quick cash for stupid people who want the best thing NOW. Of course, they pay 3x the cost for not waiting a couple weeks.

Divine Creation
Posted - 2004.07.10 00:26:00 - [19]

I read thru the link and noticed he mentioned the ship was fully outfitted with the best gear so i can understand it costing 35mill if it had proto rails named AB's and MWD's etc.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2004.07.10 00:27:00 - [20]

Moas would go 35 mil i imagine, at one point in beta, there were only the L1 cruisers. Then they released on of moa, thorax, rupture, and maller bpos.

Since their was an exploit earlier in beta, and some people had alot of spare isk... ya its possible. The demand was huge after all.

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2004.07.10 01:28:00 - [21]

Yes, Moa's along with other level 3 cruisers ranged from 14 to 20 mil in the early days. It took a good 6-8 weeks after release before we saw the prices come down to the 7 mil range.

I paid 12 mil for my first Rupture, a corp mate got a "good deal" on a Moa for 14 and so on and so on.

Canis Lupus
Posted - 2004.07.10 03:24:00 - [22]

I remember when every single person in eve was given 200,000 isk because the server had to be "rolled back" to the prior configuration/data save the day before. So anything you did for about 18 hours was lost. Poof. Just like that. If your ship was gone, it came back. If you mined all day, well .. the ore aint there.

This affected the market big time. Frigates shot up in price by 10x, with cheap ones running in the 250k isk range. The reason being that EVERYONE, even brand new players, had 200k.

It was during this time I believe cruiser pricing was also rampantly high. 35 mill within one region with none others for sale isn't unspeakable. Especially in non-caldari space.

November Corporation
Posted - 2004.07.10 03:31:00 - [23]

even in beta when the first moa bps were out, they sold for 15mil each, but only because back them 1mil was like 10mil today

comparatively, its like buying a battleship

but during retail, the average price was never past 25mil

Posted - 2004.07.10 03:32:00 - [24]

back when we started, NPC had (if i remember correctly) roughly a 300% price... if it costs 100%(minerals), they earned 200% ontop... Rolling Eyes

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2004.07.10 06:19:00 - [25]

NPC value for MOA was about 16 mil back in the day. When CCP stopped seeding the market with ships I still don't think I seen one go for more than 15 mil or so. Mega was about 3k each and zyd was 700 each back then too. Oh I paid 226 mil for my Raven in Beta Embarassed

First CityWide Change Bank
Posted - 2004.07.10 06:35:00 - [26]

Most definitely got a deal on that badass Thorax for 16M (Bought it from Asguard Industries). We had to sell two Vexors to make the money, but it was worth it! First ship I didn't do a BYOM on.

I remember Moas were the prefered ship at the time, and went for about 18M. This was certainly in the first month of release. NOBODY was in a Battleship at the time. I know, because I was one of about the first 50 or 100 in one (thanks to the old chaining).

Posted - 2004.07.10 07:54:00 - [27]

Edited by: Ixianus on 10/07/2004 07:55:43
I was there, prices in the beginings would make a "rich" person now a relative peasent.

Posted - 2004.07.10 09:47:00 - [28]

It wasnt Battleship BP's Procion. it was cruiser prints, OC had the Thorax and someone else had the MOA print and someone else got the Maller (RUS got Maller?)

i didnt mean BP's i meant the only 2 corp's to actually save up and buy a battleship from NPC in the last stage of beta.

I remember having a BS in the last stages of beta. The last day to be exact. Many flew BS that day

everyone had a bship and maxed skills on armageddon day Very Happy

DeerHunter GE
Posted - 2004.07.10 11:15:00 - [29]

An Omen did cost about 9.5 mios in Beta.
An Maller about 15 mios, i assume that an Moa was about the same price in far as i remember.....

Ris Dnalor
Fleet of Doom
Posted - 2004.07.12 03:50:00 - [30]

It's possible. If it's true he probably bought one of the first ones to roll off the assembly line.

The thing you need to remember is that in the early days, noone had a print for cruisers or battleships. noone. There was a mad dash for people to acquire those. Imagine if you acquired one, & the only one. & you just blew your entire wad that your corp had devoted all their time to earning.

It was much like cloaking devices or +4 implants. You had a monopoly & people wanted your ships. I don't recall the exact price of the cruisers, b/c personally i stayed in my inustrial untill i earned enough cash to buy my first battleship. It was a typhoon. I paid 103m isk for it. It was NOT one of the first ones to roll off the assy line either. It was probably 6 weeks after they began rolling off the line, & I do remember when Typhoons were selling for in excess of 150m isk. & this was during a time when you could by Megacyte for around 1800 isk per unit, & Zydrine for around 800 isk.

tralala :P

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