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Posted - 2004.07.09 12:23:00 - [1]

Client side lag was also reduced, but still remains under various circumstances, increased EVE client memory usage could be the fault for many of you with only 256MB of RAM. If you are encountering severe client side lag frequently, I would very much appreciate a Log Server log during this period, along with a dxdiag log submitted through our Bug Report section. This also applies to the most annoying bug of all, the "Oh-my-ship-turned-into-an-asteroid-having-wierd-relations-with-my-Raven-on-a-secure-container" syndrome. I would very very very (very) much like more logs of this happening.

can anyone please tell me how to use the log server and how to send a graphics reportQuestionQuestion i don't ever recall CCP telling how to do thisQuestionQuestion and i would really like to help out because i have the same problems stated above. exspecially when i was in fleet battle's it was the worst.

i had up to 3 to 4 different ships attached to mine along with a constant torpedo off to the distance explodeing every 3 secondsQuestionQuestion of course a simply jump through a gate would fix this, but i would really like to help CCP on getting this fixed.


ISD Interstellar Correspondents
Posted - 2004.07.09 12:28:00 - [2]

You can read all about that in this thread.

It's been there for a while Wink

Posted - 2004.07.13 11:37:00 - [3]

Embarassed thx palVery Happy


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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