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Divinity Within
Posted - 2008.11.18 13:20:00 - [1]

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I hope this is the right place, if note please feel free to moveEmbarassed

I have a slight dilemma with my connection. Because I am a total fraud I like to change skills while I am at work and up until recently I could.

I have had a word with my companies IT bods and they told me they had tightened up the firewall routines. So this is where you guys come in and point me in the right direction. With it being a firewall related problem I thought it would be as easy asking my IT to open up port 26000, but I was so wrong!

So hear is my IT departments comments if someone could enlighten me?

“Port 26000 has now been opened for LAN (i.e. internally) initiated requests. Hopefully this will prove to be correct for your application, but if not, you may need to speak to the software vendors to establish exactly what rules are required”.

Thanks in advance


Divinity Within
Posted - 2008.11.19 11:19:00 - [2]

Bump for HelpSmile

Leelo Atriedes
TransGalactic Networks
Posted - 2008.11.19 13:28:00 - [3]

Their answer is that they won't let you outside your own company.
LAN is Local Area Network ("internally" as they say) and that is no use for you.

You need WAN (Wide Area Network) access, or in other words; Internet access. Othervise your attempts would be futile.

Divinity Within
Posted - 2008.11.20 13:38:00 - [4]

Thanks for the responce, i managed to find this on the forum and it has solved my problem Very Happy

"If you are connecting from behind a corporate or personal firewall, you will need to enter the server's IP address into your firewall configuration, which is port 26000 when using TCP/IP"


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