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Molinaar Finn
Posted - 2008.11.03 05:48:00 - [1]

A CEO should have the ability to take back shares given to members when they leave or are expelled from the corporation. As shares are not purchased by members there is no loss and it makes no sense to have people NOT in the corp possessing shares which could influence voting and such. Now if at a later date CCP implements public trading or if shares need to be purchased then I have no problem with 'outsiders' acquiring or retaining shares within a corp to which they do not belong. Of course the purchase of shares should pass through the CEO (if in the future public trading is implemented) in order for a CEO to prevent people who have been expelled or are a red-negative from gaining a controlling or even an influential interest in the corp.

Just my opinion. Take it for what it's worth. Have a nice day.

Posted - 2008.12.11 21:33:00 - [2]


Whole-heartedly and without exception, I disagree. I find this is nothing more than your lack of understanding on why shares are used, how to use them, why they should be given, and how a CEO can correct an issue with excessive shares.

You should start by looking into the meaning of a Sub-C corporation. All established Sub-C style corporate play would be thrown like chaff into the wind. With shares the way they are, I am permitted to have an active voice in multiple corporations. One of the major problems with the corporate perception in Eve, is that far too many players treat a corporation like a guild-hall, or "Clan Brand" if you will.

Once that player joins, he has the title, and association with your group. Now, why give him shares? Does he have an active part in the development of the corporate structure? Let's say the answer is yes, and he gets a healthy share, say 10%. Now he gets the boot, and you don't want him weighing down your votes. A good way to minimize your loss, is to add additional shares. With a 1000 share corp model, double the shares, and his 10% becomes a 5% vote, or even better, add 9000 shares and that 10% becomes 1%. They are only shares afterall; not like you have a limit on how many you can make. That's one reason total shares is so important, and public information. Somone can offer you 10,000 shares of a corp, but if they have 100m shares, it dosen't mean squat. Just be sure to increase everyone's shares proportionately as you increase the overall total (Except the guy you want to squash).

I respect your opinion, and had felt the same way with one of my earlier corporations. In the end, it was a mistake on my end, one that could be prevcented in the future with forethought. You have inspired me to write a suggetion which I will give some thought to before posting.

Good day.

Huan CK
Garoun Investment Bank
Posted - 2008.12.11 21:35:00 - [3]

Have to agree, there should not be an option to take back shares. That would mess up a big part of the eve-market and corporations who use shares as the way they are intended, as investments into their corp so they can kickstart whatever they've created a businesplan for.

The only things shares need is a way to trade them safely :)

Posted - 2008.12.11 21:48:00 - [4]

i totaly agree!!! if a member has stop play eve or quit corp or booted for any reason the shares should not be removed with ceo power it should be returned automaticly to corp as tho those shares were never distributed. if a member is afk for months it should require a vote to get them back to corp but as i said before all returned shares should defalt back to corp as it was never distributed.

making sub corps or any sort of discriminatory devision of shares is not allowing your players to truly partake in corperation funtions. if your a smart ceo you hold 51% of shares and all remaing share increase in value the more you own making it billions of isk for your 100th share.

this smart ceo should not partake in votes with 51% of his shares for he can win every vote so ceo must use an alt who fairly purchase shares or just simply express his oppinion and see how his leadership may perswade votes to his share plan is 1 hare is 1 million isk for every share after you double the ammount.

my share plan leaves a large number of the 49% of shares unpurchased allowing new members to come in and make a differance but the richer members hold more shares if they want thier oppinin to be stonger. thoe more isk you you contribute the more say in corp you have.

Kiki Arnolds
Allied Caprican Heavy Industries
Posted - 2008.12.12 05:27:00 - [5]

Actually, the solution to this, while respecting those who like the current system is multiple stock classes.

Your paticular issue would be addressed by close corp rules: There is a par value set for shares, when a players leaves the corp for whatever reason, their shares are liquidated at the par value, they get the isk, the corp gets back it's shares. I guess if the corp lacked funds to buy back the shares, the player keeps them...

You could create voting shares without the right to dividends, non-voting shares that get dividends but not voting rights... and tie any or all of them to continued corp membership (or not, as you prefer when they are issued)

Posted - 2008.12.12 06:43:00 - [6]

how bout a share vote to recall shares, must have a 9 - 1 vote for it anybody who doesn't vote isn't countered but it should take a month for the vote to be finished so you have plenty of time to vote. Possibly make so that anyone who votes no can keep their shares.

meh probably not best idea but we need some way to get shares back from members who are no longer playing =s.


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