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Liz Bathory
Direct Intent
Posted - 2004.11.30 07:25:00 - [421]

bazman, that seems to be the prefferec solution amongst pvper's tjat i have talked to
only a very few, very stupid bs pilots think that it should remain exactly as it is now, most agree witht he idea that cruise and above simply shoul;d not be able to hit a frigate in a tight orbit

Ramm's RDI
Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2004.11.30 09:49:00 - [422]

Whatever changes end up being brought in need one thing to maintain balance, damage at range.

Making it difficult to hit frigs with big missiles at close range makes sense, reducing damage to frigs that do get hit by big missiles at close range doesn't make sense but is not going to destroy balance. However at long range missile users must be able to do equal amounts of damage as large turret users otherwise it is not balanced.

We all know that at long range large turrets can do huge amounts of damage to frigs, instantly and with no flight time delay or chance of being counterd. In my Apoc I can hit frigs for 500+ damage a shot from ranges between 30 and 70 KM.

Missiles must still be capable of doing this kind of damage when at range even if they get nerfed once the frig gets up close and personal.

The Rough Riders
Ares Protectiva
Posted - 2004.11.30 10:45:00 - [423]

My 0.02 Isk about what should be done to balance missiles:

- Missile cost reduction (already done)

- Missile speed increase
for example:
1km/sec for citadel torps
1.5km/sec for torps
3km/sec for cruises
4km/sec for heavies
5km/s for rockets, lights and defenders

- A fixed defender, and equivalent turret-based system (because smartbombs are going to be pretty pathetic anti-missile defenses if missiles are faster).

- signature based damage: I know it's not like that in reality, and I imagine how many Raven users will scream about torps doing 50 damage to an inty, but since changing the agility of missiles seems too hard to be done with that game, it's the only solution I can think of...

IT Alliance
Posted - 2004.11.30 11:26:00 - [424]

is it me? or is this ome kind of "dig old tread" thing going on Shocked

firt my post, then some other, and now this

Ramm's RDI
Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2004.12.02 08:58:00 - [425]

Must be people trawling through old posts while waiting the 3 hours it takes em to log in. :)

Hiro Endgame
Posted - 2006.04.14 14:10:00 - [426]

I'm far from all-knowing on the topic of the missiles controversy, but I had a couple ideas that may be useful in balancing out the system.

1) Missiles do more damage against an approaching target, but turrets do not. In fact, turrets may miss in some cases because their tracking will overshoot (i.e., miscalculate how far to lead the target). With missiles, if you are flying full speed straight into a missile warhead, the damage should reflect that.

2) Missiles overload shields more quickly. Its an easy fix; so easy it could be effective without changing missile damage at all. Since a missile does massive damage in a single instant at a specific point, why assume the shield can take the entire hit? Have some of the missile's damage spill through the shields and into the armor and hull! This is cool because it creates a sense of urgency and devastation without really changing anything. People won't be taking any extra damage, but it creates a whole 'nother mind set when the guys putting hits on your structure right away.

3) Ive seen posts with people mentioning a couple things that I liked... a lot. Like minimum flight times before the missiles can detonate. Have a 5-10 second delay before torps and the like can explode, giving them an effective minimum range, giving people an incentive to try and close on a missile boat. I also saw info about flak guns and aircraft, which got me thinking, "Why not have something like that in Eve"? Have a turret with a spread that fires 5-6 less powerful rounds in the general area of the target, so you can at least land hits on orbitting inti's and other annoyances? This works well because, if all 6 rounds ever hit, it does an amount of damage comparable to a heavy turret; so it's better than just sticking a smaller gun on your ship.

If missiles ever get a minimum range effect, you could have the smae thing with a type of swarm missiles which act like rockets, but can be fired out of a heavy launcher. The balancing fact would be these have the same r.o.f as the launcher, making them not as good as rockets for the close range, but a viable option. It would also be a very aesthetically pleasing thing, seeing 6 missiles pour out of a launcher and fly into a target, causing a chain of little, pretty explosions on the side of your enemy.Twisted Evil

It might have all been said before, but why not make your first post about something you really want to say? Cheers.Wink

The Corporation
Cruel Intentions
Posted - 2006.04.14 14:13:00 - [427]

Originally by: Hiro Endgame
It might have all been said before, but why not make your first post about something you really want to say? Cheers.Wink

Please, next time do it in a thred that's not two years old.

Posted - 2006.04.14 14:23:00 - [428]

As the last post says, thread resurrection is bad mmkay?

If you got an idea you want to share you should start a new thread, as the last 15 pages are 1.5 years out of date Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2006.04.14 15:16:00 - [429]

Edited by: Malena on 14/04/2006 15:19:23
What about defenders? How will this effect them, since they naturally fly out and away, then try to chase the target down (which is one of the most annoying things, IMHO) As it is right now, they aren't particularly viable as a defense in fleet action, but they are decent for helping get through a camp...could take out one or two of the incoming missiles, which allows you to have a chance when in a hauler, instead of just getting owned. Would a defender that hit a torpedo head on be able to take it out in one hit?

<edit> oh...poor form! Reviving an ancient thread like this simply because TomB authored it and you know people will read it...low. Effective, unfortunately, it got me involved because I didn't check the date quick enough, but low.

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2006.04.14 15:39:00 - [430]

/me brandishes a holy cross

Situation: Normal
Posted - 2006.04.14 15:45:00 - [431]

Thread necromancy is bad, mmkay?

Kala Veijo
Veto Corp
Posted - 2006.04.14 16:03:00 - [432]

Devs might actually find something that kills missiles completely! /me takes out shovel. Back to teh grave!

Posted - 2006.04.14 16:08:00 - [433]

Edited by: LWMaverick on 14/04/2006 16:08:28

The Wizz117
Posted - 2006.04.14 16:22:00 - [434]

Edited by: The Wizz117 on 14/04/2006 16:26:04

Hard Rock Mining Co.
Territorial Claim Unit
Posted - 2006.04.14 16:37:00 - [435]

Edited by: Gungankllr on 14/04/2006 16:42:55
Edited by: Gungankllr on 14/04/2006 16:40:23
/emote sprays holy water on the search box

/emote screams at DS and HK to not cross the particle streams

*Runs before the Sleestak gets him

*Changed to link, tired this am


Posted - 2006.04.14 17:18:00 - [436]

Those sound like really good ideas to me, it would give missle ships a bit more specific role and would be more "true-to-life." It would also give a great way to try to avoid getting pwned all the time by missle spammers :)

Irrepressible Mirth
Posted - 2006.04.14 17:23:00 - [437]

1) let 2 year old threads die.

2) stop bumping it (like i am now)

3) pse do not feed the noobs.


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