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Posted - 2008.10.27 11:25:00 - [1]

Just looking for a corp to join... im "lost in space" so to speak.
Hoping to find a corp that accepts newer players into their corps to fly with other newer players and people to help me understand this game better (as it is VERY complicated :D).
Im pretty peaceful and not into "pirating" or "griefing" as ive heard of.
I can fly all amarr frigates and working on cruisers with bigger lasers... and have skill for mining.
I also have online gaming experience if that helps.
Hope to hear from you :)

Duke Mimada
Posted - 2008.10.27 11:42:00 - [2]

Hi there

We have a mix on new and older players, lots of help n advice given, here is our recruitment thread (i hope)

or you can convo Duke Mimada or Greedy Monkey in game, or join "Tainted Recruitment" channel

Posted - 2008.10.27 11:53:00 - [3]

hi thnx for responding :)
your link was broken :( but i found your recruit post anyway :P
im going to keep my options open for a couple o days and then ill get back to you... i do like bananas though hahaha (trust me its relevant, for others that are reading ^^)

Butterfly Effect Corp.
Lorenz Alliance
Posted - 2008.10.27 14:39:00 - [4]

Brothers In Scarlet is actively looking for newer players to join our growing and expanding corporation. Every week we've been able to gain and retain new players so that anyone that joins will have other people to fly with.

Brothers In Scarlet (BROIS) is dedicated to helping newer players learn the game and develop their characters. The corporation is built upon the principles of Grow, Expand, and Conquer as these are the cornerstones to our corp so is the determination to build ourselves an economic empire.

Currently there are no recruiting restrictions except we do not allow piracy. This is important for you to know, in that you have the freedom to build your character in any way you see fit.

BROIS already has many assets and a newly developed industrial office capable of supporting its member's needs and wants. As a democratic corporation, you have the choice of also buying shares in the company which would allow your voice to be heard on issues put to vote. Our members, with a seasoned leadership staff, point the corp in the direction they want by having that voice.

If you're looking for a place to fly with good helpful people, and a good adrenaline rush as we move closer to low security, then fly on in and check us out. You won't regret your decision when you join, guaranteed.

You can place applications in any of our two offices Located at Thebeka VI - Moon20 - Imperial Chancellor Bureau Offices, or Myyhera VIII - Moon 2 - Imperial Construction

Also if you have any more questions regarding our corp, feel free to evemail or private convo any of our officers Killhelm / Coromant / Procurion / SlikSherman / Fiona Li

Hope to see you,
Killhelm - Founder and CEO Brothers In Scarlet
Have Fun, Fly Safe, Stay Loyal

Deklyn Anarii
Ministry of War
Posted - 2008.10.27 14:40:00 - [5]

[QKN] Quantum Knights is recruiting. We are a 90% North American TZ corp eith 20+ members.

We specialize in:
-Mission running
- Ventrillo server
-0.0 access via alliance.

We are a mature diverse crew that like to have fun and don't take ourselves to seriously. We do corp wide ops when we can and understand that RL comes first.

Shoot me a note here or in game if you are interested!

Ornery Cantankerous Curmudgeons
Posted - 2008.10.27 15:55:00 - [6]


Take a moment to check out the Ihatalo Cartel recruitment thread. We might be the home you are looking for... I think we have a structure that will not only provide you many options to explore and help you learn, but we're good people and IHA is a place for folks looking to find a home.

You can also drop by our ingame channel 'Ihatalo Cartel Recruitment' and speak to any of our senior members. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ihatalo Research and Development
Senior Officer - Ihatalo Cartel

Brute Force Enterprises
Posted - 2008.10.28 01:36:00 - [7]

New players are needed for this new corp.-Brute Force Enterprises. New players needed to get in on ground floor and help to grow with the corp. All races, specializations, and skill points accepted. Eve-mail me, convo me in game, and join BFE PUB in the channels tab. After your 2-week trial (to make sure you're not in a trial account anymore), you will be accepted into the corp., if we feel like you will make a good member. Thanks for looking. Safe Flying!!

Posted - 2008.10.28 01:39:00 - [8]

Red Sovereign does all those things
you should join us

Gallente Mining and Manufacturing Inc
Cloud 7 Nebulosa
Posted - 2008.10.28 15:42:00 - [9]

Hello Looky,

(I LOVE that name of yours. It shows you have the right sense of humor at least.) Anyway, yes this game is very deep and complex. I personally love to explain things and mentor people, so it would be my pleasure to help you learn and grow. Our corporation has a mentoring program and is very industry and mission-runner oriented. You can learn more at:

Gallente Mining and Manufacturing Inc

Let's try to chat in game to help determine if this would be a good fit for you.



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