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The Ashen Lion Syndicate
Posted - 2008.11.21 16:41:00 - [1]

I have a laptop and until recently a wireless network I was using. Now the wireless has been removed and I was looking at mobile broadband to browse the net and play EVE, not looking for epic fleet fights just the ability to log in and do stuff like chat trade etc.

Anyone else use mobile broadband and eve? And what is the performance like?

Any particular recommendations would be awesome!


Terraprobe Dynamics
Posted - 2008.11.21 17:04:00 - [2]

Edited by: Benco97 on 21/11/2008 17:06:58
Major question regarding mobile broadband in the UK....Where do you live?
If, like me, you live in Wales or some other remote area then chances are you'll only be able to use the same speed connection as a non-3g mobile phone has. However, if you live somewhere that has actually joined the 21st century (99% of England) then you'll have a fine, High speed connection in most places.

The 3g and better connection aren't even broadcast in my area for miles around, my mobile broadband's MAX speed is ~200kbs.

Best answer is go into an actual mobile provider's shop on the highstreet and have them use your details to find coverage for your area. From what I've seen Orange and Vodaphone are the two leaders in UK mobile broadband so start with those.

Hope some of that was helpful instead of some rambling mess like I normally write.

Edit- Oh yes, performance. Well, on my connection (Currently vodaphone) I can top out at 200kbps, which isn't too bad really and is fine for eve if you're a trader/miner or just like to chat. I wouldn't really feel happy taking it into large confrontations but i'm sure it's also fine for ratting and small gangs.

Pat Sharp's Potato Rodeo
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2008.11.21 17:38:00 - [3]

You can check t-mobile's coverage on here. Make sure you select 3G.

Elliot Reid
Digital Fury Corporation
Posted - 2008.11.21 20:14:00 - [4]

Someone in my Corp uses a USB mobile broadband dongle thingy and he has constant TS discons during primetime and he does have some issues with discons from EVE.

John McDuff
Jovian Labs
Jovian Enterprises
Posted - 2008.11.21 21:20:00 - [5]

Can't help you much in terms of UK coverage, i'm in the Netherlands, but i use my pda's connection for EVE from time to time and for the stuff you describe (trading, chatting) its all fine. When in an area with 3G coverage (HSDPA) performance is almost as snappy as my cable at home, the download is even faster (though my cable is of the cheap variety) but you'll have a considerable loss in connections per second compared to a hardline or wifi.

If you are just sitting in station chatting to your corpmates, checking mail and doing skills and such even GPRS (when inbetween 3G coverage areas) will do. You'll have some longer waits ofcourse (login, undocking and jumping especially) but otherwise for those purposes its good. At least when you are killing time in a bus or train like i am. Forget about pvp or pve though.


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